Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Proud" by Keisha Williams Cranford

♤ proud ♤

I don't have to prove Nothing to no one
Because I'm proud of myself
I don't have to try to impress no one
Because I know I have what it takes
To do what I need to do
I'm a strong black woman and
Whatever I do I'm determined
And whatever I say i stick to it
I'm not perfect but who is
I commit myself to accomplish my goals
I work hard for what I do
And I maintain my goals
Studying my life
Acknowledging my skills
The ability to do what I feel
I take advantage of every aspect
And I treated like it's my treasure
I protect it with my all
I treated as if im pleasure
By all my aachievements
I take it in to heath as if it is my heart
I take one step at a time
I write to ease my mind
I take care of my responsibility
As my kids are mines
I might fall a little
But I get back up and keep doing me
Because i know that God gots me
I don't have to prove nothing to no one
Because I love myself and
Even though I make mistakes
I'm happy with who I am
I'm proud of myself and
I don't have to prove nothing
To no one else but God and
I'm happy with myself and all
I'm proud to be me and
There's no one like me
I love being me that's all I need
The end!

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