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[PROMINENT BLACK FIGURES] Introducing North Carolina Film Producer & Businesswoman LADY HARRIS of J.C.I. Legacy |


          Blacktopia is proud to honor and present prominent Charlotte, NC area playwright, author filmmaker, and respected businesswoman Sharea "Lady" Harris of J.C.I. Legacy.  Lady Harris has years of experience in the theatrical world producing and writing several acclaimed stage plays before eventually moving onto filmmaking.  In addition to writing and producing compelling stage plays, Lady Harris has published six top selling books, one of which is currently being adapted to the screen, "Office Secrets".  Read more about Lady Harris below and get familiar with this week's Prominent Black Figure here on Blacktopia.  






Sharea Harris is a Writer and Director from Buffalo, NY. She was introduced to the arts at a very young age and moved to Charlotte, NC at age 23 to expand her talents and increase her skillset in Visual and Performing Arts. Sharea, or Lady Harris, her moniker, produced her first stage play, “Confrontation”, in 2004 at Charlotte’s African-American Cultural Center. She went on to write and produce her 2nd stage play, “Games” in 2012. Between directing and producing stage plays, Sharea also produces and directs a live comedy series entitled, “Skitz, as well as various poetry slams and MC Battles. She has produced events at various venues around the Charlotte Metro area, including The Neighborhood Theater, The CAST Theater, Crown Station, and Upscale Lounge, to name a few. Sharea has had six novels published: “Is it Just Me”, “Is it Just Me Vol. 2”, “Betrayal”, “Identity Theft”, “Office Secrets”,  “Betrayal 2”, “Dolls” , “Office Secrets”, Office Secrets, Vol 2” and coming soon “Office Secrets, Vol 3”. After the pandemic hit and she could no longer produce stage plays, Lady Harris produced her first movie; “The Book Club,” available on You-Tube (Lady Harris)

Production History

2004 Mic Battle Fundraiser the African American Cultural Center

2004 Confrontation” the Play the African American Cultural Center

2005 Confrontation” the Play the C.A.S.T. Theater

2006 Confrontation” the Play the C.A.S.T. Theater

2007 Confrontation” the Play The Neighborhood Theater

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Mill

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Prevue

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy Upscale Rest and Lounge

2011 Skitz” Live Sketch Comedy the Rendezvous 

2011 Poetry Battle Crown Station 2012 Games” the Play the Venue

2017 “Diary of Dahomey” Stage Play - Little Rock Cultural Theater

2020 “The Book Club, Movie” 

The J.C.I. Legacy Film "Office Secrets" coming soon to TUBI and AMAZON PRIME later this year!  Keep checking back for more updates.

Lady Harris also provides acting opportunities for the youth through her J.C.I. Legacy summer acting programs, giving them something positive and constructive to do during their breaks.  Visit the official website for more information

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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

[BLACK BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT] Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U! |


This week's Blacktopia Black Business Spotlight is on Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U.

          As the world continues to make progress, people are becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to the importance of self-care, personal hygiene, beauty and holistic health.  In the past, commercial and mainstream products dominated the self-care industry, but now that individuals are becoming acutely aware of the harmful and not so healthy ingredients found in the leading brands, the newer generations are expeditiously shying away from those products and seeking some of the smaller companies that provide self-care products with cleaner, more healthier, and organic contents.  Leading the field in the next generation of healthier, more efficient self-care products is SS Creations 4 U (Sandy's Signature Creations by Sandy Adams).  
          Sandy Adams has been working for many many years as a hairstylist starting out in a corporate salon learning the ins and outs of the business before bouncing around to various salons renting booths until eventually starting her own operation.  Throughout her tenure as a stylist and leading professional in the beauty / self-care industry, Sandy would often listen to the problems and concerns of her clients as well as others about their skin, health conditions and other complications.  These ongoing issues stated by her customers lead to Sandy birthing the solution to these problems by creating her own natural, chemical free products back in 2017 and has been going strong ever since.  
          Two of Sandy's first creations were her original Peppermint Foot Soak and Tea Tree Charcoal Soap.  The natural elements Sandy uses in her signature creations and products contain healing properties that not only help on a surface level, but work from the inside out.  Sandy's Signature Creations work wonders for people with skin conditions, that the "regular" lotions just can't help.  Sandy's products work naturally from the outside and inside to help you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Sandy's Signature Creations offers a vast array of all natural, chemical free, health-conscious products from soaps, oils, body butters, foot soaks, cleansers and more.  Sandy's top selling products are her Turmeric Peppermint Soap, Charcoal Tea Tree Soap, Lavender and Tea Tree Foot Soak, Revitalize Scalp and Hair Oil and Renu Body and Facial Cleanse.  

Visit Sandy's Signature Creations Official Website at 

Check out the link to this amazing testimonial for Sandy's Signature Creations 4 U

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

[BUSINESS] Visions of Greatness wraps up Black History Month by honoring Two History Making Entrepreneurs |


Black History Month is coming to an end, but not without celebrating two extraordinary black entrepreneurs: Chantelle Davis and Jonathan Coleman. Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness recently featured them in their monthly Visionary Spotlight segment, honoring these professionals for their exceptional work.

Chantelle Davis is a Global Business Strategist with a track record of success in helping businesses increase their bottom lines and revenue. Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR is a Public Relations Specialist who has made waves in the industry by aiding business owners and brands with maximum exposure and press on various prestigious media outlets.

Davis and Coleman are both dedicated to helping black owned businesses succeed, spreading their passion through their work. As Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness concluded their month-long series, honoring black history makers, they praised Davis and Coleman for standing out in their respective industries.

This Black History Month was further enriched by the endeavors of Jonathan Coleman and Chantelle Davis –– two talented professionals who are driving progress in numerous ventures. Their hard work and dedication should be an inspiration to us all.

For more information about Jonathan Coleman and Chantelle Davis, or to learn more about Shanna A. Jefferson and Visions of Greatness, visit the website below and read all about these two trailblazing entrepreneurs.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

[FLASHBACK] Gunplay salutes Blacktopia |

Gunplay has been showing major love to the Blacktopia Movement! Check out the video shout out / drop saluting the cause and prominent black owned media platform. Charlotte, NC based media personality Tiah Coffey was also seen in the video, proudly representing the Blacktopia Movement. Gunplay is not only showing his support but also continues to provide heat with his new album All Bullshit Aside available on all streaming platforms. We are excited to see Gunplay rep Blacktopia!

Since his career began, Gunplay has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip hop. Starting off as a member of the group Triple C's, Gunplay along with the group released their debut album Custom Cars & Cycles in 2009. Gunplay then went on to secure a solo deal with Def Jam Recordings in 2012 and released several popular mixtapes such as 601 & Snort. Gunplay eventually released his debut studio album Living Legend in 2015, which was met with critical acclaim and further solidified Gunplay's status as a living legend in the hip hop world. Gunplay, a longtime associate of rap music powerhouse Rick Rock has also been featured on numerous tracks from various artists both on and off of Maybach Music Group. Gunplay is an artist that can be counted on to bring hard hitting bars and vivid storytelling to every track he is featured on. Gunplay's legacy will continue to live on for years to come as his sound continues to be a staple in hip hop. Gunplay truly lives up to the title of living legend.

Gunplay's new album ALL BULLSHIT ASIDE is available on all music streaming platforms!

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Watch the new music video for the single "Black Velvet" from Flint, MI rap music industry staple One Tha God!


Watch all 8 Geechee One Films!
* Pieces
* Suga Babies
* Treasure Box
* Glory Mountain
* Tiffany The Doll
* Sinful
* Trap Flix Party
* Lilith's Ball

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Monday, February 6, 2023



King Kris was born in Key West, Florida. He resided in a place called Bahama Village where he was exposed to island life – he was influenced by the Jamaican/Bahamian/Haitian culture. Because drug activity was common, he was forced to grow up very quickly at a very young age.


Kris states that both of his parents were musically inclined. At the age of 10, he was introduced to rap music finding interest in his first KRS1 album which led him to understand the depth of rap music and its political and social meaning at that time.  Of all of the rappers he’s listened to, Kris points to 50Cent as the most influential rapper because of his raw style of music, followed by Tupac and Biggie because of their East coast/West coast flavor and their relatable streetwise content. 


In 2019, Kris became serious about making music.  He set out to record his very first video followed by a real endeavor to develop a catalogue of music, which he still has to this day.  In January 2020, he felt confident enough to record his first professional video entitled, ‘Ima Beast, Ima Dog’ (, which racked up some 4K views in its first week on YouTube. After seeing himself visually on the screen, he knew without a doubt “this is it…this is what I want to do”.   It was at this point that he was tired of street life as he knew it, and music was a way to “be a cultural influence without being a hustler in the streets physically.  I decided to leave the streets alone, because I saw that I could still rap about my experiences -  I was believable because my experiences were authentic.”  


In 2020, a week after his video ‘Divin’ In The Money’ ( dropped, his performance momentum began to pick up. He had 2 shows scheduled in Ohio and was booked to perform 3 shows out of town, and various small labels were turning their attention to him, wanting to meet with him.  All of this forward momentum was unexpectedly halted due to the now infamous Covid outbreak that shut the world down, canceling all of Kris’ performance plans.  But instead of stopping the progression, Kris’ video began drawing a lot of attention. After it was posted to social media platforms, he was sought by various sponsors and was asked to be a brand ambassador for a particular well-known grill-making company.  So, while many artists were stagnated by the lengthy Covid shutdown, King Kris creatively sought ways to earn income to support his craft. He found the business aspect of the industry was the niche that would provide a steady source of income to keep his vision moving forward. He credits his success to maintaining good business relationships, staying focused, and looking for/receiving beneficial opportunities in marketing, branding, and promotions.  King Kris is a highly intelligent, successful, self-made businessman.  He’s observant enough to deduct that “we, the artists, are the ones who set the trends. We’re the ones the audience will emulate. We’re the ones who tells them who to go to. Any smart marketer will see the advantage of working with a sought-after artist, or a popular up and coming one.”  


His latest release, ‘Call Me King’ ( gives the audience a glimpse into the life King Kris. It’s the most personal work he has produced to date. The video is VEVO approved and is approaching 46K views in just 3 weeks.  He brings an energy that is as hard to overlook as his commanding 6’5” stature, good looks, and determination – all making a recipe for success. He is believable when he says, “I was made for this!”


When asked of his immediate future goals, he states he will eventually be a multiplatinum recording artist with a grammy;  he’d also like to pursue serious acting. He is currently CEO of his own company and label, and he predicts progressive future growth.  He is ambitious and determined stating, “if you shoot for the stars, you’ll at least land on the moon.”  


Social Media Information:





Web Site 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

[BLACK BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS] TWO New BOOK Releases from Critically Acclaimed Writer / Poetess NIMA SHININGSTAR-EL | #WedNightPoetry

          Renowned poetess and critically acclaimed author / writer Nima Shiningstar-El continues to make gains in the literary and art world by consistently releasing quality anthologies filled with meaningful, thought-proving and powerful poetic pieces.  In Early January of this year (2023), the star poet released two new compelling compilations filled with incredible well written masterpieces all by Nima herself.  "Something In The Light" and "Until The Pencil Breaks, Until The Ink Runs Out" all penned by the supreme poetess Nima Shiningstar-El with additional contributions from her management and frequent collaborator "Brother Born Free".  

Both books are available on Amazon!  Visit Nima's official LinkTree to visit the direct links to purchase the books.

Nima is currently promoting the 2 below books


Until the Pencil Breaks, Until the Ink Runs Out – Amazon link

Sometimes in the Light – Amazon link


Nima Shiningstar-EL was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At an early age she knew that something was different and special about the way she looked at the world around her. Her point of view was extremely creative and magical, but it was firmly rooted in the turbulent times that she was born into. Nima had a unique way of talking, walking, and expressing her thoughts, feelings, and ideas to her family and friends. In the beginning most of the people around her thought she was just going through a typical adolescent phase, but they would all soon realize that Nima, was traveling on a completely different path.
As Nima continued to grow and expand, so did her creativity. She began to realize that she had an interest and talent for writing poetry/short stories, and plays, painting, photography, and broadcasting. All through her young life she created and amassed a large amount of original and imaginative work, so in 2014 she decided to take the next step and start officially publishing her art. Her first public release was the insightful and poignant book of poetry, “Poems, Quotes, & Thoughts Provoked”. This book firmly established Nima as a new and fresh voice carving her own lane in the poetry community in Philly.
From 2014 to now, Nima has written 14 books of poetry and short stories. She has created over 150 abstract paintings which she calls Nabstract. She co-host The BigWoo Radio Show twice a week. She does her own Facebook Live Show, “Thoughts Provoked” every Sunday, and has an interview series called, In The Art Room with Nima”. In 2017, Nima along with her Manager Born Free created the annual holiday, Love Thy Brotha Day. Every year on June 8th, she convenes a forum of black men to come together to celebrate each other and help motivate our youth towards positive attitudes and lifestyles. If that wasn’t enough, Nima released another powerful and timely book called “Peace King Can You Hear Me?”. She wanted to speak directly to the black men in her family and community and let them know just how much she loves, appreciates, and supports them.
As you can see, Nima is not only abundantly creative, she’s extremely active. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of her bestselling and most impactful works of poetry entitled, “A Withered Rose Still Blooms”. This heartbreakingly beautiful book sheds a much needed light on the scourge of domestic violence. It also lifts up the women and men who have been abused and died at the hands of this man-made cancer eating away at the foundation of our homes and hearts.
In 2019 Nima established her own media company, NimaGirlProductions to consolidate all of her works of art and other ventures under her own brand.
Nima is currently working on her first children’s book and photo table book. She is so prolific that I never know what’s she’s going to do and create. All I know is that Nima Shiningstar-EL is an exceptional and once in a lifetime talent. We are all blessed to be alive during her ordained creative run.
For more information about Nima Shiningstar-EL and all her new projects contact her manager Born Free @
Follow Nima on all her social media platforms
And you can BUY ALL Nima’s books @

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[ARTIST SPOTLIGHT] BIG V of THE NAPPY ROOTS | Instagram: @BigVofNappyRoots 🔥🔥


Big V of Nappy Roots

Vito Tisdale, also known as “Big V” or “Vito Banga," is a former member and front man of the multi-platinum hip-hop group Nappy Roots. The group was signed to Atlantic Records and released their first commercial project, “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz,” in 2002.  “Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz” went multi-platinum. The album also earned the group two Grammy nominations:

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Po' Folks" which featured Anthony Hamilton and Best Long Form Music Video for "The World According to Nappy.” The group was also nominated for American Music Awards, Soul Train Awards and an MTV VMA after the release of this album.

The group’s follow up project, “Wooden Leather,” went gold and featured production by top names such as Lil Jon, Kanye West and Raphael Saadiq. The group also teamed up with DJ Greg Street for the hit single Good Day. The group has been featured on several soundtracks to include Tom Hank’s “Lady Killer”, “The South Park Movie” and “Neighbors” to name a few.  Big V has been credited as the architect of several of the group’s biggest hits including “Po Folks” and “Aww Naw”. Hip Hop magazine XXL named Vito to their top ten rap voices list.

 Vito left the group in 2012 to concentrate on being a father after his kids’ mother left them at his mother’s home.  During his hiatus Vito became a spokesman for the Light of Chance program, a non-profit program dedicated to using the arts to help troubled youth.  Recently, Vito has decided that the time is right to return to music and is re-introducing himself as a talented solo artist with singles like “It’s Ok’ providing hope for all of those who are struggling during the pandemic, “Street Boy” which chronicles the problems in relationships marked by drug abuse and infidelity, and “Top of Da South” dedicated to his home state of Kentucky. He has also added actor to his lists of accomplishments landing a role in the movie “The Breakup Masters” and a lead role in the film “45 Seconds”.  In addition, Vito was featured in the made for BET movie “The Business of Christmas Part 2”, as well as the character Uncle Charles in the Geechee One Film “Black and Blue Tears”. 

Big V is also releasing a solo project as a joint venture with fellow Kentuckians, Kyng of Da Beatz Productionz.  The project will feature R&B crooners Urban Mystic and Dave Tolliver from the group Men at Large.  The project will also have contributions from Country rap veterans like Dusty Leigh, Colt Fords  and Slum American artist Big Henri.

Follow Big V:

Facebook -

IG - @bigvofnappyroots

Twitter - @BigV_NappyRoots

The Hit Single "All One Me" Big V featuring Urban Mystic 🔥🔥

Stream the Music Video to "All On Me" on E Legendz


BigVOfNappyRoots Big V of Nappy Roots, Urban Mystic, Kyng Of Da Beatz -All On Me (Offic / E Legendz

Big V. of The Nappy Roots salutes Blacktopia!

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Big V of Nappy Roots was recently a guest on the prestigious Blogtalk Radio program "The Digital Meet and Greet" with hosts James "JT" Thompson and Jonathan Coleman (AKA Some Guy Named Jay).  Listen to a replay of Big V's appearance at the direct link below