Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick Advice for Producers and Beatmakers from Industry Vet. Gerard Desir

About Beat Making Competitions
First and foremost: Never go to a third party vendor who is claiming that they will submit your demos to major labels. Most likely they will charge you a fee and chances are your stuff will never get heard. Second, beware of beat making competitions. These are no different from playing 3 card monte out in the street. The entity that is sponsoring the beat making competition already has his or her own clique that is in the competition. The main goal is not to usually find a winner. The key is seeing how the "clique" stacks up against the competition so you as the newbie will submit your track, the sponsor will like it but will make sure you do not win. People in the inner circle will listen to your track so that the concepts can be stolen. They will not steal the track outright. 

About Distribution
Also when it comes distributing your music there are great sites such as tunecore (one of my favorites) which is a great site for distributing your music. The main qualification is that you have to have an LLC (limited liability company) set up and they will do the promotion and distribution for you. Not only digitally but also in physical record shops that are not based here. LLC set up varies from state to state but keep in mind you don't have to set up the LLC in your geographical location. You can live in Texas and your LLC can be set up in Detroit which right now has the best rates due to their economy. I can answer more questions but these tidbits should help outside of the standard get a good lawyer.

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