Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Artists NEED to Know this Before Signing a Deal (by Bigg Luc)

Blacktopian Citizen Bigg Luc gives some great advice to rising artists looking to get a record deal.
Here is what he had to say.

Make sure you don't sign anything until you have an entertainment attorney look over the agreement. Another thing, if a label aggregate is coming to you trying to sign you to their label, but wants you to but up $2,500 to them to distribute your cd and they're not promoting or marketing your project while asking 35-45% of all profits, run like the plague. It's a scam. 

I run a label and don't charge half of what these crooks do. We also provide advisory services to our clients ie contract review of other services from other firms on a probono basis.

If you produce your band and put money into the project, you're the/an executive producer on the project. Create a separate entity so that you get points from that project as exp. Do the same for producer, songwriter, singers etc. Make sure you write a separate agreement for each service with either a flat fee, residual percentage points or a hybrid of both in the agreement.
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