Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Different" by Keisha Williams Cranford

☆《DIfferent》 ☆
If I treat you different would you treat me the same
If I treat you different would you think I'm lame
If I was to commit a crime would you think I'm wrong
Would you kick me out and leave me all alone
Make me be responsible for myself
Make me feel like I have nobody else
Asking myself questions like
What does this mean?
Would this be a conspiracy
Would this be a Dream
See that's how people wants to make you
Feel when it comes to being yourself and
That's when you realise you don't need nobody else
But God if I treated you different would
You think I'm mean
Would you think I'm self center or would
You think I'm just being me
Would you think I deserve to live
Would you distance yourself from me
Would I mean anything or wold you look
At me as a true friend would I be the voice
In your head that tells you the right thing
The right message would you look at me like
I'm your enemy or would You take this in heath and
Be mean to me if I treat you different Would you
Learn from your mistakes would you be ready to take
Your place or would You think it's just a mistake
Would I be on your bad side or good sides
If I treated you different would you do me the same or would we just play the blame game
Would you accept me for what it's worth
With all my history would you judge me and
Talk about me like I'm nothing or
Would you look at we're the same and
Nothing different besides our ways
If I treated you different would you look at our skin
And tell me we're different, the color we are doesn't matter we're together not apart we're human beings
And we say or do mean things but it's not right to treat another person different because we are not the same , we are different in so many ways
We are unique , we have potential, what about you
If I treated you different
The end!

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