Friday, October 30, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#WedNightPoetry "Who Do You Want Me To Be" (by Meichell T. Jackson)

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#WarmWed: You Don't Need A Reason To Help People (by True Diva)

          Hey Blacktopia family, sorry I haven't been as active  as I should be I just have a lot going on.  I'm still trying to find a venue for the youth talk as well as different events I'm involved in, but I did want to share something that happened yesterday.  I had to explain this to my kids, and my kids told me "mommy you have a real big heart," and I told them you don't need a reason to help anyone.  I was just taking my kids to Bojangles just to get something to eat, (was not in a cooking mood) when we were coming out an older lady was outside and she said "ma'am can you please spare some change so I can get something to eat", I went to my car told my kids to get in the car, I grabbed my bag and I asked her are "you hungry", now mind you she had a cigar in her hand that she just got from somebody, but as soon as I asked are you hungry she said "yes" and she dropped the cigar on the ground and went into the store with me.

          I told her to order what she wanted.  She ordered one of the smaller meals I guess trying not to overdo it or show that she's really hungry or whatever, but I bought her enough that it would have been leftovers for the next day.  She kept saying thank you even the workers will look in strange and I told her she didn't thank me this is what I was supposed to do one of the workers that AMEN, it's a crying shame when people just walk past another human being or look down on a person like they don't exist when they're asking for spare change just to get something to eat, it burns a hole in my soul when that happens so I said that to say this....   I always say this you don't need a reason to help someone you don't need a reason to be kind and courteous to someone even if you don't know because at the end of the day you never know when you may be on the other side of the table asking for help dealing with the person that's going to look down on you the way you make look down on someone else, it's just ridiculous, I told my boys don't show kindness because you're looking for something in return you do it because it's the right thing to do, but I can tell you what, she wasn't hungry yesterday and I don't think she's hungry today God bless her.

(True Diva)


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#WCW: Ms. Ke

The Blacktopia #WCW (Women Crush Wed.) goes to Blacktopian Ms. Ke!  Ms. Ke is a strong black woman and one of her many strengths are displayed in the sounds of her music!  She is a very strong songwriter, writer, singer, rapper and overall lyricist.  You can test her strength by checking out the video for her recent single "Party Time" here at the embedded video below.

Also keep checking back at for more updates and information on this rising artist! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#WedNightPoetry: "I Am Her" (by Meichell T. Jackson)


Meichell T. Jackson featured in The Beat Yard & All Black Entertainment Magazine!

Meichell T. Jackson is HOT right now!  The rising radio personality is being featured all over the web, all because of her new blogtalk radio show that everyone seems to be talking about right now... The Late Night Take-Out!  Two of the latest places to mention the red hot internet radio jock are The Beat Yard and All Black Entertainment Magazine!  

Read all about it at the direct links below.

The Beat Yard
The Beat Yard

All Black Entertainment Magazine
All Black Entertainment Magazine

Dej Loaf, WPEG Power 98 FM and Ketchmore Kids team up to give kids a Safe Halloween!


Dej Loaf, and WPEG Power 98 FM along with The Ketchmore Kids Foundation team up so that the kids can have a safe Halloween.  On Oct. 31st (Saturday) a Trick or Treat Free Candy Giveaway will be held at Vance High School in Charlotte, NC (on IBM Drive) at 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  The event will feature free candy, prizes and information on safety tips for the children and a live performance from Dej Loaf!  Come out, it will be activities and fun for the entire family!  

Blacktopia will also be in the building!  

Check out for more information!

Check out this Blacktopia video of Chanell the Founder of Ketchmore Kids talking about the event!

Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Whatever: Do Your Pants Hang Low (by Meichell T. Jackson)

Do Your Pants Hang Low?

Your mama always told you to always wear clean draws when you left the house but, she didn't say anything about wearing your underwear for everyone to see.  This "trend" originated from prisoners not being allowed to have belts, hence their pants sagged.  Also, most males (and some females) rocking this style may not know that it said to be a signal to other inmates that they're looking for sex.  We all know that prison is not co-ed, so you do the math.  All I'm saying is that if you choose to wear your pants to the floor, don't expect to be taken very seriously by mainstream America.  Racial profiling is at an all time high just for being Black.  So, officer's automatically assumes that the wearer of this "Prison Style" has done time.  Making you target #1.  This is a fad like wearing Skinny Jeans (which I call shrink wrap for your package) and The High Top Fade that won't seem to die.  When Rev. Jessie Jackson said, " Keep Hope Alive!" I'm sure he wasn't talking about your ass hanging out. 

Ladies, we also need to stop supporting this look.  We do have all the power. The next time your man decides to walk out of the house with his pants sagging, slap him up side the back of his head like he stole something. The only time I want to see a man's Calvin's is when I'm trying to take them off. Real talk. Please stop!

Editor's Note:  Or the women could also say "you aren't getting any tonight if you keep sagging your pants like that", and I guarantee those pants will be pulled up, fastened and shirt tucked in.  

(Meichell T. Jackson)


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NBODI Fashion Show Nov. 14th

Come out Nov. 14th to the NBODI Fashion Show
Gates open at 6:00 PM

Rick Crank Studio
3791 Suite 130 Summer Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27616


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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adrienne Charleston Official Butterfly Flow Book Release Party

Come out to Adrienne Charleston's Official Butterfly Flow Book Release Party on November 12th, 2015

6:00 PM - 7 PM Meet & Greet and Sign up for Open Mic.

7 PM - 9 PM It's Showtime
Poetry Hosted by Adrienne

Free Admission with RSVP or $5 @ The Door

at The Mosaic in Downtown Raleigh
517 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27603


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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hustle Mill plugs Meichell T. Jackson

Meichell T. Jackson

Blacktopian Meichell T. Jackson has been working hard, and her grind has been acknowledged on the Hustle Mill site.  Check out the mention here at this direct link

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The Giant Blast mentions Meichell T. Jackson for being one of the first to spin "Let's Make Love Like The 90s"

The Blast Blog (the official blog spin off to one of the largest e-mail blast / distribution lists on the web) credits Blacktopia's Meichell T. Jackson for being one of the first to break Mr. Boom Boom Bang's viral single "Let's Make Love Like The 90's".  

Read all about what they had to say here at this direct link

"Let's Make Love Like The 90s"
Listen at This Direct Link

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Friday, October 23, 2015

A Positive Song for The Children (Back 2 School)

Ratchet "Back 2 School"

There certainly needs to be more suitable, positive and educational entertainment for the children to watch and listen to, and instead of discussing the lack of material dedicated to today's youth, rising female rap recording artist Ratchet decided to do something about it by recording a new single titled "Back 2 School" for the kids!

Ratchet raps over a powerful track laced with infectious steel drum sounds, and the lyrics of the song will stick in a child's mind and give them better encouragement than most guidance councilors.  

You can listen to the song at this direct link 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Single "Nino" from New Artist Polo Young Cocky

Hello people of Blacktopia

Check out the latest song from Polo Young Cocky titled "Nino" here at this direct link

For drops, booking information, and general questions e-mail Spade at
or call (708) 897-4185 

Post your feedback on the single!  Also get more updates on this new artist at

Monday, October 19, 2015

#MotivationalMonday General Grown speaks motivation with his Song and mixtape Titles

Every Monday we host #MotivationalMonday #MoneyMakingMonday in the Blacktopia facebook group. 

Rapper General Grown speaks motivation in his songs, not just in the lyrics, but in the song titles like his single "Champion" that has gone viral!  

General Grown is also keeping up with the theme of speaking power and motivation into his work by naming his upcoming mixtape All Gas, No Brakes.  The title is a metaphor for "keep moving, don't stop, just keep pushing and driving on!".  

Everyone here at Blacktopia is ready and waiting of the new mixtape General Grown!  Keep up the great work!

Purchase General Grown's newest single "Champion" here on Amazon

General Grown recently appeared on The Plug with Olivia Floyd

Blacktopian Rapper, General Grown recently appeared on an episode of The Plug Podcast hosted by another proud Blacktopian Olivia Floyd.

Check out the show at this direct link

Purchase General Grown's newest single "Champion" here on Amazon

It's Whatever: Fugly Guys Cheat Too!!

It's Whatever:  "Fugly Guys Cheat Too!"
by Meichell T. Jackson

Why do women assume that " not so attractive" men are more faithful then any others? 

Well, you know what they say about assumptions, right? Time and time again I hear sisters being so shocked when the guy they're dating with the "great personality" aka fugly brother cheats on them, "But, I'm a dime", they say. "How did he get another sister anyway?"  Well, let me school you on a few things.  Not so attractive men which score below a "5" on a "10" scale get more butts than an ashtray.  Reason being the women they deal with assume that they should be so grateful to even breathe the same air, let alone share their bed.  They think that no other women will even look twice at their man.  No competition.  What they don't realize is that those same women wonder how that same man got a dime on his arm?  He must be packing, know how to put it down, and isn't afraid to spend some ends on his lady, making the fugly brother REALLY attractive all of a sudden.  Shit, everybody looks like Denzel with the lights off if you use your imagination.  Those same four below brothers are immune to rejection like roaches to Raid.  How many times have you been approached by a less attractive dude that oozes' confidence?  Too many times to count.  Their used to being turned down.  Hell, they probably don't even expect to get a bite until that sister with the "He can't do better then me mentality" comes along.  The moral of this story is that there is someone for everyone, and don't date someone assuming that they cant do better then you. We are all someone's ugly duckling. Peace

(Meichell T. Jackson)

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