Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman): Tammy Thomas

          Another one of today's #WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman) honors goes to Tammy Thomas, who Some Guy Named Jay likes to refer to as The Head Cheerleader in Blacktopia!  The reason Jay calls her that is because Tammy Thomas is always there to support each of the members and "cheer them on", and not just by pressing the like button on posts in the Facebook group either, she goes beyond that.  She shows her support by participating in the games to win prizes, shares contact information from the black entrepreneurs in Blacktopia to people outside of the group that could use their services, and products, she purchase the products from the black business owners in the group herself and writes amazing reviews and testimonials on her purchases.  She says positive and uplifting things to each of the members (and not just the A,B,C simple "one size fits all" compliments either), Tammy Thomas goes out of her way to express words of encouragement specifically designed for the individual she's speaking with and not just one of those generic feel good slogans anyone can get off the back of a cereal box, and that means a lot to us and shows her sincerity.  
          You often see posts on social media from blacks saying that we need to support other blacks, but Tammy Thomas' support goes beyond words, like button presses and "You go Girl" slogans.  Tammy Thomas puts her money where here mouth is and patronizes black businesses and encourage others to spend their money in our own community as well, and Tammy Thomas doesn't stop there.  She listens to the music from the artists featured in Blacktopia, she religiously listens to the Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio, she reads the poetry and books from the authors in Blacktopia, watches the videos created by Blacktopian users and her acts of showing support are endless!  

Tammy Thomas, saying "thank you" and we appreciate you are understatements, because there aren't enough words that any of us can muster up or encompass how much it means that will truly convey our gratitude for your support and being apart of the future of Black Society, Blacktopia.  You are such a generous and giving person, and we'd love to be in your children and grandchildren's shoes around the Holidays!  LOL.  

NOW on April 27th, you know Tammy Thomas is always the first to support other members of Blacktopia, now you all can return the love by showing your thanks and support for Tammy Thomas (AKA the woman Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady calls THE GODDESS) by tuning in for her first poetry special featured on Podcasts on Demand titled 
"My Fat Ain't For Everybody" A special Night of Poetry from the Soul by Tammy Thomas.  The show starts at 8:00 PM EST.

Just call 516 387 1219 to stream it from your phone or listen at

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