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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Prince Vs. The Music Industry (by Gerard Desir)

Music business advanced class. Many years ago Prince had an issue with Warner brothers regarding his recording contract. He would write slave on the side of his face which prompted him to do something that would make him the most hated man in the music business. He changed his name to a symbol. Then he released material under that name which infuriated the label. They took him to court and tried to sue him for millions of dollars. They said that he breached his contract because he was recording music with another label while still being signed to Warner Brothers. Prince/Symbol told them that I signed the contract with you as Prince the recording artist. I now go by the name of Symbol so therefore I am free to sign with another label. Thinking that they had him, Warner Brothers then told him that he was still obligated to make five more albums before he was released from his contract. Prince/Symbol merely went into his vault and gave them five albums worth of music. The rest is music history  Open your eyes to the business of music people. Nuff said.

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