Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Syn'Zere" is "Sincere" about Making Great Music

Rising Hip Hop recording artist Syn'Zere is certainly sincere when it comes to making great music and putting out quality material.  It's refreshing to hear young, rising, recording artists such as Syn'Zere put lots of time, hard work and effort into making sure that the fans and listeners are blessed with a standard product.  Syn'Zere's music is just as clean and crisp as his image, but don't let the "image" misguide you, Syn'Zere is a rapper who's lyrics go harder than anyone's.  Get more information, updates and just listen to his music for yourself at the links below.

Also keep checking back on Blacktopia for more updates on this rising "syn"sation known as Syn'Zere.


Artist E Card


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