Saturday, November 30, 2019

#ShoutOutSaturday: Abstract painter NIKKI NELTHROPP

Today's Blacktopia #ShoutOutSaturday goes to the exceptionally gifted abstract painter Nikki Nelthropp.

Blacktopia visited The Southend Arts Crawl Event in Charlotte, NC to have a one on one interview with the talented painter as she shows off her original pieces that were on display at the art show.

Watch the video, admire her talent and comment below.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

#WellnessWed: What's your THEME SONG?

"I feel that everyone should have a theme song. A song that describes you and makes you feel good about yourself. A song that every time it comes on, you know it was written for you." Theme Song is the 7th section of the Butterfly stage in my book Finding Your Flow: A Butterfly's Secret to Happiness. 
- Adrienne Charleson

Photo credit: @blackbyrdmedia

Finding Your Flow: A Butterfly’s Secret to Happiness is a guided self-help book based on the life cycle of the butterfly. The sole purpose of the book is to help those of you
struggling with sadness, a lack of true enjoyment with life, and a lack of purpose. In many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of change, hope, and life. For other cultures, it is a symbol of resurrection. For me, the butterfly is synonymous with being happy, being free, and finding your true inner and outer beauty, and this is what I want you to accomplish in working through this book. As you progress through the stages of the book, my hope is that you emerge on the other side as the joyous person you’ve always wanted to be. I want to help you to find the butterfly within you and live a life of
balance, purpose, and true joy!


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#TalentTuesday: MAJOR TV station in GHANA supports TWICY's new MUSIC VIDEO "GIMME LOVE"

Blacktopian and Ghanaian pop singer TWICY's new music video "Gimme Love" is now "getting love" on one of the largest television stations in GHANA, BRYT TV.  Congratulations to TWICY!  Watch the music video at the direct link below


Friday, November 22, 2019

ALBUM REVIEW: Ralphael Saadiq JIMMY LEE (review by Reg Thompson)

Ralphael Saadiq JIMMY WALKER
Review by Reg Thompson

     Soul has a way of evoking our feelings that at times becomes deep down in our spectrum. The message becomes clearer once the feelings and the power of the music creates a strong emotional bond. In his recent studio album in close to a decade, accomplished R&B musician Raphael Saadiq unveils a project that took a dark trip in his own psyche. Jimmy Lee is safe to say a contrast to the more conventional music he is known for. The album was dedicated to his brother of the same name of the album, who died from a heroin overdose after contracting HIV. Saadiq was able to unleash his feelings about the death all throughout the album. The album begins with the song Sinner’s Prayer by calling out to God. He questions if he hears the sinner praying, if so does he answer. This follows with “So Ready.” A very solid song that captures a vintage Raphael Saadiq sound and carried by its hypnotic bass that swoons the melody. The next song “The World IS Drunk” is one of the most thought provoking in tackling his brother’s death. He went on to say that the world needs to help those who succumb to sobriety issues instead of just ridiculing it. “Something Keep Calling” continues the momentum as “King’s Fall” tackles the subject of a male’s insecurities. “I’m Feeling Love” is maybe the best track of the album. 

This addictive chorus led song has a spiritual meaning of living life to the fullest. “Because I love my life I've been feeling more than blessed Even through the hardest times I thank God for my few friends.” is a standout line. 

As the album reaches its second half, the introspective has reached its apex here. “My Walk” continues on Saadiq living life to the fullest. While plenty of the songs such as Glory To The Veins and Riker's Island ranges influences from his Gospel roots and even the avant-garde sound of Kendrick LAmar’s To Pimp A Butterfly. (who also appeared on the album) Rikers Islands focus on the over abundance of African American men in prison and questions the true justice that people look for. 

 Jimmy Lee is a masterful work that closes out 2019. Despite the tragedy that surrounds it, the former Tony Toni Tone frontman proves he hasn’t missed a step and brings us a bold album in his discography.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: Skinny Hardaway

With the work ethic of an industry vet Memphis artist Skinny Hardaway has been staying busy as usual since releasing his 1st project “Draft Day” late in 2017 followed up by his 2nd and 3rd projects “Never Again” and  “Draft Day 2” released in 2018. You can grab all 3 on Spinrilla.
Hardaway dropped a surprise EP “NBA” Never Be Average in June bringing his catalog up to 4 solo projects, 5 if you count the mixtape him and fellow Memphis up & coming artist (King XX) released in 2019.

Hip Hop is a culture and art movement that began in the Bronx in New York City and Skinny is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in a oversaturated industry.
Skinny also boosted his reputation as an independent artist performing and hosting his own shows in numerous venues in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and many more locations.
Recently in the lab recording a new single with Memphis legend Kia Shine and fellow Hope Grind & A Dream (HGD) associate Dope Lhadii he stays busy perfecting his craft.
He caught the attention of a Interscope records A&R and had a meeting, in his words the meeting was “Real productive”.
Skinny is in a lane of his own as a lyricist and his magnetic personality and stage presence completes the package.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Blacktopia would like to honor and salute all the veterans, especially those that are also apart of our Blacktopia Movement!

"Happy, Happy Veteran's Day, from one Veteran to all Veterans. I signed up for the military at the age of 17 and went to basic training at the age of 18. I did 12 years active duty and retired from the reserves. The military has paid for all of my schooling and has put me on the path to where I am today. The Army has taken me to many places and has allowed me to meet many different people and experience many different cultures. These experiences have molded me into the person and the psychologist that I am to day. I am proud to be a veteran." - Adrienne Charleson
Photo credit: @oneclickphotographyshoots

Thank you Adrienne Charleston.
Visit her official website at 

Adrienne Charleston found her flow and she would also like to help you find yours!
"Finding Your Flow" the work book by Adrienne Charleston is available at 

Fusion artist Reime Schemes also served in our United States Military, salute to Reime Schemes.

Thank You 
Reime Schemes
Visit his official website at
Salute to Chenaya "CJ" Johnson
Salute to mental health professional Chenaya "CJ" Johnson.  

Listen to her "Mental Health Monday" Segment on her "I Thought I Told Ya" blogtalk radio station here at

Get more updates and info on  
Chenaya "CJ" Johnson at

Salute to hip hop recording artist and veteran Abdullah!  Abdullah is out enjoying his free meal.  Purchase his album BLACK MANHOOD on CDBaby at the direct link below


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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Nikia "Sexin'" featuring Dee


R&B singer and songwriter NIKIA is BACK with a brand new music video to her single "Sexin'" featuring Dee.  Sexin' is also the latest single from her latest project NO FAIRYTALE which is currently available on all platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal and more!).

Also visit Nikia's official website at
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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Actor CHAMAR LITTLE is loving the new single from TWICY "Gimme Love"

Actor and cast member of the upcoming audio sketch comedy series Yesterday Night Taped Chamar Little is loving the new song and video from Ghanaian pop singer TWICY titled "Gimme Love"!  This is what he had to say about the song after watching the new music video for it. 

"No lie I really like this song, I know a few of my friends who like music like this would enjoy it" - Chamar Little


Watch the music video below....

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Monday, November 4, 2019


Remount Classics Presents the FIRST ANNUAL HIP HOP SHOWCASE hosted by KENDRA DEE on December 7th from 7 PM to 11 at Mooney's Lounge located at 2525 N. Graham St. Charlotte, NC!!  



Image result for Stacklynn Clyde Outlet

Listen to the latest single from Stacklynn Clyde titled "Outlet" at the direct link below

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Motivational Speaker, Author, Humanitarian and prominent businesswoman ELLA JOHNSON is now available for speaking engagements and appearances!