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As many of you know February is Black History Month, and it's also National Women in Horror Month as well, and as February comes to an end Blacktopia would like to recognize both Black History Month and Women in Horror Month by honoring strong talented black actresses that have appeared in excellent horror films.

Meet veteran actress Paula Walton.  Paula has over a decade of experience in acting, and has appeared in several original movies that are available for streaming on Amazon Prime such as Justin and I Used To Love Her.  Paula Walton will also appear in upcoming horror films produced by Geechee One Films very soon.  Get familiar with Paula by checking out her IMDb page at

Introducing Olivia Sade Witherspoon.  Actress Olivia currently resides in Charleston, SC and will appear in the upcoming Geechee One produced horror flick 100 Bodies (also starring Laquita Johnson).  Check out her profile above on more information on this wonderful and talented actress and follow her on Instagram at @OliviaSade

Get familiar with Mercedes Wright.  Mercedes Wright has appeared in several Geechee One produced films on Amazon Prime, but had a major breakout role in the critically acclaimed horror film Untimely Reunion.  Stream Untimely Reunion on Amazon Prime and watch this gifted actresses stellar performance!  Follow Mercedes on IG @Lady_Merces and on SnapChat at LadyMerces!  E-mail Mercedes Wright at for booking information. 

Meet powerful black performer Chasia Taylor.  Ms. Taylor is from Conway, South Carolina and her favorite horror movie is Dead of Dawn.  If she could be any character in a horror film she would prefer to be a Zombie!  Not only is Chasia a talented actresses, but she is very artistic when it comes to painting and art as well.  Keep an eye out for Chasia's Creationz. 

Blacktopia would love to honor the amazing, exceptionally gifted, witty, gorgeous, funny, extremely talented actress, performer, comedy writer and stand up comedienne Laquita Johnson of Summerville, South Carolina.  Laquita Johnson is no stranger to horror and mystery as she performs as a regular at the Dinner Detective Theater in Charleston, SC.  She has also appeared in the short horror flick "It's A B$tch Birthday" produced by Geechee One Films and is set to star in the upcoming horror movie 100 Bodies coming very soon! 

Laquita Johnson is also an additional performer / featured player on the sketch comedy podcast YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED.  In the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped Laquita Johnson provided the voice of the character "Niecy Knockers" in the "Date With Niecy Knockers" sketch.  Check out the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped featuring Laquita Johnson at the direct link below

Check out Laquita Johnson's acting resume on IMDb at the direct link below....

Visit Laquita Johnson's official promo blog at

Meet North Charleston's very own Taveon Aiken.  Taveon is a tremendous actress with range, and she has shown that superb acting ability in many indie films.  She has appeared in many horror films produced by Geechee One and is set to have many more roles in movies produced by the powerhouse film production company.  Look her up on IMDb

Meet actress Kasia Hart.  Kasia's favorite horror film is Aliens and she will appear in the upcoming horror film 100 Bodies produced by Geechee One Films.  Check the flier for booking information and follow this talented actress on social media.  

Last but not least Blacktopia would like to acknowledge actress, recording artist and all around entertainer Shaneika "Shai-Girl" Alston of Charleston, SC.  "Shai-Girl" is also the star of the hit YouTube series "What About Your Friends" and has appeared in numerous films on Amazon Prime and movies produced by the prestigious Geechee One Films.  Shaneika "Shai-Girl" Alston will play the role of Levi in the forthcoming Geechee One produced Horror flick 100 Bodies coming soon!  Check out her acting resume on IMDb at the direct link below

Blacktopia would like to thank and salute movie producer, prominent businesswoman and the woman behind many of these amazing horror films, Geechee One Film's Felicia Rivers!

Watch many of these great films mentioned in the post by downloading the Geechee One Mobile App at the direct link below 

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Friday, February 28, 2020


TEXT: Land of the Black Squirrels: A Bronx Boheme Novel
AUTHOR: Mwalim
GENRE: Fiction/ African American Fiction
PG CNT: 264pp
PUB: Thirty-three Pages. Plymouth, MA
FRMT: Paperback & Digital

LAND of the BLACK SQUIRRELS is a new novel by playwright & musician, Mwalim and is book one of his forthcoming series, Bronx Boheme. Mwalim, who is a cult figure in the east coast spoken-word, Black theater, and music scene; as well as a member of the Grammy nominated soul-funk band, The GroovaLottos, takes us on a journey through two worlds that he obviously knows intimately: the Northeast Bronx, and the world of the underground artist. In many ways, this novel reminds me of the experimental novels that were popular in the 50's and 60's, like NAKED LUNCH, by William S. Burroughs or MUMBO JUMBO, by Ishmeal Reed. and departure from much of the literature found in most of today's African American market.

In the opening sentence of the prologue (the only part of the novel written in the first person), we find a clue as to what we are in for, as Mwalim explains that, "Welcome to a story I've been telling for years; like a jazz tune with evolving melodies and improvised solos..." In the same way that the music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Rasaan Roland Kirk, or Yusef Latin are not quick, easy listens, or solutions to instant gratification; Mwalim's novel is not a quick, passive, brain-candy read. Mwalim's writing style has the ability to pull the reader into the story through sights, sounds, and smells, but I can also see that readers with short attention spans would probably get lost.

To be honest, when I got to page 44 it sank in that what I was reading was a poem of sorts... the kind you hear at poetry readings in cafes and libraries. When I  allowed the "storyteller" and characters to do the driving, I discovered a beautiful story with richly developed characters, places and events that became real to me. 

The story opens in the present with the narrator entering The Bronx from the north and parking in his old neighborhood, The Valley. From there we go back to 1969 and meet the main character, Oba, his buddy Marshall, and wife Vivian. From there, the story spans a 40 year period, from legendary Harlem night clubs, to Brooklyn and South Bronx warehouse spaces turned into make-shift, night clubs. By the end of the novel, characters like Atif, Raymond, Yusef, The B Man, and Franz all feel more like old friends than simply characters in a novel and I was sorry to come to the end. Personally, I'm glad this is a series. 

Another curious aspect of the book is the tendency for it to jump around outside of chronological order. Again, my first instinct was to wonder why the author would do this. It can be rather confusing for folks who need a linear narrative. Here again, I think this is where the poet takes over and we are experiencing episodes and memories, which rarely come in sequential order. Storytelling in this fashion brings to mind films like "Pulp Fiction" or a film I recently saw on Netflix called, "Soundtrack", where telling the story out of sequence serves to shape the over-all narrative.

The author's background as a playwright definitely shines through in the character's dialogue. I would urge him, in future installment of the series to use more dialogue and less scene description, as it is the dialogue that brought the characters to life for me.

Land of the Black Squirrels is a challenging read, but is worth the extra effort. It is a journey into a fictional take on an otherwise very real world. It also gives a glimpse into the recent past and a New York that is rapidly disappearing. As Mwalim takes us into a lower east side loft club in the 1990s, the sense of nostalgia is clear and intoxicating. I highly recommend it for lovers of well written, deep, and complex fiction.


Thursday, February 27, 2020


This week's Blacktopia Black Business spotlight is on Tasha Hargrove, the owner and operator of Serene WellSpa and a highly qualified Registered Nurse with many years of experience in medical and holistic services.  Serene WellSpa's mission is to QUIET the MIND, SOOTHE the BODY, and RESTORE the SPIRIT of each client we encounter. Our goal for clients will ultimately be to help them realign with their daily lives and focus on their true purpose while utilizing a wide range of holistic services and spa treatments. Serene WellSpa is dedicated to consistently providing exceptional services and care so that each client can enjoy an experience that they will never forget. We also offer a variety of top-quality health and wellness products to assist with the experience.      

In this in depth, one on one interview Tasha talks about the business, her experience, the services Serene WellSpa provides, and more!  

Visit Serene WellSpa at

Blacktopia:  How are you Tasha?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  I'm well, blessed!

Blacktopia:  What influenced you to start your business Serene WellSpa?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  I’ve been in the healthcare field for quite some time as it relates to medicine. During the last several years, I have been transient throughout the United States as a travel nurse where I began to study other modalities of health and wellness. I’ve worked in California the majority of the time. I began to study and use different healing methods, which lit a fire in me to educate myself and others on holistic/alternative medicine. I am now a  Certified Colon Hydrotherapist (I-ACT Certified) educating others on colon health and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Certified IV Hydration therapist, practice reiki, and still practicing as a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

Blacktopia:  When did you start your business?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  I had the idea since 9/2016 that’s when I started getting involved in holistics and alternative medicine, I then started to educate myself more and I got certified in a few different areas. I started business in 2019
Blacktopia:  What are some of the services you provide through Serene WellSpa? 
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Vsteam/Yoni Steam/Vaginal Steam, Teeth Whitening 
Ionic Foot Detox, Colonics/ Colon Hydrotherapy, IV Hydration Therapy, Reiki, 
Detox Sauna wraps, Aromatherapy touch, Massage (I don’t provide, our massage therapist does).

Blacktopia:  What are the benefits of having your teeth whitened?  
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Enhances your confidence and smile!  Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile.

Blacktopia:  Why is it important that women use Vagina Steaming?  
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Yoni steam supports and regulates the natural feminine cycle.
May assist with:
—Reducing menstrual symptoms, bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding 
—Decreases heavy menstrual flow 
—Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles 
—Quick healing and tone the reproductive system after birth 
—Promotes healing after birth and c section recovery 
—Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids 
—Helps to restore bacterial and PH balance to aid in prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis and odors 
—Relief for symptoms of menopause 
—Helps tighten the yoni

Blacktopia:  How does Foot Detoxing work?  How is it beneficial to your health?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Ionic Foot Detox cleansing works by submerging your feet in a combination of warm water, Himalayan salts and negative ions to gently draw out the positively charged free radicals (toxins) in the body through the bottom of your feet!
 the benefits:
-helps purge heavy metals
-supports a balanced pH
-promotes detox of liver and kidneys
-boosts immune system
-reduces inflammation
-supports lymphatic drainage
-reduces headaches
-the body continues the detox process up to 48hours after the treatment

Blacktopia:  Could you tell the readers and viewers about the Spa Parties that you offer? How is the experience?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  The spa parties consist of Serene WellSpa coming to your location of choice, setting up :Vsteams, teeth whitening, foot detox, and or massages for you and your guest. You will choose what concierge services you want us to provide. You will need at least 6 people in attendance to book. You and your guest are educated and receive the services. They turn out great and we have a really good time. Wine, water, and fruit is provided. This type of event is also offered at our location(coming soon)
Blacktopia: Where are you and your business located?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Charlotte,NC currently in the process of moving into a new space. Follow us on social media to keep up with our progression and get Info on our grand opening. 
Blacktopia:  Do you provide services or products for those that are not in the area?
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  Our concierge services are typically for people in the Charlotte area but we will travel outside of the area for spa parties/wellness events. 
Blacktopia:  What is one of the best experiences you've had with a client so far? 
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  The results my clients get are the best experiences. The woman who was able to conceive, the woman who’s endometriosis pain was drastically reduced, the guy who opens his mouth to smile, and a smile on their face is a smile on mine! 

Blacktopia:  What is one of the worst experiences or challenges you've faced with your business so far and how did you bounce back, learn and grow from the situation?
Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  The world of business is tough all around, I had to grow thick skin and fast. I took a class with this lady who was helping me with business credit take my money and disappear. I have to say that probably has been the worst experience thus far. I picked up where we left off and kept it moving. Lessons learned.
Blacktopia:  Is there anything you would like to mention that we haven't covered already?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:  We also offer top quality wellness products: Yoni herbs, Yoni oil, Yoni pearls, Yoni foam wash, DIY Yoni steam kits, Menstrual cups, Flat tummy detox tea, Home teeth whitening kits, and more! All products are 100% organic! SHOP ONLINE

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?

Tasha Hargrove of Serene WellSpa:   Take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually! And If you do nothing else today .. spread Love

Blacktopia:  How can you be reached?    

👍🏾Us on FB: Serene WellSpa
👣Follow us on IG: @serenewellspa
📱 Text “Serene” to 31996 VIP text club
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This week's Blacktopia BLACK VISIONARIES spotlight is on established comic book creator / publisher, indie film producer, songwriter and musician SLOW CHEMICAL (Ryan White).  

Although in many circles in the entertainment and media world our subject is known as "Slow Chemical", however in the comic book sphere he's acknowledged by his pen name (which also happens to be his "Government name") Ryan White.  Ryan, is a very established comic book writer, creator and publisher that is the mastermind behind many classic indie titles such as Blind Men Lead, Dawn of the Mask, Late Justice and his latest project The Geneva Convention.  Ryan White has spoken and presented at numerous Comic-Con panels across the nation as well as overseas.  Ryan has plans on releasing and publishing many more titles, and expanding his per-existing material very soon.  With the success of his current comic book series "The Geneva Convention" there is certainly no slowing down on his end now. 

Preview and purchase Ryan White's comics on Indy Planet and Amazon

The direct link to comic book titles by Ryan White.

By day our hero is mild-mannered comic book author and originator Ryan White, but by night he is the outspoken, profound, complex lyricist, spoken word artist / rapper Slow Chemical.  At the end of 2019, Slow Chemical released two back to back critically acclaimed music anthologies, the album Midnight Inspired and the follow up EP Serving All Masters which features guest contributions from Philonious Phunk (AKA "Phil Royal") from the nerdcore hip hop super group S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) and from many others.  Slow Chemical also produces and composes his own backdrops and tracks for his albums.  Slow Chemical's music has gotten a lot of praise and respect on many high profile and prestigious blogs and music / entertainment websites such as Sonic Revolution, Platinum Radio Online, The Media Blast, and Nerdstar Hip Hop just to name a few.  

Listen to Slow Chemical's projects at the direct Spotify Links below....

Slow Chemical Midnight Inspired 

Slow Chemical Serving All Masters

Slow Chemical's latest album Midnight Inspired was given a good review on the new Sonic Revolution blog by rising blogger and hip hop journalist Reg Thompson!  Read all about it at the direct link below.....

Platinum Radio

Slow Chemical was featured in Platinum Radio's official website!  The feature talks about both his projects Midnight Inspired as well as Serving All Masters, his comic book projects and indie film projects and more.  This is definitely a great read on Slow Chemical, check it out and read all about it at the direct Platinum Radio link above.

Get more updates on Slow Chemical and his music on his official promo blog at

Slow Chemical / Ryan White is also a rising indie filmmaker (producer and screenwriter).  Although the brilliant creative is currently working and developing new film projects, one of his earlier movies, the short film "Late Justice" (which was the precursor to his popular comic book series) is available to view now.  Watch the film below and post your comments.  


Being that Ryan White is an excellent writer when it comes to comic books and screenplays, it's only natural that Ryan would be just as outstanding when it comes to penning comedy scripts as well!  Ryan White has recently joined the writing team for the critically acclaimed sketch comedy podcast series YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED!  Yesterday Night Taped stars performers Louis Castle, Jonathan Coleman, Andre Davis Jr., James Draper, D'ara Gray, Monique Greene, Chamar Little, Veronica Pierce, Johnny Ray, Niana Renee, Katherine Renka, and James Tavelle, and has a host of comedy writers such as comedian Shannon Canton, Melinda Parker (who inks the "Kreative Koins" segment of the Blacktopia Mobile App.), Nathan Gibbons, Ryan White and more!  Stream the season premiere of Yesterday Night Taped on SPOTIFY at the direct link here......  

Slow Chemical has been a frequent guest on Big Woo Radio
Check out some of his interviews on the Big Woo Radio Show at

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The Butterfly Visions Project (BVP) a 
non-profit organization founded by 
prominent Charlotte, NC businesswoman 
Tiffany Brown that was designed to 
administer resources, and provide assistance 
to victims of domestic violence and sexual 
assault has initiated Project Safe Haven 
in January 2020.  

"Project Safe Haven is a grant funded 
program to provide emergency shelter 
for victims of domestic violence.  
Project Safe Haven will provide 
emergency shelter, referral services, 
and resources needed for victims 
to be safe, start their journey 
to healing and connect with resources
to help them regain self-sufficiency."  states 
Tiffany Brown the forerunner of the 
Project Safe Haven campaign.  

To refer victims in need of immediate assistance 
from Project Safe Haven call 980-202-2059