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[NEW MUSIC]: PHILONIUS PHUNK "It's Like That" featuring SwagSwitcha |


          Composer, producer and proud Blacktopian Philonius Phunk of the supergroup S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) has constructed countless viral hit singles for indie recording artists of all walks of life from around the nation, primarily focusing on the hip hop and "nerdcore" genres.  Although he's mostly known for his work as a beatmaker, in 2022 Philonius Phunk has decided to step from behind the boards and in front of the mic to give the world his latest composition "It's Like That" with a little vocal assistance from S.P.F. bandmate SwagSwitcha!   In this single Phil shuts down the haters and trolls with bars of fury, and words that will make the harshest critics rethink their entire review system.  This song proves that Philonius Phunk is more than just a mere beatmaker, but a very well rounded artist, performer and overall musician.  

Listen to the single at the direct link below: 

It's Like That ft. SwagSwitcha | Philonius Phunk (

(Philonius Phunk)

(Tammy Thomas)

Philonius Phunk is also set to produce tracks on the upcoming debut spoken word album from Tammy Thomas later this year.  Keep checking back for more updates.


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BLACKTOPIA would like to SALUTE another Black Creative, comic book writer and businessman Ryan White (AKA Slow Chemical) of RYMU Entertainment!

RYMU Entertainment has new stories to tell!  Read all about them here.


Get concise and to the point HONEST REVIEWS on the latest movies and more from "If I'm Being Honest".

If I'm Being Honest is a multimedia platform where pop culture is enjoyed and explored. We know that real life gets in the way of everyone's binging time so it is our mission to make planning your next binge event easy and your watching experience very enjoyable by doing the screening for you. IIBH's YouTube channel is also a podcast that is streaming now on all major platforms.


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Monday, March 14, 2022

[MILESTONES]: A list of Trailblazing PROMINENT Black FIGURES to acknowledge for International BLACK WOMEN's Week |


          The entire Month of March is Women's History Month, on March 8th we celebrated "International Women's Day", however the 3rd week in March, Blacktopia and tens of millions of others celebrate International Black Women's Week!  For this week Blacktopia would love to acknowledge, salute and honor many of the powerful women, BLACK women that are currently making history by making major contributions to the world and moving the societal needle forward for the betterment of our people.  We have assembled a strong list of powerful prominent black women all from different areas of the globe, all ages, backgrounds, and professions who all have three major things in common...they are black, they are women and they are all doing amazing things, not just in the black community but for the world!

The list is in no particular order, and it's certainly not ranked!  Each esteemed individual on this list and their contribution to society is just as important and impactful as the next.  If you aren't familiar with these women, certainly google them and check out the links below because these outstanding women certainly deserve all the honor and recognition for their contributions to society.  Take a look as Blacktopia honors and pays respect to just a few trailblazing black women for International Black Women's Week and Women's History Month.

Zhe L. Scott AKA The SEO Queen

          The first entry on our list is dedicated to Zhe L. Scott, better known in the business and tech world as "The SEO Queen".  Although the list isn't ranked, Zhe makes the first entry of our list being that International Women's Day (March 8th) is also the day of her birth, giving us two more reasons to celebrate and honor this magnificent woman.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and Zhe is one of the top experts in experts in the field.  Zhe L. Scott has helped hundreds of businesses, brands and professionals with getting their websites, online stores and images ranked on the first page of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and many of the other credible search engines.  Ms. Scott has also worked with and assisted various corporate professionals with making their LinkedIn pages more visible and attractive to employers, and implementing various strategies online to help businesses pull in more leads for sales.  The SEO Queen has an extensive and impressive client list that also includes the great music producer Teddy Riley among many others.

          When this top SEO Expert isn't controlling the internet, she's spending time raising her son to become one of the top leaders of the next generation of powerful business professionals.  

Visit Zhe's Official Website at

On Saturday July 23rd, 2022 Zhe L. Scott will sponsor and facilitate The Reach More Clients Power Conference at the Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach California!  Reserve your spot and get your tickets at

Having businesses and brands ranked high on search engine results isn't the only magical power Zhe posses, she's also a very skilled composer, songwriter and renowned violinist that has had the honor of performing around the nation under the moniker "Lady Zhe".  Lady Zhe has lent her talents as a violinist to for jungles in web-commercials for numerous corporations.  One of Lady Zhe's latest compositions "Elevate" is available on all music streaming platforms!  

Follow Zhe L. Scott the SEO Queen on Instagram at @TheSeoQueen (

JOIN THE SEO QUEEN MASTERMIND GROUP for more assistance with your business.

Lady Zhe


Janet Marie Hefney

          Janet Marie Hefney is a trailblazing entrepreneur, 6 Figure Real Estate business coach, host of the groundbreaking series Raw & Uncut with Janet Marie and author of the soon-to-be best selling self development book "The 5 A Formula to Reclaim Your Life" (Now Available on Amazon).  Janet Marie does it "all" and you can learn more about all that she does by visiting

          As a Business and Real Estate Coach, Janet Marie has extensive knowledge on the subject, and has helped several Real Estate agents advance, and close multiple deals with her successful coaching methods.  Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM Eastern, Janet Marie hosts a popular, well received Facebook Live show that teaches beginners in the Real Estate world how to gain new leads, ways to close as well as giving various tips and business strategies in general regardless of being in the field of Real Estate.  Stream "Becoming A 6 Figure Real Estate Agent" Show LIVE on Facebook here at 

Janet Marie Hefney | Facebook

          During the week of International Women's Day, Janet Marie released her highly anticipated self development book "The 5 A Formula To Reclaim Your Life" now available on Amazon!



The 5 A Formula To Reclaim Your Life

Janet Marie has recently rebooted, retooled and relaunched her groundbreaking series "Raw and Uncut" with Janet Marie.  The new episodes are now being listed on her latest YouTube station at the direct link below

Watch Janet Marie's profound presentation at the last Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering below.



Next on our list is R&B singer / songwriter and powerful businesswoman in the recording industry Nikia.  Nikia's influence goes beyond the stage as she is just as powerful behind the scenes as she is in front of the mic.  Not only is Nikia a seasoned songwriter and vocalist, she also runs a very successful independent label, and has worked with multiple recording artists on the business end of the industry.  Nikia has talent and music running all through her bloodstream being the niece of the legendary Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band, and once song background vocals for her famous uncle.  

Nikia continues to make gains in the entertainment and music industry on her own, and back in Feb of 2022 she released her latest soon to go viral single "Laugh Now, Cry Later" (featuring Mikey D. of the iconic hip hop group Main Source) that's available on all music streaming platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Spotify and more!)

Follow Nikia on Instagram at the link below

#truth #syrum #Nikia (@nikia12000) • Instagram photos and videos


Latoya Smith of The Profit Room

Get more information about THE PROFIT ROOM at

In 2006, Latoya started an investment club with a group of friends. This is where she fell in love with 

the stock market. Latoya holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in finance.  With 

six years of corporate finance experience, Smith has worked with top institutions like  Investors 

Bank and Trust, State Street and  Deutsche Bank.  Working as a Business Analysis Manager,  she 

learned the process, structure and the various instruments/Investments offered through the 

industry.  Upon shifting her career plan in 2012 Smith began to focus on pursuing her passion for 

the stock market full time. She is well known for her charting techniques and pattern recognition, 

enabling her to profit in all markets.  With over 14  years of investing and trading experience, 

Latoya’s goal is to help more people achieve financial freedom the same way she did.  In 2016 

Latoya co-founded The Profit Room LLC . She provides mentorship and hands -on live training in 

the stocks, forex and futures market, as a way for others to achieve generational wealth.


Jasai Madden of Alaiyo Waistbeads

         There is certainly more to waist beads than just it's style, and artistry. The power of Waist Beads go beyond being just a trendy, fashionable accessory to enhance one’s physical beauty, and Jasai Madden the owner of Alaiyo Waistbeads knows all about the true uses and abilities of the Waist beads, the history and it's intended use. Jasai Madden has made memorable appearances on radio shows, podcasts and various talk show platforms to educate our sisters of the true purpose of the waist beads along with it's health and spiritual components.

Wearing waist beads has been an ancient African custom and practice that has trickled down from older generations to newer generations for many many centuries. Wearing Waist beads symbolizes femininity, sensuality, fertility, and spiritual well-being. Alaiyo Waistbeads and the business / brands’ owner Jasai Madden is extremely savvy, conscious and knowledgeable about the history, health benefits and intrinsic value of Waist Beads and its use beyond being a mere body accessory. Jasai has applied that knowledge to present an enhanced yet upscale / stylish version of what our African ancestors wore. Alaiyo Waistbeads is an ancient practice but for the modern girl. Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads by visiting their official website at

Beyonce Knowles has also worn the Alaiyo Waistbeads brand 

Alaiyo Waistbeads - Posts | Facebook


Christina Moody of Goalmentum

          This spot is dedicated to esteemed software engineer Christina Moody for designing, creating and programming the Goalmentum website and forthcoming Goalmentum App!  

Software engineer Christina Moody is moving the societal needle forward by constructing a new / easy way for teachers, mentors, professionals, educators and coaches from all fields and subjects to present information as well as lesson plans to their followers and pupils with the new site and app titled Goalmentum.

Goalmentum is the only platform that provides results-driven tools for high-performing coaches who want to create a transformative group coaching program. Goalmentum was born out of an idea to help individuals gain momentum to achieve their goals and discover new possibilities by making it easy to search for an expert and engage in a community.

Visit the official website at


Cheryl Gorman of Epiphany Soaps and Blends

        Soap Maker, Businesswoman and Humanitarian Cheryl Gorman understands the importance of economic empowerment and using the money earned to fix issues in the community, empower others and move the needle forward when it comes to the betterment and rise of our people, families and communities.  Recently, the prominent business figure has made various monetary contributions to the people in Haiti to assist with resolving some of the issues in the country as well as to feed underprivileged families and children.  Moving forward, she has decided to make it a promise to send portions of the proceeds earned from her growing soap business Epiphany Soaps and Blends to the people of Haiti.  This is what Ms. Gorman has to say about her business.  

Natural soap making has become one of my favorite hobbies. After visiting Haiti as a missionary for many years and witnessing how soap was made, it then became a passion. I started this craft at home and combined years as a registered nurse and a holistic advocate to incorporate medicinal benefits. My family has come from many generations of soap makers. In the south, African Americans had to produce their own soap from ash. Epiphany soap can be customized and designed to fit your every need, thanks to the many plants and vegetables that provide natural oils and fragrances to keep our skin nourished and free of harsh chemicals. Some of the oils are diffused from the sun and incorporated into the soaps. The vegetable and citrus soaps are created from blended and pureed ingredients that have matured in the essential oils for several days then instilled into the soap to give its accented fragrance. The soaps are then poured into wooden molds and allowed to mature for 24 to 48 hours. The hardened soap is then removed from the mold and exposed to air to mature for 4 – 6 weeks. After maturity, the soap is hand packaged and ready to deliver. - Cheryl Gorman

Thank you to my family and nursing coworkers for being supportive and a big help.

A portion of all proceeds will go towards the people of Haiti.

Organic Soaps and Essential Oils - Epiphany Soaps And Blends


Teirra Cooper of Xperience Travel 365

          For this next entry on our list of Powerful and Influential Black Women, Blacktopia would like to acknowledge and give high praise to Travel Agent Teirra Cooper (also known as "The Travel Boss") and her rapidly growing Travel Agency Xperience Travel 365.  Not only has Ms. Cooper supported numerous individuals and our people with finding the best deals and ways to cut costs on travel expenses rather it be by plane, bus, or best ways to plan a road trip, but she has also managed to create economic opportunities for various people looking to earn money within the travel business.  Teirra Cooper is always looking for ways to empower our people, and she has certainly done that with Xperience Travel 365

Above is a short video clip of Teirra Cooper speaking at the last Blacktopia: Black Business Power Gathering held at The Waterbean Coffee House in Charlotte, NC.

Email Teirra Cooper Directly:


Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films

          Next on our list of powerful black women for International Black Women's week is rising filmmaker and businesswoman Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films!  Felicia Rivers has written, directed and produced several original films for Amazon Prime, and has had some of her most recent work available for streaming on The Tubi App. (the films Trap Flix Party, Treasure Box and more).  Over the past few years Felicia Rivers and her films have been nominated and won various awards, spotlighted at several film festivals around the nation, and her hard work has led to some of her films being distributed though the prestigious Maverick Entertainment, the well respected film distribution company that have provided several black indie filmmakers with nationwide mass distribution.    

          Felicia Rivers has worked with and directed various talented performers such as veteran television / movie actor Omar Gooding who will appear in the Geechee One Produced film "Pieces" later this year (2022).


Lavita "Vita" Raynor

          Actress Lavita Raynor (also known as the veteran rap recording artist Vita) has had a very impressive and solid career in the entertainment industry from acting in the iconic Hype Williams produced and directed 1998 film BELLY, to other various notable roles, to being once signed to the prestigious Irv Gotti & Ja Rule helmed record label Murda Inc (which launched the career of veteran R&B vocalist Ashanti) to releasing mixtapes and more!  

Lavita will also appear in the upcoming Geechee One Produced film 99 Ways To Cheat On Your Man written by Felicia Rivers.

Follow Lavita Raynor on IG

Official Video Vita "Who That Chick Be (Vita Vita Vita)" featuring Ja. Rule, Tah Murdah and Black Child

Mobb Deep featuring Vita & Rapper Big Noyd "The Learning" (Burn)


Laquita Johnson

          Blacktopia would like to acknowledge actress, performer and stand up comedian Laquita Johnson!  For the past few years Laquita has been tearing down racial and gender stereotypes in Entertainment by selecting roles and giving performances that show our people in a more positive light.  Ms. Johnson has appeared in many original films on Amazon Prime, Tubi (such as most watched film in the Fall of 2021 on Tubi Treasure Box) and is a cast member on the popular YouTube Lawyer Drama series "Covenant Law" (which was written, produced and filmed by a team of powerful black women as well).

BWatch TV (the home of Covenant Law)


Laquita Johnson has also appeared in several Geechee One Produced films and shows, and is also a series regular on the audio sketch series Yesterday Night Taped on iHeart Radio!

You can catch Laquita Johnson performing stand-up at various comedy venues in the Southeast and you can catch more of her "silly", light hearted personality on Instagram at


PJ Dakota

          Next on our list is Flint, MI stationed singer, songwriter, producer, rapper and performer PJ Dakota!  PJ Dakota is the artist many critics, bloggers and tastemakers call "The Missy Elliott of this generation" for her ability to switch up and rap, sing, write and produce for other artists seamlessly, however not to take anything away from the legendary talented performer Missy Elliott (another groundbreaking, remarkable black woman worthy of being celebrated during International Black Women's Week) but PJ Dakota is most definitely her own unique brand and is certainly one of a kind.  After releasing various songs and projects independently, last year PJ Dakota made a huge mark nationwide after her single "Just Skate" went viral garnering hundreds of thousands streams on various music platforms throughout the web.  Her hard work, publicity (with additional assistance from The Media Blast PR) and national visibility led to her Facebook Account verification / Blue Check Mark.  Follow the artist on Facebook at the link below 

PJ Dakota | Facebook

PJ Dakota is the host of "The Say What!?" Show that airs every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern!  Take a look at some of the more recent episodes below 

The Say What Show!? with host PJ Dakota and guest singer Nikia

The Say What Show with host PJ Dakota and guest Zhe L. Scott the SEO Queen

The Say What Show!? with host PJ Dakota and guest Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR 


Alesah "Coach Lee" Richardson of Memorable Moments by Lee

Health and wellness expert Alesah "Coach Lee" Richardson of Memorable Moments by Lee, LLC continues to empower black women and everyone around her with her practices, and extensive knowledge on holistic health.  Coach Lee teaches several workshops, classes, and meetings designed to improve the mental, and spiritual wellbeing of our people.  Coach Lee also volunteers in the community, helps others and is an advocate for victims of domestic violence.  

Get more information on Memorable Moments by Lee, Coach Lee, everything she has to offer the world and more at her official website below

Join Coach Lee's "Self Love Support Group" at the link below and interact with more individuals seeking emotional and moral support from others facing the same struggles with similar life obstacles.  You can't take this journey alone, join the tribe and let's all figure it out together.


(2) Memorable Moments by Lee <3 SELF LOVE SUPPORT GROUP <3 | Facebook

Watch Coach Lee's presentation at the Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering at The Waterbean Coffe House in Charlotte, NC


Subrina Pruitt of Petty Meme Syndrome

          Blacktopia would love to acknowledge and give praise to rising entrepreneur / businesswoman Subrina Pruitt for all the work and effort she puts into her various business ventures such as her clothing and merchandise brand Petty Meme Syndrome (  

Subrina Pruitt has created many economic and work opportunities for many black people under her brand, creating jobs for more brand influencers, ambassadors and more.  In 2022, Ms. Pruitt has more planned for Petty Meme Syndrome and all of her projects.  She also has intentions of releasing new merch and clothes in the "Petty" series as well.  

Although, Subrina has primarily been a prominent figure behind the scenes, this year she plans to make her presence known in front of the camera as well as she prepares to release a series of videos encouraging others to chase their goals, take care of their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing as well as offer advice to budding business owners.   

Subrina has also served in the United States Military, and is currently taking steps to help out in the community and assist other US Veterans in need of assistance.  Blacktopia would like to thank you Subrina Pruitt for your service. 

Petty Meme Syndrome 


Xymani Bordeaux of Slayed Lyfe, LLC

          Hair care is a multi-million dollar industry, and rising businesswoman, beautician and hairstylist Xymani Bordeaux of Concord, NC is the latest to cash in and make waves in the world of hair care.  Xymani Bordeaux's brand, Slayed Hair (Slayed Lyfe, LLC) exclusively produces and manufactures chemical free, all natural beauty and hair care products created using only a mixture of organic and 100% natural ingredients (such as fruits, pure elements, etc.).  Bordeaux states that "if you can't eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin or hair!".  Xymani was inspired to create her own line of chemical free products after working in the industry for several years and witnessed that many of the leading, commercial, and mainstream brands had long term adverse effects on the scalp, skin and hair follicles due to all the harmful, unnatural chemicals laced in the compound.  Xymani Bordeaux has a major passion for hair care and skin treatment, but has an even bigger passion for the well-being of other people (especially "our" people ✊), and she hopes to eventually wean others off the treacherous toxic chemical laced leading brands and onto much healthier alternatives such as the products provided by Slayed Hair!

Visit Slayed Lyfe, LLC at the official website


Watch Xymani Bordeaux's moving and heartfelt speech at The Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering below


Aly of Making Connections TV

          Next on our list of powerful influential black women the world needs to know about is Aly Johnson.  Aly Johnson, the program director and host of the critically acclaimed and popular series Making Connections TV (that airs through StreamYard on various social media apps) provides a platform that allows various people in the community, humanitarians, educators, heads of nonprofit organizations, community leaders, business owners, and other movers and shakers to speak to a broad audience and reach thousands of people weekly to spread their messages and educate the masses.  Aly's show "Making Connections" has made plenty of connections for those who need them.

Visit the official Making Connections Facebook page for more updates on upcoming episodes.  

Making Connections with Aly | Facebook

See Aly's presentation at the Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering at The Waterbean Coffee Shop in Charlotte, NC.


Marjorie Forte (Lady Scorpio)

          You know the old saying "behind every great man, is a great woman".  This compelling statement absolutely exemplifies the relationship Marjorie has with her husband Eric Forte the popular on-air personality, program director and DJ known as E Luv of the immensely popular Luv Lounge and growing station Xhale Radio.  Marjorie Forte (often referred to as "Lady Scorpio" by E Luv while he is on the air) plays many pivotal roles behind the scenes to make sure that each episode and program runs smoothly.  Mrs. Forte acts as producer, program director, assistant, videographer, and whatever else E Luv needs in the moment.  E Luv also hosts various karaoke nights and social gatherings at various trendy venues, bars, and high rated restaurants in Charlotte, NC as well as surrounding cities, and while E acts as the host, DJ, and presenter during these astounding events, Lady Scorpio acts as....... everything else, literally, from promoter, to greeter, to assistant, to the glue holding the pieces together behind the scenes.  Lady Scorpio also steps in as a fill in DJ whenever E Luv needs to take a break or handle other affairs during the function.  Marjorie Forte is certainly the battery in E's back, and if E Luv is the fire, Lady Scorpio is the gasoline that helps Eric spread and burn even hotter!  Marjorie is certainly part of the reason why E Luv is one of the most well respected on air personalities in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania markets, and soon E Luv will have his flag planted in every state in the nation, especially with powerful women such as his wife Marjorie behind him!  

Join the E Luv Corner Facebook Group at

e luv corner | Facebook

Listen to XHale Radio at the direct link below

Another amazing black woman that's in E Luv's corner, worthy of praise is his excellent radio co-host Shelley T. from the 203!  Catch here alongside E Luv every Monday Night on XHale Radio.


Ella Johnson

          Ella Johnson is more than just a journalist / media proprietor, she is also a great humanitarian that gives back to the community and the world with her various organizations such as Women at Work International.  Ella Johnson also works with empowering the youth under her Mahogany Kids program.  Among many things, Ms. Johnson is also a gifted writer, and has released several books from her drama / romance series titled "Torn".  When she isn't giving back to the world, educating the youth or writing jaw dropping intense tales, she is hosting her critically acclaimed profound web series "The Ella Johnson Show", a show that has many prestigious guests and panelists come on and discuss various subjects and issues in today's world.  

Watch one of the episodes of The Ella Johnson Show below 

SUBSCRIBE to The Ella Johnson Show on YouTube below


Nima Shiningstar-El

          Blacktopia would love to give thanks and show love and appreciation to a powerful and creative black woman that shows love and gives thanks to many of the people she has encountered, Nima Shiningstar-ElNima is an extremely gifted visual artist, photographer, and phenomenal poet / spoken word artist who's art and compelling words has touched the lives of many worldwide.  Nima is also one of the co-hosts of The Floetic Poetry Show on the renowned Big Woo Radio Station ( 

          Nima also provides a platform for other brilliant poets, authors, performers and creatives of all kind to showcase their talents and abilities, the weekly Instagram Live series titled "The Art Room with Nima".  Watch the show by following Nima on Instagram below 

@Nima_El (


Wanda Bowie 

          Blacktopia would like to give high praise and recognition to the high-profile North Carolina stationed well rounded businesswoman Wanda Bowie.  Wanda Bowie has her hands in many different businesses in various different fields from insurance, to investing, to entertainment and now the trucking and distribution industry.  Wanda Bowie is very much involved with each of her revenue sources, learning the ins and outs and everything centered around each one.  Wanda also gives back to the community by creating job opportunities for our people as well as providing educational resources for those wanting to add more skills to their resume.  

          Wanda is always looking to network with more like minded and progressive individuals.  If you would like to get in touch with Wanda, about anything she provides email her at 



Wanda Bowie's LinkedIn

Watch Wanda Bowie's presentation from the last Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering below.


Shereka Stevens

          Next on our list Blacktopia would love to honor rising media personality Shereka Stevens.  If you weren't familiar to this spectacular social media figure prior to this list then you will certainly see and hear more about her very soon!  The Universe works in mysterious ways, and it was most certainly mysteriously at work when Shereka Stevens called into an episode of The Digital Meet and Greet, the hit show that airs on Blogtalk Radio's Podcast on Demand Network hosted by James "JT" Thompson and Some Guy Named Jay (Jonathan Coleman).  The guest on the particular episode was renowned health and wellness specialist Alesah "Coach Lee" Richardson of Memorable Moments by Lee, LLC, and while listening to Coach Lee's advice Shereka felt compelled to call in and share her experiences with the audience.  

          Shereka's story of overcoming struggles to reach a better place mentally truly inspired many of the listeners that night which resulted in many frequent callers and listeners requesting more appearances of Shereka.  From that initial call, Shereka's popularity grew among the Blogtalk Radio audience with each of her following appearances.  Fans demanded to hear more of Ms. Stevens, the fascinating stories of her life experiences as well as her charming, and alluring British accent. Shereka became a frequent caller, and on to becoming a  frequent guest of the show, to eventually becoming a fill in co-host during James "JT" Thompson's hiatus, and when JT returned, Shereka shared hosting duties with the veteran radio host and was able to hold her own.  Shereka Stevens made an even bigger impact with the audience during the Podcasts On Demand New Year's Eve Special hosted by Jonathan Coleman leading into 2022 and her popularity as an on air commentator continues to grow!  Later this year she will host her own show produced by Jonathan Coleman as well as continue to co-host the upcoming new season of The Digital Meet and Greet!  Stay tuned and keep checking back for more updates!  2022 will continue to be a great year for Shereka Stevens!  

Follow Shereka Stevens on her NEW Instagram at the direct link below

Listen to Shereka Stevens various appearances on Blogtalk Radio at 


Tammy Thomas

          Blacktopia would like to honor and pay respect to the extremely talented black woman avid readers, and connoisseurs of black literature refer to as the Maya Angelou of this generation, the poetess supreme, spoken word artist and Amazon Best Selling author Tammy Thomas.  Tammy Thomas' innovative writing style, very intense short stories and poetry pieces laced with deep, meaningful messages has inspired a brand new generation of leaders.  Tammy Thomas is the voice of the voiceless, expressing what others have been thinking and feeling all their lives.  The poetess supreme pours her heart, sweat and tears into each and every one of her literary works.  

          Tammy Thomas' books can be purchased from Amazon Prime's best selling book list below.  Read her work and realize why she's one of the most prolific truth speakers and influential poets of this era...

Tammy Thomas - Emotional Soul of A Poetess

Tammy Thomas Emotional Soul Of a Poetess

Tammy Thomas - Life Through Poetry's Eyes

Tammy Thomas - Poetry's Truth (The Pen, The Paper And The Words In Between The Lives)

Follow Tammy Thomas on Instagram

♥♥ Rest In Power Author Tee Wallflower ♥♥  
Blacktopia would like to thank you for all your support, love, amazing talents and contributions to the world.  Thank you, and we give thanks to your wonderful mother Tammy Thomas for giving the world one of her greatest works of art, you, Tee Wallflower.


Lawanda Kay of Brother & Sisterhood Services / United

          Blacktopia salutes prominent black businesswoman Lawanda Kay, who is also an administrator of the Blacktopia Facebook Group.  

Join the Blacktopia Facebook Group below if you haven't already.

Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society | Facebook

Lawanda truly cares about the economic growth and development of the black community, and black businesses.  She lends more than just vocal encouragement and moral support as she also provides services for budding black entrepreneurs through her Sisterhood and Brotherhood Services as well as through her new "United" Platform.  

Visit the official Sisterhood Services website below

Join Lawanda Kay's "United" Platform and advertise your businesses and services within the community.  

United | Facebook


Shantel Archbold of Marie's Home

          Next on our list, Blacktopia would like to honor the beloved businesswoman and founder of Marie's Home, Shantel Archbold.  Marie's Home offers 100 % organic, all natural skincare, natural health and beauty products.  Shantel truly cares about the wellbeing of our people, and provides all natural, chemical free, healthier alternatives for skincare.  Visit the official website at

Greatness certainly runs in the family as Shantel is the sister of Lawanda Kay who is also featured on our list of noteworthy black figures making gains and power moves in the black community.  

Shanel Archbold recently attended the latest Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering and gave a ton of great information and advice to the attendees during her presentation, and spoke about the origins of Marie's Home.  Watch her awesome speech below.


Klarissa Byers of Renewed Inspiration 

          Blacktopia would love to give thanks to everything that the great humanitarian Klarissa Byers and her organization Renewed Inspiration has done and continues to do in the community.  Renewed Inspiration's mission is to provide serenity for at-risk teenage girls overcoming environmental, academic and social challenges.  Renewed Inspiration utilizes small group development to create a space for at-risk teenage girls to experience renewal in self-esteem, community engagement and future aspirations.  Renewed Inspiration's overall vision is to is to help disadvantaged teenage girls achieve their full potential by empowering and inspiring them through beneficial resources in hopes of shattering generations cycles.  

          Our list of powerful and influential black women would not be complete without adding a black woman that's guiding, assisting and shaping the minds and future of the next generation of successful women.  We salute you Klarissa Byers.

Visit the Official Website for The Renewed Inspiration organization below 


Kendra Dee

          Blacktopia would like to honor the self proclaimed "Queen of Side Hustles" Kendra Dee.  Kendra Dee has a very impressive, extensive resume and offers many services and products from support services to business owners, resume building, to selling Lip Stains and cosmetic products (KD Cosmetics) and everything in between.  Kendra Dee is also a prominent public figure that hosts events, panels and hosts a popular podcast stream titled The Kendra Dee Experience.  Kendra Dee is also a frequent guest host on Big Woo Radio as well.  Kendra, also models and represent fashion brands catered to women of various shapes and sizes.  There is absolutely NO LIMIT to what Kendra Dee is capable of achieving, and she has more goals and missions to accomplish throughout 2022!  We are excited to take the journey with Kendra Dee.

Watch Kendra Dee's presentation during the recent Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering held at The Waterbean Coffee Shop in Charlotte, NC.


Big Sushi Yo!

          It's a fresh new beginning for Big Sushi.  Once a rising star in the "Fetish" industry, Big Sushi Yo has taken the steps to clean up her image, rebrand and refocus her public persona with the expectation to open more doors, opportunities and avenues as a blossoming businesswoman and credible brand ambassador.  Although Sushi still has her hand (or foot) in the Fetish / Adult world and community to somewhat a smaller degree, her presentation is more classy, and sensual than raunchy.  Nothing hardcore, or anything one would consider totally "off putting".  Just like the 1986 released song by Jermaine Stewart, Sushi proves that "you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time", and she does just that while keeping her preexisting predominantly male audience in tack as she transitions to an image that's more digestible for a general audience.  We can all agree that "sex sells", however Big Sushi is able to use sex to sell without selling sex.  

Later in 2022, Sushi will launch an as yet untitled mature "sexually themed" podcast that will focus more on sexual health, education, sensuality, erotic literature, romance, fetishes and the phycology as to why we do what we do and like what we like.  The Podcast will air on The Media Blast Spreaker Page later this year.

Follow Big Sushi on her brand new Instagram at


Kula Voncille

          Next on the list for International Black Women's Week, we would like to give flowers to one of the nicest emcees to bless the mic in the early 2020s, Kula Voncille!  One of Kula's achievements as an artist is popularizing the phrase "Hobosexual" (a person that exchanges sexual energy for a place to live rent free).  The single "Hobosexual" flooded the web all throughout 2019 and 2020 garnering tens of thousands of streams on various music streaming platforms and the official music video / short film to accompany the single went viral!  Kula Voncille followed up and capitolized on the popularity of "Hobosexual" by releasing back to back heavy hitting singles growing her buzz and fanbase even larger.  Kula released "Mrs. Sandman", "Beast Mode", "VA Anthem" and the single Blacktopia refers to as the #MoneyMonday anthem of the decade "Get The Bag"!  Kula Voncille certainly "got the bag" during the pandemic as the popularity and demand for her music grew much more.  

Get more updates, news, performance dates and music by Kula Voncille by visiting her official website

Kula Voncille's music is available on all streaming platforms.  


Tiffany "Sunshine" Brown

          Tiffany Brown is a self proclaimed "serial entrepreneur".  The prominent prestigious businesswoman has several different businesses and organizations that she runs while maintaining her most powerful position, being a wife and mother.  Some of her business ventures include The Butterfly Visions Project (an organization dedicated to assisting and providing resources to victims of domestic violence), Love N Lust Lingerie (a very stylish nightwear and undergarments line for men and women of all body types), and her most current project The Urban City Connection (UCC), an event planning / entertainment company that provides upscale entertainment, social and networking gatherings at various venues in the Southeast region of the united states.  

Tiffany is also a very gifted author that released a critically acclaimed fiction book titled Reality Check: A Survivor Story in the Summer of 2018.  The book is available on Amazon at the link below 

Tiffany Brown Reality Check

Visit and Shop at Love N Lust Lingerie 


On March 30th for Women's History Month, Tiffany Brown and the UCC (Urban City Connect) will present the The Women in Business Networking Event at 1st & Goal at 7801 University City Blvd. in Charlotte, NC.  The event will be held from 7:00 - 10:30 PM!  FREE TO ENTER.  Drink specials all night!


Tenai Staley of The Tenai Show

           Tenai, just like many of the distinguished and esteemed black women on this list, has her hands in a variety of projects, careers and ventures.  Tenai is known to many as the media personality, celebrity interviewer, and host of the well recognized self-titled entertainment program The Tenai Show which airs on IG Live and her official YouTube Channel.  Tenai has had various in depth interviews with a vast array of high profile celebrities such as R&B legend Mya, Jermaine Dupri, Cheryl Underwood, Avant, Desi Banks, Bizzy Bone and plenty of others!  

Follow The Tenai Show on IG:

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          When Tenai isn't speaking with famous people, she's closing deals as one of the top real estate agents in the Carolinas.  Aside from selling homes, Tenai also has her hands in the fitness and health industry.  By mid 2022, Tenai will launch her fitness coaching services, and currently Tenai runs a mobile Healthy Meal Prep Service titled Din Din Meal Prep!  For more information on those services follow the Instagram for those particular brands..

Tenai is also a popular influencer and brand promoter.  Use Tenai to advertise your business!  Check the flier for more details.


Visit The Official Website for The Tenai Show at

On March 30th for Women's History Month, Tenai will host The Women in Business Networking Event by Urban City Connect (UCC) at 1st & Goal at 7801 University City Blvd. in Charlotte, NC.  The event will be held from 7:00 - 10:30 PM!  FREE TO ENTER.  

Watch Tenai's presentation at the most recent Blacktopia Black Business Power Gathering held in Charlotte, NC.


The Queen City Dollz

          The last entry on this list, is certainly not the least entry on the list.  This spot is dedicated to not one powerful, influential black woman, but an entire group filled with powerful influential black women, The Elite Dollz of Faith (EDOF) but more specifically the Charlotte, NC chapter known as The Queen City Dollz.  This advantageous troop of wise women are always there to lend a helping hand and serve the people of the community in many different ways from hosting charity event fundraisers, feeding the homeless, donating time, money and resources to the less fortunate, fellowship with those in need, organizing neighborhood giveback events and the list of good deeds to the world goes on and on.  There is no one statement that encompasses everything that The Queen City Dollz does and who they are.  The women of The Queen City Dollz are indeed the backbone to the people in the city of Charlotte (The Queen City) and neighboring areas, and the EDOF as a whole are a blessing to the entire world.  

Although each and every member of The Elite Dollz of Faith / Queen City Dollz are special and amazing in their own unique way, we would like to take the time to honor a few key individuals from the group.

          Belinda Houston AKA Doll Hollywood:  The president of the Charlotte Chapter of The Elite Dollz of Faith and founder of God's Gift Baby Ministries.  Doll Hollywood has done so much work in the community for years, and touched the lives of many with her kind heart and warm soul.  Many of the people that know Ms. Belinda Houston personally always speak highly of her and mention how funny and delightful she is to be around, and that she lights up an entire room!  Speaking of lighting up a room, on March 30th Belinda will certainly light up the room as one of the hosts of the Women In Business Networking Event presented by Urban City Connect (UCC) at 1st & Goal in Charlotte, NC.  View the flier below for more details.  

          Nickole Williams AKA Lady Laureate:  The Ambassador of the Queen City Dollz.  Nickole is a great humanitarian that works with several organizations, charities and moves the needle forward on getting things done in favor of black people.  Aside from doing tremendous work in the community, Nickole is an extremely talented and proficient poet / spoken word artist who's words are impactful and inspirational in the same vein as other legendary poets such as Maya Angelou, Tammy Thomas and Gwendolyn Brooks.   

          Denise Parker-Bolling AKA Doll Lady B.:  Doll Lady B. is a very kind, sweet and generous woman with a powerful mind, beautiful spirit and giving nature.  Doll Lady B plays a critical role in The Queen City Dollz as she assists the faction with promoting and organizing their special events, serving the public, and making sure the needs of everyone involve are met and done so with satisfaction.  Doll Lady B. is most certainly the heart that keeps the organization pumping full of love.  

Let's continue to celebrate 
International Black Woman's Week 
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