Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "The Best I Never Had" by Seymour Banks

"The Best I Never Had"
By: Seymour Banks
I never knew
Love like this...
Or us like this...
Or you...
Its been 10 years
Since we met..
Quiet as kept
Im a mess
If i cant have you
Kiss you..
Love you past
Like diamonds
You glisten
Your smile
My prison of past
In your friendship
I found security...
See in you..
I see purity
But in you
You see
Fear of me...
Confessions to you
Left me curbside
With my heart
In my lap
As those words died..
Who am I
But a guy
Who would die
To be the guy
In your eyes...
When you mad..
I wish I could
The stars
And time
To leave you glad..
Be the front line
In which you confide
In times
You sad..
God damn
I love you bad...
You're the best
I never had...
Seymour Banks "Bugatti Dreamin"
This poem is by Seymour Banks (current Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured artist and Blacktopian Newbie).  Check out his latest single "Bugatti Dreamin'" here at this direct link

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