Sunday, April 3, 2016

Barbara the Cleaning Lady weighs in on the firing of News Anchor Wendy Bell over Racial Comments

Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady (one of the hosts of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio) reacts to Davey D. speaking on the firing of News Anchor Wendy Bell over racial comments.

Remember that TV reporter who wrote about Black people coming from homes with multiple fathers and how her Black waiter was an example of good Blackness?? She was commenting on a recent mass shooting and made all sorts of wild speculations rooted in mean stereotypes ..She never once in her 18 years made such outlandish comments on the multiple mass shootings in her hometown when done by white assailants and there have been plenty.
Neverthless, some of y'all tried to defend her, saying its true our kids do come from homes w/ multiple fathers.. Some of y'all rushed to the aid of this woman and said she was speaking truth.. and that we need to learn to deal with our bad choices.. Welp that woman was fired today after 18 years... Tried to tell y'all.. But u ain't hear me though
WTAE-TV news anchor Wendy Bell has been fired after a recent public apology from the station regarding a post on her Facebook page. A statement made today from…

Barbara The Cuntry Cleaning Lady's Unedited / Original Facebook Post
"Niggahs" ACTING unbecoming AND attacking THEIR OWN FOLKS in BLACK topia ARE excused/excited about this outcome!! SEE SHE has a freedom of speech AS a taxpayer Jay, JUST like baby factories think mass production of children ON OUR taxdollar keeps them from working/responsibility for THESE children!! BLACK FOLKS have a habit of being sarcastic hypocritical ppl!! YOU WANT THE WORLD handed to you, WHEN YOU haven't EARNED shit!! NOW granted SOME acts ARE warranted, BUT a lot of this WE DO bring ON ourselves!! YOU GIVE THEM something to TALK about, INSTEAD of P.R. positive YOU create SOME of the negative they display!! CUZ YOU KNOW SOME of Y'ALL SAY it AIN'T YOUR kids, SO it's NOT YOUR problem!! BUT look at the confusion created, BLACK FOLKS wake the fuck up!! YOUR losing AND NOT CUZ of whites look in the mirror!! Jay I HAD a GIRL YES GIRL CUZ a woman would have HAD MORE couth!! Bragging SHE sleeps WITH her hud landlord twice a month, SO SHE GOT extra money to go out!! NOT FOR HER several kids standing there listening to her!! SEE I said something YOU KNOW I did, BY the time I was done ppl were CLAPPING!! This imprisoned mentality MUST STOP, IT MUST!!"  - Barbara the Cleaning Lady


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