Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prince influences New Artist


Although we lost one of our legendary performers, the artist known as Prince, his music and legacy will live on for generations to come.  Prince's music is timeless and so powerful that it has even inspired young musicians and even artists from other genres of music.... such as songwriter, producer, keyboardist, singer and rapper Mr. Boom Boom Bang.

In the winter of 2015 the artist, Mr. BBB released a single titled "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" and DJs, critics and taste-makers compared Mr. Boom Boom Bang's vocals on the chorus to a late 80s / early 90s Prince!  When asked, in several interviews Mr. Boom Boom Bang explained that he was indeed inspired by the vocals of Prince which influenced him to sing the hook of the song in the style of the late "Purple Rain" singer.  

Listen to the song for yourself at the link below and voice your opinions.  Does the young artist's singing on the chorus of "Let's Make Love Like The 90s" remind you of an early 90s Prince?  Check it out and weigh in.
Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Make Love Like The 90s" RE-MASTERED VERSION

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