Saturday, August 29, 2015

General Grown will appear up the next Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio (Tuesday Sept. 1st)

Current South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist General Grown will be a featured panelist/ guest on the upcoming edition of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Tanisha J. BlantonBarbara Williams Cason and Some Guy Named Jay.  

The show will air live Tuesday Sept. 1st at 9:00 PM EST.  

Call (323) 870-4392 to Listen and Press One to Speak to the Hosts and Guests or click this link to listen


Purchase the New Book from Author and Poet Aliscia Melton.  
Sunshine BlackRose:  From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Heart 2 Heart About The Arts with Aliscia "Sunshine BlackRose" Melton

Call in and listen to "Heart 2 Heart About The Arts" with Aliscia Melton.  Every Tuesday Nights at 8:00 PM EST.  Call in #773-897-6297

After that, tune in to Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio at 9:00 PM EST. Call in (323) 870-4392

Purchase the New Book from Author and Poet Aliscia Melton.  
Sunshine BlackRose:  From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form.

On The Mark, Lets Vet and Grow: Women Have Been Socialized to Be Emotional About Sex..... but for a Reason (by Ayeshah Lockwood)

Hmmm... intercourse has a purpose. I agree, women have been socialized to be emotional about sex but there is a reason. It's nothing to do with love, independence, even pleasure, those are tools. Sex is fundamentally a means of replenishment, it has been converted to a strategy of resource under the guise of love, independence and pleasure. Labor, body parts, innovation and invention are not just abstract by products, they are the reason for the cultivation of this mindset. When the naturally occurring result of sex happens, if it is not "desired, protected, and properly cultivated" it is often abandoned or neglected, made available to others for other uses. Women get abortions, the tissue and body parts are reallocated for use by others. Children get abused, neglected or abandoned, many end up as laborers, quite often in penal institutions. The mindset of socially emotionalized sex facilitates the reallocation and absorption of vital resources our community needs. The break down of our relationships and families, and our agreement and compliance with this method of division enhances, exacerbates our vulnerability as a whole, not just the "independent, intelligent individuals". 

Intelligence is just the ability to learn, all living beings, flora or fauna have it, they can be "taught". Thought, which is actual matter, is the ability to create. The conversion of our thought matter through the use of intelligence facilitates and supports the creations of those who used thought to convert it using methods of intelligence. Ijs...

-Ayeshah Lockwood
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Available Now: Sunshine Blackrose.... From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form (by Aliscia Melton)

Synopsis of:
Sunshine BlackRose From Origination to Maturation A Transformation in Poetic Form

This book is a brief glimpse into my life from origin to the transformation God has made thus far in my life, a story if poetic form. It is a journey from the origination of Sunshine BlackRose to realization of life. That realization leads to maturation which brings about the transformation of Sunshine BlackRose. Come and peek in, read, and ride along with Sunshine BlackRose as she blossoms into a strong force to be reckoned with and experience the art of poetry like never before.

Get more of Aliscia Melton at these links
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Meet Poet, Author, and Blacktopian Aliscia Melton AKA Sunshine BlackRose

Aliscia began writing as a youth by journaling and creating 
stories. It was a way for her to deal with her emotions and
turbulent upbringing. She later picked writing back up when 
she became involved with the Youth Ministry at church. She
would write short plays, speeches, and poems for the children to recite.

In 2012, Aliscia was re-introduced to poetry through friends
and some personal struggles in her life. During this time she 
found solace in writing and her horizon was broadened
as she saw her life story being written out in poetic form, 
which she refers to as her “mind spillage”. 

This caused her to share her work with others online and to eventually create a 
group through FaceBook where all could come and freely express themselves in poetic form
(Poetic Freedom CafĂ©).

Aliscia has been featured on "The Literary Corner" a blog radio show where she shared her art of poetry and on Eloquently Speaking, an online magazine 

She has also been featured as Poet of the month in Eloquently Speaking, a poetry group on Facebook and featured online at

Aliscia has been featured on The Top 15 of the Month on the website A shared Format 4 Poets, over 8 times for several of her poetry pieces, sometime making the list multiple times in one month for different pieces. Aliscia Melton is not only a poet, but an entrepreneur, mentor and community activist. For more information about Aliscia Melton, the renaissance woman, check her personal website


All New "Crossing The T's Grown Folk Radio" Tonight Thursday Aug. 27th at 9:00 PM EST


All New "Crossing The T'" Grown Folk Radio TONIGHT Thursday Aug. 27th at 9:00 PM EST

Tonight's Topic:  Creating Civil Rights Assets

To Listen call 323 870 4392 and press 1 to speak to the panel.

Hosted by Meichell T. Jackson and John Huey

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Tiah Coffey talks about her upcoming Blacktopia Web Series "Shots of Coffey"

Model / Performer / Journalist and Blacktopian Beauty Tiah Coffey talks about her forthcoming web series titled "Shots Of Coffey" that will be available for streaming on the Blacktopia Mobile App. soon!  Check out what she says in this Youtube Video!

Keep checking back here for more updates on Tiah Coffey's forthcoming web series Blacktopia Presents.... "Shots Of Coffey" starring Tiah Coffey!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Check out the new single from Lil' Hines "A Few"

Hello people of Blacktopia!  Check out the new single from rising Georgia based rapper Lil' Hines titled "A Few".  Unfortunately you have to keep your circle small sometimes and keep some people out of your business, and this dirty south banger certainly explores that topic.  Listen to the single yourself at the direct link below.  Feel free to post your feedback on the track as well.

Check out the new single from Lil' Hines titled "A Few" (produced by K.E.) here at this direct link

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Women Have Been Socialized to Be Emotional About Sex

I believe women have been socialized to be emotional about sex. Less likely to be slut-shamed if you can claim emotional connection/love. Women within the last 30 yrs have more education, independent incomes, sexual autonomy, and birth control. We're new to the "hit it and quit it" game. As time goes on, we may be more able to decouple sex with emotion. 
PS. - some of the sex I've had, I had no emotional connection with any of the men.

-Sylvia Mann



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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ankh Love (a poem by Tyah Pierce)

Ankh Love 

Take a listen to the new spoken word piece from Blacktopian citizen Tyah Pierce titled "Ankh Love" here on Amazon


Gunplay LIVING LEGEND available on iTunes

Listen to the new solo mixtape from 9Ten Mobb's very own Yung Abundance here at this direct link

Listen to the new single by Ron Beatty "Heard About Me" (produced by Kilo Davinci) here at this direct link

Check out the new single from General Grown titled "Champion" here at this direct link

Check out the new single from Lil' Hines titled "A Few" (produced by K.E.) here at this direct link

Listen to the banging new single from J-Rich "Full Time Grinding" featuring S. Dub here at this direct link