Thursday, June 30, 2016

Syn'Zere's single FDYK is in The Microwave for being HOT RIGHT NOW!

The Microwave Blog

Syn'Zere's single "FDYK" is in the Microwave Blog for being "Hot Right Now"!  Check it out at this direct link

Video Spotlight: Nikia "Maybe I" (Official Video from the SHE IS ME, EP)

Check out the music video for the single "Maybe I" from singer and Blacktopian Nikia!  The single is also on the EP SHE IS ME which is available everywhere music is being sold digitally.  


Purchase the EP here on iTunes at this link


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman): Markisha "Why Yet" Bunn the Host of On Why Yet's Watch


This Blacktopia #WCW Wed. CLASSY Woman Award goes to Markisha "Why Yet" Bunn the host of the popular blogtalk radio talk show ON WHY YET'S WATCH that airs on the prestigious BRPP Network every Thursday Night at 9:00 PM EST.  This Thursday (June 29th) Some Guy Named Jay will be a guest On Why Yet's Watch to talk about the entire Blacktopia Movement, the Blacktopia Website, Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio and more!  You can call 773 897 6297 to stream the show from our phone.  

Thank you "Why Yet" for being apart of the future of Black Society, Blacktopia.  Yes Yes!


Check out the new advice column from another Blacktopian titled ASK MARY JANE here at 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Blakk North "Freedom" (Blacktopia Official Music Video)

Check out the single and the official video from Blakk North titled "Freedom". Listen to the deep messages in this song and feel free to post your thoughts on the subject below. Get more updates on Blakk North and his music by visiting his official website and his official promo blog at

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dope Girl Juice Radio has MS. KE in HEAVY ROTATION

Blacktopian Jacari Caprice, the DJ and host of the hit Spreaker Radio Show DOPE GIRL JUICE RADIO has Ms. Ke's singles "Broken Hearted" AND "Party Time" both in heavy rotation!  Check out Dope Girl Juice Radio by searching for it on 

Check out the video "Broken Hearted" by Ms. Ke below.

Blacktopia Interview with Ms. Ke (the artist behind "Broken Hearted" and "Party Time")

Blacktopia sits down with rising Missouri based recording artist Ms. Ke!  Ms. Ke is known as a triple threat in the game... she is a very talented rapper, singer as well as a skilled songwriter!  Ms. Ke is about to release her album Hate Me or Love Me very soon and Blacktopia speaks with the bright young talented rapping and singing sensation about her project, her current single "Broken Hearted", relationships, her music and more!

Blacktopia:  How are you doing Ms. Ke?  What's up?
Ms. Ke:  Hello I'm doing well I can't complain and not much just trying to push my music and finish up my album!

Blacktopia:  You made a huge impact on the hip hop scene with your debut music video and single "Party Time", now you're releasing the follow up single "Broken Hearted" which is a great single, but it's totally different from "Party Time".  In "Party Time" you were rapping, but this single is straight up R&B... what inspired you to release this as a single right after "Party Time"?  It goes in a totally different direction than what fans may have expected?
Ms. Ke:  I released "Broken Hearted" after "Party Time" because I wanted to show how versatile I am and I wanted to show the world that I can not only rap but I can also sing and see what my album going to be all about! 

Blacktopia: For those that haven't heard "Broken Hearted" could you break down the premise of the  song?
Ms. Ke:   "Broken Hearted" gives you this old 90s R&B vibe when you listen to it! 

Blacktopia:  Is this song about a particular, specific situation in your life or is it just based on general experiences that people can relate to?
Ms. Ke:   "Broken Hearted" is about two specific individuals that I love and I just combined the feelings that feel towards both of them together.

Blacktopia:  Now it's time to get a little nosy, is there a special man in your life right now?
Ms. Ke:  No there is no special man in my life I have been single for over 2 years now.

Blacktopia:  How would you describe a good relationship?
Ms. Ke:  A man and woman that can communicate, trust, build each other up, equally yoked, respect each other,  I like the old fashion men that open car doors and regular doors and etc and both have a relationship with God  is the sum up what I feel a good relationship is ......simply I'm a Queen and my King will find me one day!

Blacktopia:  What was one of your worst relationship experiences and what did you learn or how did you bounce back from it?
Ms. Ke:  My worst relationship experience was falling in love with the wrong man.  I learned that the longer you stay the harder it is to get out.  I learned my worth, I learned that a relationship is a lot of work, I learned that a person will only treat you the way you allow them, I learned that God has more out there for me.  I learned that just because you love someone doesn't mean that ya'll are meant to be together.  I learned that no one is perfect! I learned that you "really" need to get to get to know the person you want or think you want to be in a relationship before you try to be pursue a relationship with them don't rush any thing and just really make sure this person is for you. That's all I'm gone say not trying to bore you (laughs). I'll go all day about relationships.  It was nobody but God that helped me bounce back. I had a few friends that was there but not at times I really needed them.  I did it all on my own by the grace of God.

Blacktopia:  Getting back to the music, you have an album called Love Me, or Hate Me that's about to drop very soon, could you tell the readers about this project and what can the listeners expect to hear on this album?
Ms. Ke:   Yes my album will be dropping soon!  Excited! In this album again you will just experienced the versatility of Ms.Ke. I will hit you will all different concepts love, hate, party, pain, and motivation and you can love it or hate it. 

Blacktopia: Who did you work with on this album?
Ms. Ke:   My features on my album are FrosTT, K.Bizzle, Keygotti, Lyinheart, and Ava Mercedes.  Producers of my instrumentals are Keygotti, KDS of midrange, Mizznekol of the Grind is real, The influence, and DJ DUB.

Blacktopia:  Now you are a rapper, and singer among many things, and with these two singles you've shown the world that you can do both of them equally well... now with that being said, is this album more of a Rap album, R&B album or is it equally balanced on both genres?
Ms. Ke:   This album is more rap but I definitely divided up in a way you can hear my R&B side as well.

Blacktopia:  What would you say is your favorite song on the album right now?
Ms. Ke:  My favorite song on my album is "Broken Hearted" and "Everybody Knows" ft Lyinheart which was the song I was going to drop instead of "Broken Hearted" but plans had to be changed but its definitely between those two!

Blacktopia:  What are some of the other topics and subjects that you address with this upcoming album?
Ms. Ke:   Like I said before, I will be hitting all topics, from love, from hate, motivation, and etc.

Blacktopia:  What plans do you have for the rest of 2016?
Ms. Ke:   I'm planning on dropping my album, touring out of state, starting a new project, throwing a show in July 9  Ms Ke Rip the Mic/Album Release.  Just drop another video a motivational video called "Motivation Hiphop" featuring FrosTT.  So I'm just working on getting myself known and exposed.

Blacktopia: Is there anything else you would like to mention that we haven't talked about already?
Ms. Ke:  I just want to Thank you for rocking with me Blacktopia and Some Guy Named Jay and I appreciate your time and shouting me out when ever you get that opportunity you are really a solid guy and I appreciate very much!       

Check out Ms. Ke's current video and single "Broken Hearted"

WFLA In Yo Ear Radio is spinning Syn'Zere's single "FDYK" in Heavy Rotation!


The Program Director, Dee Jordan of WFLA In Yo Ear Radio (and Proud Blacktopian) is really enjoying Syn'Zere's new single "FDYK" so much that she has even decided to put the single in rotation!  This is what she had to say about the song after receiving it from "Some Guy Named Jay".  

"Yaass Yasss!

That song is FYE unlike a lot of mainstream

rap music today this song tells a story most urban Americans

can relate too "What Do You Know Bout My Pain"

- Dee Jordan of WFLA In Yo Ear Radio

Indeed Indeed

Listen to the single "FDYK" by Syn'Zere below.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DJ Trey Billin' cosigns Syn'Zere's latest single "FDYK"

DJ Trey Billin' (Blacktopia FB group newbie and prominent DJ) is loving the new single "FDYK" by Blacktopia Featured Artist Syn'Zere.  

This is what he had to say after getting his hands on the new single....

"I really like his message and it need to

played by as many radio stations as

he can get to play it...I like it!!!"

- DJ Trey Billin'

Indeed Indeed!

Get familiar with DJ Trey Billin' here at these links

Facebook = DjTrey Billin

Instagram = DjTreybills

Twitter = OfficialDjTrey

Syn'Zere "FDYK"
Listen to the Single Here:


Interview with ASK MARY JANE

          Blacktopia sits down for a one on one interview with the creator of ASK MARY JANE, a new blog and advice column where the viewers questions and concerns are answered in the form of a poem or rhyme.  Check out this quick but in depth interview with the mastermind behind this concept Mary Jane as we explore the purpose behind the blog and the "reason" behind the "rhyme".

Check out the blog for yourself at

Blacktopia:  What's up Mary Jane how are you doing?
Ask Mary Jane:  " I am truly blessed and highly favored ".

Blacktopia:  Could you tell the readers a little bit about your blog "Ask Mary Jane"?
Ask Mary Jane: "People ask me questions dealing with 
everyday issues.  So instead of me just giving them an answer off the top of my head I give it thought and I give a poetic response in rhyme."

Blacktopia:   What inspired you to come up with this concept, for a rhyming advice column?
Ask Mary Jane:  I actually came up with this idea when I was 14.  I use to read the Dear Abbey column and turn her 
answers into rhyme.  I also to read Word Up Magazine and I just combined the two.

Blacktopia:  Are you great at giving sound advice?
Ask Mary Jane:  Absolutely I'm always giving advice especially on my friends.  It makes me feel good to help people.  I analyze [things] from all different angles without passing judgment.

Blacktopia:   Are you better at rhyming or giving advice?  What is your strength? 
Ask Mary Jane:  I think I'm equally awesome at both (laughs), but I would have to say rhyming since I was doing that before giving advice.

Blacktopia:  What other features does your blog include?
Ask Mary Jane:  I have a variety of different blogs entries and music from independent artists that I also want people to check out.

Blacktopia:  How long have you been writing rhymes?
Ask Mary Jane:  I've always been able to.  I have always been able turn songs from the radio into my own but mostly as jokes

Blacktopia:  Have you ever considered songwriting, or rapping seeing that you are gifted when it comes to rhymes?  
Ask Mary Jane:  No I haven't but I'm not opposed to it.

Blacktopia:  What are the topics mostly found or asked on your blog?
Ask Mary Jane:  Mostly sex/relationship topics but I've answered many different questions such as weight, religion, abuse.  I pretty much touch basis on all issues.

Blacktopia: What subjects do you enjoy touching on the most?
Ask Mary Jane:  When I can empower someone and uplift them with encouragement so they can embrace what they already have.

Blacktopia:  What is the most strangest or unique question you've been asked so far?
Ask Mary Jane:  A lady asked me "Why?".  So I explained to her that I answer questions and give advice, and she says "I know that's my question, I want to see how good you are"...So I answered then she asked a real question "why do we all suffer?".

Blacktopia: What was your hardest question to rhyme to?
Ask Mary Jane:  It's not hard it's just putting it together so it makes sense to the reader.

Blacktopia: What future plans do you have for this blog?
Ask Mary Jane:  Well right now my plans are to help as many people as I can, but I can only make a suggestion its up to you to actually use it whether it's through magazine or radio I just want people anticipate what I'm going to say next.

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug, or any shout outs?
Ask Mary Jane:  God and my family and friends.  Thanks Jay.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kevin Hart may be Retiring from Stand Up Comedy Soon


According to various sources, comedian Kevin Hart will hang up the mic as a stand up comic and focus more on movies.  Read the full article in the Media Blast here at this direct link


Check out Blacktopia Presents 
Round Table Talk Radio 
with Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady,
Some Guy Named Jay & Ms. Marie Jones 
9:00 PM EST 
Dial 516 387 1219 to STREAM 

#ShoutOutSaturday Lil' Hines for the single "A Few"

This #ShoutOutSaturday goes to rising Georgia based hip hop recording artist Lil' Hines for his single "A Few" produced by K.E. on the Track (producer that's worked with Tamar Braxton, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and many more!)

Check out the single below

Ms. Ke's "Broken Hearted" Video featured on 3 High Trafficking Websites

Ms. Ke's music video "Broken Hearted" is being featured all over the web, such as on two high trafficking word press blogs such as The New Hollywood Online and The Next Time You're High as well as new media based website The Media Blast!  Check it out here at these direct links.

Ms. Ke's music video is also being featured in various posts in
The Media Blast at

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Syn'Zere is working Hard on Upcoming Project!

Blacktopia featured hip hop recording artist Syn'Zere is currently working hard on his upcoming project and follow up to the mixtape released earlier this year Reflections, titled MORE THAN MUSIC!  Keep checking back for more updates.  

Syn'Zere's single "FDYK" featured in two High Trafficking Word Press Blogs

Blacktopia featured recording artist Syn'Zere is getting a lot of positive press and publicity for his current new single "FDYK"!  Take a look at the latest blogs to feature his single, two high trafficking word press blogs The NEW Mixtape Kingdom and The Next Time You're High.  Check it out at the direct links below.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Auditions for the Upcoming Luther & Eboni pilot

Walter Perry Lee of Walter Land Productions is holding open auditions for various parts for the upcoming "Luther & Eboni" pilot scheduled for shooting by the late Summer / early Fall of 2016.  You may contact Walter directly at 586 464 7894 for more details and information.  

Check out some of these actors and actresses reading for some of the parts in the upcoming series.  

#WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman): Tracy June

This Week's #WCW (Wed. CLASSY Woman) Award goes to Tracy June.  On Tuesday June 21st at 9:00 PM EST Tracy June will join us for our 2nd annual The REAL Orange is The New Black Special on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Some Guy Named Jay and Ms. Marie Jones.

Tracy June spent years in federal prison and she will join us to talk about her experience and how she bounced back from the situation and got her life back on track!  

On the night of the broadcast you can click the link to listen OR call 
(516) 387-1219 to stream from your phone. 
 Press 1 to get into the queue to join the discussion when we start to take calls.

Thank you Tracy June we appreciate your cooperation!

Check out the new video from Blacktopian featured artist Ms. Ke titled "Broken Hearted" 

Behind the Scenes of the AAMBC Literary Awards


Blacktopian Tenai Staley of Ill Famed Magazine attended the 2016 AAMBC Literary Awards to cover the event.  Get the full Tenai AAMBC Literary Awards experience by visiting Ill Famed Magazine at

In the photo, Tenai (left) is being photographed with the founder and creator of the AAMBC Literary Awards, author and "New Blacktopian Member" Tamika Newhouse!  

Check out more footage and photos of the prestigious event here

The event was hosted by Cynthia Bailey.

Listen to the new single "FDYK" 

by Syn'Zere here at this direct link below

Syn'Zere - FDYK Cover Art

Actor / Director Kent Faulcon supports Blacktopia

Actor / Director Kent Faulcon (currently known for his role as Richard Ellington on the Television Series "For Better or Worse" produced by Tyler Perry), recently endorsed Blacktopia in this audio drop.  Listen to it for yourself on the embedded video link below.


Listen to the new single "FDYK" by Syn'Zere here at this direct link below
Syn'Zere - FDYK Cover Art

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blacktopia Artist Spotlight: Blakk North

Blacktopia is proud to present an upcoming hip hop recording artist with a great message for the people in each of his songs, and that artist goes by the name of Blakk North.  Blackk North is an Ohio state based self proclaimed "Lyrical Truthologist" and he's always coming with some hard hitting TRUTHS in his music with his lyrics.  Blakk North recently dropped a single and video titled "Freedom" as well as a full length 12 track LP named Creation!  

For more updates and information on Blakk North check out his official website at and his official promo blog at

Sunday, June 12, 2016

#MCM (Monday's CLASSY Man): Flyy Drexler will be a guest on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio this Tuesday June 14th

This Monday CLASSY Man Award goes to the recording artist known as Flyy Drexler!  Flyy Drexler will be joining us this Tuesday (June 14th) for another addition of Blacktopia Presents  Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Some Guy Named Jay and Ms. Marie Jones at 9:00 PM EST!  

Click this link or dial 516 387 1219 to stream live from your phone.


Get more updates on Flyy Drexler at his official promo blog

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lady Viper Presents...Ms. Ke RIP THE MIC / ALBUM RELEASE PARTY on July 9th


Lady Viper Promotions Presents....
Ms. Ke's Album Release Party and RIP THE MIC Contest
on July 9th

Doors open at 9:00 PM and show starts at 10:30!

The event will be held at PJ's 
2411 University Drive 
Pine Bluff Arkansas 71603

Check the flyer for additional information!