Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tips for High School Students to Prepare for College (by Kairise Guerrant Conwell)

I don't own a business but I do have expertise in the educational field. Today, I thought I would share some tips for helping students be successful in college starting with things they can do now while they are in high school.

First, let me say that we have to educate ourselves. That takes many forms so do what's best for you but I was always taught that gaining an education is something no one can ever take from you. Knowledge is power so at the very least READ, RESEARCH, LEARN about your people, history, family tree etc.

College tips:
1. Start early to identify colleges, application deadlines, requirements and scholarships. Don't wait until senior year in high school.
- We are always late in turning in applications and miss out on opportunities and money
- FAFSA paperwork (financial aid) opens Jan. 1st at midnight and they can run out of grants as early as mid Jan
- take the ACT and/or SAT exams multiple times starting in sophomore or junior year. look for ways to practice or take a prep class to improve scores.

2. Take the difficult classes, don't fill your schedule with study hall or office worker.
- Math should be taken all four years of high school.
- Reading and writing is key so work on those skills
- If able to take advanced or AP courses then do it, yes they are harder but it will prepare you for college classes

3. Work on study skills especially time management
- Learn how to effectively use a planner to organize and prioritize your homework, projects and extra curricular activities. it takes practice and if you start in high school then you will be better prepared when you get to college
- Figure out how best you learn and work on techniques in taking class notes, studying and taking exams that will help you be successful. Remember practice makes perfect so it may not seem necessary in high school but you want to develop habits NOW that will carry you into college
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