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[PROMINENT BLACK FIGURES] Introducing North Carolina Film Producer & Businesswoman LADY HARRIS of J.C.I. Legacy |


          Blacktopia is proud to honor and present prominent Charlotte, NC area playwright, author filmmaker, and respected businesswoman Sharea "Lady" Harris of J.C.I. Legacy.  Lady Harris has years of experience in the theatrical world producing and writing several acclaimed stage plays before eventually moving onto filmmaking.  In addition to writing and producing compelling stage plays, Lady Harris has published six top selling books, one of which is currently being adapted to the screen, "Office Secrets".  Read more about Lady Harris below and get familiar with this week's Prominent Black Figure here on Blacktopia.  






Sharea Harris is a Writer and Director from Buffalo, NY. She was introduced to the arts at a very young age and moved to Charlotte, NC at age 23 to expand her talents and increase her skillset in Visual and Performing Arts. Sharea, or Lady Harris, her moniker, produced her first stage play, “Confrontation”, in 2004 at Charlotte’s African-American Cultural Center. She went on to write and produce her 2nd stage play, “Games” in 2012. Between directing and producing stage plays, Sharea also produces and directs a live comedy series entitled, “Skitz, as well as various poetry slams and MC Battles. She has produced events at various venues around the Charlotte Metro area, including The Neighborhood Theater, The CAST Theater, Crown Station, and Upscale Lounge, to name a few. Sharea has had six novels published: “Is it Just Me”, “Is it Just Me Vol. 2”, “Betrayal”, “Identity Theft”, “Office Secrets”,  “Betrayal 2”, “Dolls” , “Office Secrets”, Office Secrets, Vol 2” and coming soon “Office Secrets, Vol 3”. After the pandemic hit and she could no longer produce stage plays, Lady Harris produced her first movie; “The Book Club,” available on You-Tube (Lady Harris)

Production History

2004 Mic Battle Fundraiser the African American Cultural Center

2004 Confrontation” the Play the African American Cultural Center

2005 Confrontation” the Play the C.A.S.T. Theater

2006 Confrontation” the Play the C.A.S.T. Theater

2007 Confrontation” the Play The Neighborhood Theater

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Mill

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Prevue

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy Upscale Rest and Lounge

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Rendezvous 

2011 Poetry Battle Crown Station 2012 Games” the Play the Venue

2017 “Diary of Dahomey” Stage Play - Little Rock Cultural Theater

2020 “The Book Club, Movie” 

The J.C.I. Legacy Film "Office Secrets" coming soon to TUBI and AMAZON PRIME later this year!  Keep checking back for more updates.

Lady Harris also provides acting opportunities for the youth through her J.C.I. Legacy summer acting programs, giving them something positive and constructive to do during their breaks.  Visit the official website for more information

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

[BLACK BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT] Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U! |


This week's Blacktopia Black Business Spotlight is on Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U.

          As the world continues to make progress, people are becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to the importance of self-care, personal hygiene, beauty and holistic health.  In the past, commercial and mainstream products dominated the self-care industry, but now that individuals are becoming acutely aware of the harmful and not so healthy ingredients found in the leading brands, the newer generations are expeditiously shying away from those products and seeking some of the smaller companies that provide self-care products with cleaner, more healthier, and organic contents.  Leading the field in the next generation of healthier, more efficient self-care products is SS Creations 4 U (Sandy's Signature Creations by Sandy Adams).  
          Sandy Adams has been working for many many years as a hairstylist starting out in a corporate salon learning the ins and outs of the business before bouncing around to various salons renting booths until eventually starting her own operation.  Throughout her tenure as a stylist and leading professional in the beauty / self-care industry, Sandy would often listen to the problems and concerns of her clients as well as others about their skin, health conditions and other complications.  These ongoing issues stated by her customers lead to Sandy birthing the solution to these problems by creating her own natural, chemical free products back in 2017 and has been going strong ever since.  
          Two of Sandy's first creations were her original Peppermint Foot Soak and Tea Tree Charcoal Soap.  The natural elements Sandy uses in her signature creations and products contain healing properties that not only help on a surface level, but work from the inside out.  Sandy's Signature Creations work wonders for people with skin conditions, that the "regular" lotions just can't help.  Sandy's products work naturally from the outside and inside to help you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Sandy's Signature Creations offers a vast array of all natural, chemical free, health-conscious products from soaps, oils, body butters, foot soaks, cleansers and more.  Sandy's top selling products are her Turmeric Peppermint Soap, Charcoal Tea Tree Soap, Lavender and Tea Tree Foot Soak, Revitalize Scalp and Hair Oil and Renu Body and Facial Cleanse.  

Visit Sandy's Signature Creations Official Website at 

Check out the link to this amazing testimonial for Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U