Monday, November 28, 2022

[CYBER MONDAY DEALS] The Private Room Collection by Tiffany offers DEEP DISCOUNTS


The Private Room Collection (PR Collection) with Tiffany 

Cyber Monday Deals continue!  The PR Collection (Private Room) Collection is offering DEEP DISCOUNTS on their official Etsy store!  Please visit to shop all day!

A portion of the proceeds will go towards The Butterfly Visions Project (BVP) to assist underprivileged families and victims of domestic violence for the Holidays.

A purchase with The PR Collection (Private Room) could help better someone's life!

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Award Winning Ghanaian Pop Singer TWICY will be a guest on MAKING CONNECTIONS TV on Saturday Nov. 19th Noon Eastern |


          Recently, Aly the host and program director of the illustrious Making Connections TV was a guest on the season premiere of The Digital Meet and Greet to promote her popular visual platform / interview show.  The Digital Meet and Greet has been one of Blogtlalk Radio's top performing programs / broadcasts since 2021 (during the program's 2nd season).  Aly helped kick off The Digital Meet and Greet's 3rd season with hosts James "JT" Thompson and Jonathan Coleman in a major way!  During the broadcast there were many callers wanting to know more about past and future guests of the Making Connections TV program, and of course Aly answered all of the callers' questions.  Following the Q & A session Jonathan ran down a list of several prestigious individuals that have had the honor of being guests on Aly's Making Connections program and one of the names Mr. Coleman listed was Ghanaian pop singer Twicy, in which Aly made the correction that Twicy has yet to be a guest on the program.  Jonathan immediately replied with "oh.. well we have to get him on your show then".  Soon after the broadcast, host and Media Blast PR specialist Jonathan Coleman reached out to Twicy's management (Dailey's Entertainment) to set up a meeting with Aly and now the Central Music Award winning Ghanaian pop star / songwriter Twicy will be a guest on the next episode of Making Connections TV set to air live Saturday Nov. 19th at Noon Eastern!

Stream Making Connections TV LIVE on Facebook by visiting the link below

 (1) Making Connections with Aly | Facebook

Twicy's music is available on all Music Streaming Platforms!

For business inquiries contact Moses Dailey of Dailey's Entertainment

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