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One of the main objectives of Blacktopia is to teach the importance of economic empowerment in our community.  We don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk and practice what we preach by patronizing black owned businesses and assisting them with creating more awareness for their brands, products and services, and to help circulate the wealth among blacks.  To further help with our mission statement we've created a service package to advertise black owned businesses on our website, network of blogs, podcasts and Blacktopia Mobile App.  If you are a black business owner, provide a service, have a brand to promote or products to sell just take a look at the advertising package we have to offer.  The money you spend with advertising with Blacktopia will go towards helping other black businesses.  If you have any questions e-mail us at

Basic Service Package
Duration - 5 Weeks
Price - $60

What The Package Includes
*  Clickable picture banner ads placed on the top and sidebar of the Blacktopia Website.

*  Ads and information on your Brand, Business, or product displayed on our Blacktopia Mobile App.  The Blacktopia Mobile App. is available for free download on Amazon, iTunes and Blackberry World.

*  Creating a 30 to 60 sec. ad that will air on the popular podcast / blogtalk radio show Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Some Guy Named Jay and Ms. Marie Jones, as well as other podcasts and blogtalk radio shows in our extensive network.

*  Having you on as a guest on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio to discuss your product, brand or service.

*  A permanent highlight for your business in the Blacktopia All Black Business directory. 

*  A limit of 4 promotional e-flyers created and posted online to create more exposure for your business.  You give us the information and the image and we'll create it.

*  Ads disguised cleverly in the form of well written informative articles.  The readers wont even know that they are being marketed to, but it will surely bring more attention to the brand.

*  Write ups and more publicity in our associated websites and blogs such as Black Vibes, The Media Blast, Women of Power, The Blast Blog, All Black Magazine, CW Music, El Barrio Magazine and more!

*  Weekly plugs and mentions of your business, brand or product in our Blacktopia Facebook group.  We will have the admins and Blacktopia Internet Street team make posts that go along with our daily themes to support your black owned business.  For example, for #ShoutOutSaturdays we will create a post shouting out you and the business, for #TalentTuesday we will mention your talents, and so on.

*  Weekly plugs and mentions in our network of blogtalkradio shows.

*  Social media support.  Having our internet street team and various members of Blacktopia sharing, tweeting, "hashtagging" and posting information via their social media pages.  We will also share your business on our official Blacktopia Like Page.

*  Listing in the Blacktopia Black Business directory with your information highlighted and bold.

After the 5 Weeks have expired we will give you a detailed report on the work we've done during your advertising and marketing campaign.

The money you spend with advertising your black owned business with Blacktopia goes back into the black community and helping support other Black Businesses.

E-mail us at for payment options.


  1. Outstanding! What a great way to proactively support the village.

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