Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Found My Way" by Angela "SunToucher" Patterson

"Found My Way"

I cried tears for many years
Some joyful
Sometimes the bad outweighed the good
There were moments when I went to that house I could not call home after work and on the porch I stood
Forced the key in the lock
While deep in thought
The apple of no eyes
I am the seed of rotten
Remembering the kind of love that had been forgotten
I chalked it up to never learning love
Therefore I blamed myself
Still I raised my hands and seeked answered prayers from above
These things take time
I opted in for better options in my optimistic ways
Looking for better days
But my optics illusioned me
So blind that my third eye missed it
But who needs eyes to see that no person should suffer a mistreat
Apologized only to repeat
Damn, I got the message dude, you didn't love me
Later realizing I didn't love him either
He saved me from the very same conditions that made me hate him
Prematurely making an immature decision
I ended up with incision
Cut into my heart
Took a piece with no precision
I don't understand what took me so long to walk out
Other than the fear of a more worse route
Other than bill collectors listed on my AT&T bill
Other than next to nothing given on my EBT meal
Other than rarely having twenty dollars to take from the ATM machine
Other than the waiting list at the FWHA and worried about my hygiene
Through hard work and many blessings I can look back cause its over now
Sadly it did not change the fact that I'm colder now
Bolder now
Better in my choices because I'm older now
I found my way

Angela SunToucher Patterson


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