Friday, September 21, 2018


From a small town called Cayce, SC on the Westside of Columbia, a recording artist named Bigg Cee is on the rise. Also a Writer and Performer of Hip-Hop/Rap music, he is well known in the city for his hood anthem "Cayce" and hard work.
  Influenced by Kool G Rap and Bun B among others, Bigg Cee has been writing music since a teenager. Obstacles like almost losing parents and run-ins with the law put a hold on music for a while. He jumped right back in dropping several mixtapes as well as a group album with longtime friend and producer that lead to his latest project, "ChefBoyarcee".
 Constantly in the studio working and perfecting the God given talent he was born to share with the world. Shows outside and in the surrounding city''s keep his music consistently in the face of the people. Bars like the old days make him stand out from today''s artist. "If you''re going to do anything in life, do everythang big. Its never too late.".

Thursday, September 20, 2018

NEW SINGLE: "Daily Meditating" by A.O. Lyrical and Philonius Phunk

Check out the new single from rising Nerdcore hip hop recording artist A.O. Lyrical titled "Daily Meditating" produced by the prestigious underground hip hop / nerdcore producer and founder of S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) Philonius Phunk.  Stream the single at the direct link below


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mental Health Awareness Seminar featuring members of Blacktopia

On Saturday Sept. 22nd, from 1pm to 4pm Some Guy Named "Jay" (Jonathan Coleman) of Blacktopia along with other prominent businessmen, and positive black male role models in the community will be panelists on the upcoming All Male Panel to discuss mental health with the young boys and men in Charlotte NC.  

During the discussion the panelists will provide information, solutions and offer fellowship with the youth in attendance.  Many of the panelists and special guests are also member of the prestigious Blacktopia Facebook group.

The event is being brought to you by Laydee Smith of BoystooMen 


New Video by Jonny Bell!

One of the most versatile and energetic recording artists in the music industry Jonathon Bell, known by his stage name "Jonny Bell" dropped his latest video "Bad Ass Jawn".  Jonny has captivated the ears of some of the most discerning listeners! Growing up in Exton, Pennsylvania, a suburb located 30 minutes outside the city of Philadelphia making his hometown proud.  He discovered his love of music at a young age playing the electric guitar.  Legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton were all inspirations.
"Hip hop started for me in the back of a ford escort, rhyming to classic instrumentals and repeatedly listening to albums by Talib Kweli, Common, and Kanye West", Jonny explains. It only took a couple years in college pursuing a civil engineering degree to realize his true destiny was to be the next influential voice in Hop-Hop culture.

Stay Up To Date On His Movement:
Twitter: @realjonnybell
Instagram: @realjonnybell
Facebook: @realjonnybell


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Friday, September 7, 2018

Listen to music from KooZie the #Swep_r here on Soundcloud

Listen to music from Blacktopian featured artist KooZie the #Swep_r at his official soundcloud page below.

Get more updates on KooZie the #Swep_r at his official promo blog at

Monday, September 3, 2018


          Renewed Inspiration is an organization stationed in Charlotte, NC that's dedicated to assisting at risk teenage girls by providing workshops, self esteem building activities, community service, counseling / fellowship and goal setting.  Aside from providing assistance to teenage girls, Renewed Inspiration also helps the children, boys and girls of all ages in the community as well.  This year Renewed Inspiration was responsible for distributing hundreds of "Healthy Snack" grab bags to many of the children over the summer in various neighborhoods in the city of Charlotte, NC.  In early August, Renewed Inspiration held a Back to School Jam and Giveaway in West Charlotte, providing games, activities, school clothes, shoes, books, book bags and various school supplies to the children for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

If you would like to make donations, help out, and receive general information on Renewed Inspiration, visit the official website at

Renewed Inspiration giving out book bags and school supplies to the children in the community.

Renewed Inspiration helping out the community.

Healthy snack grab bags for the children.

Founder of Renewed Inspiration, prominent businesswoman and humanitarian Klarissa Byers.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Blacktopia helps out with this year's BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE with RENEWED INSPIRATION

Join Blacktopia as we assist RENEWED INSPIRATION along with The Butterfly Visions Project and Just Smiley with getting school supplies to children for the Back to School Jam / School Supply Drive and Raffle.  It will be held on Aug. 18th at 2919 Reid Ave. in Charlotte, NC from 11 M to 2 PM!  Come on out, bring your kids, it will be great activities, music and food for the kids and entire family!  

Get more information on Renewed Inspiration at

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Follow one of the biggest rap music duos in the Southeast, The BLACK RELIGION GANG starring rapper Dynamite and singer / producer Big Zae!  Check them out at their official promo blog

Follow Dynamite on Social Media
Twitter- @ThOgJuneBug555
Facebook-From A Loser 2 A Winner & Deandrea Brg Cpc Kelly
Soundcloud- TheRealDynamite1000

Follow Big Zae on Social Media
FB: Xzavier Morrell
IG: BigZae_working
Tw: Zae_ripshit
SC: rip.zae
YT: Big Zae

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

NEW SINGLE: "Sober" from B. Lee Brooks

Listen to the NEW single from B. Lee Brooks titled "Sober"!  This song is a certified banger for the clubs and radio.  Stream the single at the direct link below 

Get more updates on B. Lee Brooks at his official promo blog at

Follow B. Lee Brooks on Social Media 
Facebook: Verenzo Holmes
Facebook group page: B Lee Brooks
Instagram: @verenzoholmes
Twitter: @bleebrooks1


Introducing Dbo

       Get to know rising recording artist Dbo!  

          Dbo, born Devan Dumes, in Indianapolis, IN. began getting into music, rapping and writing lyrics at the age of 18.  Aside from being a prominent, rising rapper in the Midwest, Dbo is also a social activist known for his humanitarianism, and hard work in the community just as much as he's known for spitting a mean 16.  Dbo works closely with Judah Ministries among many other organizations, and charities by assisting with back to school drives for underprivileged children, Christmas and Holiday giveaways, Summer program partnerships and many other righteous causes.
Dbo has collaborated with prestigious rap recording artists such as Kevin Gates, Lil' Durk and Texas legends Bun B. of UGK and the iconic Scarface of the Geto Boys.  In 2017, Dbo made a huge impact with the release of his album Deliberation.  Celebrity DJ, the renowned DJ Reddy Rock helped break Dbo's music in a major way as well as getting an extra push from esteemed program and radio director Jay 1.  Hot 96.3 FM on air personality Bswift was one of the first to believe in Dbo and Bswift cosigning his music really opened many doors for the budding Indiana based recording artist.  Dbo's success lead to him winning the Leak Award for Best Male Rapper, and best single.  The buzz surrounding Dbo paved a way for him to share the stage and open up for artists such as Blac Youngster, Lil' Boosie, Webbie, Starlito and Bun B. as well.
When it comes to Dbo's music, there is no one word or phrase that encompasses all that he is as an artist, however when it comes to Dbo as an all around person, rest assured he is most definitely a man that cares more about the well being of others, than himself..... because when it comes to the community and the world, "he gives back"

Booking and Additional Info
Twitter: @dbo_rsf_
Instagram: @dbo_rsf_



Author Tiffany Brown's Official Book Launch Party on Aug. 10th hosted by JAY of Blacktopia

Come network and party with Blacktopia as we celebrate the official launch of Author Tiffany Brown's book Reality Check on Aug. 10th at Apostrophe Lounge in Charlotte, NC between 6 and 10 PM!  

The event is being hosted by Jay of Blacktopia.  Come on out, network, meet interesting new people, have a drink, toast to success and win raffle prizes!  Also come out and receive an autograph copy of Tiffany Brown's book Reality Check!

Also special guests motivational speaker author Vickie L. Evans, author / entrepreneur Teresa Browning and artist / painter Shavonna will be honored at the event as well.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Introducing DJ RP Beats

He’s one of New York’s Hottest DJ/Producers, and he goes by the name of DJ RP Beats, a veteran of hip hop, dance, disco, R&B, reggae etc. With a long history of experiences and more than 15 years of dedication DJ RP has demonstrated total love to his craft and great passion.
RP has spent years fine-tuning his music winning formula, in the only way he knows how, by traveling around the globe and feeling the vibe at some of the most prestigious venues in the world dispensing musical epiphanies wherever he plays.
A native New Yorker, he always knows how to switch up the mood and move into various genres in order to get the most out of his audiences, and RP’s evolving appreciation of the "feel good factor", has brought him great
commercial success.

DJ RP began his music career in 1988, playing house parties and later various clubs
In New York and Long Island. At the age of 18yrs old DJ RP signed with Sesac music publishing as a producer and worked and produced for multiple local and independent artists.
DJ RP also worked as a disc jockey and co-host of a college radio show in New York, Rhythm & Soul Radio and a weekly Time Warner cable show, Middie Buzz. As a producer he has worked with Bad Boy Records, Atlantic Records and Sony Music group nationally, and internationally.
In 2012 he signed as a DJ for Scratch Music Group in New York which was founded by the late DJ Jam Master Jay. He started his own company Visionari Music Group Entertainment and currently services Corporate and private events as a mobile DJ and travels weekly to work private parties, weddings, clubs and customized entertainment events.

Be on the lookout for his upcoming self-produced album release “Master Elements Music” dropping summer 2018. This album will feature many great guests’ artists over his suburb production. Master Elements Music will be released independently under his company Visionari Music Entertainment Group.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

BVP - Speak Up and Inspire Episode #1

This is the pilot episode for the Speak Up and Inspire Series brought to you by The Butterfly Visions Project.  The first episode was filmed at the Haylo Healing Arts Studio in Charlotte and the episode features various brave women speaking up and sharing their experiences on how overcame domestic violence and sexual assault situations.  Each of the women featured on the show also give information on how others can take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault.  Get more information on the Butterfly Visions Project at the official website

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Leap on Faith

How do you know if you can fly or not, if you don’t ever take that leap? In life, we often miss out on many blessings due to fear of the unknown. As humans, we often lean on the side of caution because we are taught that taking big risks is often met with stress and failure. That was my mind set before building the courage to take this leap. While we always try to be proactive by planning accordingly, nobody can account for mishaps that may deter our dreams. Those mishaps can often shape us into the person that we become, because they help to build our character. With that in mind, the magnitude of this project was something that I had never experienced before. It began with true-life events that occurred in my life, which fueled life altering emotions that I memorialized in writing. Each chapter traces my journey to the person that I am today by capturing all of my victories and triumphs. Every single lyric chronicles my life in my own words; no alternative facts or fake news, just my real-life experiences. For example, the song “My Worth,” examines the discussions between DA and Daniel from their own perspectives and give insight on how misleading the glass house often is. In addition, the song “What If,” was basically me questioning myself and the revelation of life if I were to lose everything and my eventual reaction. I wrote “Fed Up” from a female’s perspective being mindful of the unfair treatment that many ladies face in relationships. Being a man who admittedly broke a couple of hearts and had my heart broken, I tried to capture the emotions fairly from both sides. In everything, there should be communication, sacrifice, and most importantly appreciation for one another and my hope was to write a song that spoke to those attributes and lack of. Lastly, the song “The Prayer,” explores my personal journey and relationship and discussions with God. This was the pivotal moment in my life that gave way to my decision to Let Go and Let God. I asked God for guidance in finding my purpose, which lead to my decision to take the Leap. It’s said that all you need in life to success is faith, determination, and the will to continue when all else fails. Ask and you shall receive for he will bless you with abundance. With that being said, I have officially taken “The Leap” and I am taking it “On Faith”. Please join me in my journey.