Monday, May 25, 2020


Producer & prominent figure in the nerdcore hip hop music scene Philonius Phunk is BACK with another certified soon to go viral banger "Like Whoa" featuring S.P.F. band-mate SwagSwitcha!  Listen and see if you can point out all the Dragon Ball Z references laced throughout the verses!  Listen to the single at the direct link below

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Sunday, May 24, 2020



Right Touch Promotions presents the SIGNS OF MUSIC Gospel DVD!  You can have the MAKE IT GOSPEL EXPERIENCE in the comfort of your very own home by ordering the SIGNS OF MUSIC Gospel DVD.  

Featuring incredible gospel music performances by Lucretia Wooten and Promise, ReNewed of The Carolinas, New Creation of Hillsborough, NC along with music interpretation from the Mime Troupe: Mini Visions of Virtue directed by LaToya Tate 

The performances on the DVD are also accompanied by Sign Language Interpreters Lakrista Williams, Valerie McMillian, and Sara Dean so that deaf and H.O.H. audience can enjoy the inspirational lyrics as well.

The Signs of Music DVD is also hosted by the Master of Ceremonies Archie "Da Goose" Swindell

To purchase or reserve your DVD Contact or Text: 919-418-1867



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Wednesday, May 6, 2020


If you aren't quite familiar with rising hip hop recording artist J-O AKA W.A.S. (Weird and Successful) yet, then you certainly will in these months to come!  This week's Blacktopia music artist spotlight is on J-O AKA W.A.S..  W.A.S. currently has an amazing new single titled "Memories" that is steadily climbing up the SoundCloud charts.  Check out the single at the direct link below

"Memories" brings back the classic, boom bap, traditional golden era sound with W.A.S. spitting dope rhymes and lyrics over a laid back smooth sample.  Check it out and listen to it for yourself.  Post your comments below.

J-O AKA W.A.S. was recently interviewed in Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine.  In the interview, the subject J-O speaks about his past as a hip hop recording artist, his future projects, influences, the types of beats that bring out the best and what he does, what he plans to accomplish in the music and entertainment industry and more!  Read all about it in the interview at the direct link below

Keep checking back here on the official Blacktopia website for more news and updates on W.A.S., more interviews, blog spotlights as well as his other music endeavors.  More on this rising indie hip hop recording artist coming soon!


J-O AKA W.A.S. is really loving the new episode of the audio sketch comedy series YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED, he is also interested in one day guest starring or collaborating with the show in some sort of fashion in the future!  Here is what he said about one of the sketches in the 2nd episode of Yesterday Night Taped.......

I listened to the 2nd episode of Yesterday Night Taped last night it was funny.. I loved Twicy's performance on the show and the sex toy going off bout her cleaning her pussy was funny af  😀😀😀 I honestly think it was way funnier than the 1st episode and I like how the cast is very well and diverse race and talent wise!  - Jordan "J-O" Hunter AKA W.A.S.

True indeed!! 

Listen to the 2nd episode of Yesterday Night Taped here at this direct link

Yesterday Night Taped is also available on Spotify, iHeart Radio and Deezer!

JOIN many Blacktopian authors and others for the BLOCKLOVE VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR on MAY 9th

On May 9th and again on May 16th log in to one of the biggest virtual literary events of 2020, the BlockLove Virtual Book Fair with author Tiffany L. Brown and more!  Many Blacktopian authors such as Radiah Johnson / StarzPen the author of the erotic fiction novel WET and Mo Betta Books the publisher of the newest Children's Story "The Adventures of Larry Longbrow and The Coronavirus" will be in attendance.  Check the flier for more information and details.  There will be free giveaways, chats with the authors and proceeds of some of the book sales will go to the organization #BlockLoveCLT to assist families and individuals in need during the COVID19 Pandemic!  The event will last from noon to 5 PM Eastern! 

The book REALITY CHECK by author Tiffany L. Brown is now available on The Kindle!  Visit the link at