Saturday, March 31, 2018

Interview with artist Doomzday Bat!

Blacktopia sits down with rising independent rapper DoomzDay Bat to talk about his latest single "Never", his struggles as an artist coming up and how he's bounced back and learned from his experiences and more!  Get to know the artist by this in depth, one on one interview.

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Blacktopia:  Hey DoomzDay Bat, how are you?DoomzDay Bat:  I'm good can't complain when a hour isn't promised thank you guys for having me.

Blacktopia:  How did you come up with your name, and how does it tie in with your music?
DoomzDay Bat:  Well I started off going by Tha Batmayne the original idea came from my childhood.  People said I looked like Marcus Houston from Immature I didn't like that comparison at all lol but I embraced the Batman part the DoomzDay Bat persona came after learning more about copyrights & things of that nature.  Musically it symbolizes the dark side of my mind I make all kinds of music but dark substance is what I enjoy to write the most when you hear DoomzDay you think of a apocalypse like setting and when you hear about bat's you think of darkness & nocturnal creatures that's exactly how I want people to see me....a very serious nocturnal beast

Blacktopia:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
DoomzDay Bat:  Divergent, unfamiliar, unconventional when I speak I speak with purpose I don't care about backlash or being blackballed I'mma say how I feel and stand by it.

Blacktopia:  What type of subject matter and content to you rap about in your music?  
DoomzDay Bat:  I specialize in dark substance & unusual storytelling I made a song about a stalker fan titled "Obsessed" I also made a song about a pro football player who became a junkie whatever it is I'll paint a picture I am truly a artist.

Blacktopia:  How do you feel about hip hop of today?  
DoomzDay Bat:  Hip Hop? Where? Somebody must be hiding it all I hear is words that rhyme on a beat that is so much better than the content placed on it there are a few up & coming artist that stand out to me but the smell of the trash on the airwaves is overwhelming in my opinion 

Blacktopia: What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
DoomzDay Bat:  I'mma writer in every sense of the word I wrote 3 books while incarcerated & I have countless pages of poems.  Writing is easy, making words rhyme is easy the challenge is making people love it even if they don't have the same point of views as you I love the challenge of it.  Creating mixtapes & albums are extremely satisfying to see 10x completed songs that you created yourself. 

Blacktopia:  You have a single out right now titled "Never", for those that haven't heard it yet, how would you describe the single and who did you work with for the single?
DoomzDay Bat:  Yessir I'm glad you asked about that.  I use some catchy rhythmic patterns mixed with a harmonic sound I really enjoyed making it I think it's laying the foundation for the direction I'm currently driving towards the instrumental was produced by OMG Enterprise's label owner Chicago's own ILLa Gitimate Son the mixing engineer on this project is Icon Studio's rising star Lawrence Nance also known by Lon Ro.  I really appreciate their hard work.  The chemistry we have together is off the charts more magic is coming soon. 

Blacktopia:  What projects are you working on right now?
DoomzDay Bat:  I'm currently finishing up a 6 track EP titled DoomzDay the purpose of this is to give people a taste of what's to come.  My debut album will be following right behind it and possibly the start of another mixtape series. 

Blacktopia:  When it comes to monetizing your brand, what generates the most revenue when it comes to your music?  Performances, digital downloads, selling merch, other streams of income involving your brand as an artist or what?
DoomzDay Bat:  I have chosen to focus on the digital online market more than others.  I have spent the past year preparing myself to go completely legitimate in other words make only original music so me & my team can capitalize on royalty revenue.  So far I haven't seen much of a return in my investment towards my career but that doesn't phase me I believe in my vision.  The only way I can be defeated is if I give up and that will never happened. 

Blacktopia:  Where do you see yourself in the music and entertainment business five years from now?
DoomzDay Bat:  I see myself with a full catalog of music that stands out in a room full of pollution some people make music just to get paid I make music for the love of it.  I just feel like my talent & work ethic is worth a consistent payment. 

Blacktopia:  What are your goals for 2018 as an artist and what are some of the things you are doing to set you on the path to achieving those goals?
DoomzDay Bat:  My goals is to create a lot of quality music & use every connection I have to push my product.  Invest in various promotional outlets and most importantly allow the world to put a microscope on me, my team & my vision.

Blacktopia:  What's one of the worst things you've experienced in this music business and how did you bounce back from it or what did you learn from it?
DoomzDay Bat:  Like countless others before me & currently.  I fell for a lot of scams, fake promoters paid for radio interviews that had no real value, I even signed to a label under Universal Records that hindered me in a lot of ways & stifled my creativity.  I overcame these things by simply not giving up if the route I'm taking was easy everybody would do it but in all honesty I feel like I'm creating my own lane from what I can see nobody knows about this route or they're just not driven enough to take it.

Blacktopia: What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future? DoomzDay Bat:  Derez Deshon without a doubt I became a fan last year when I heard his project "Pain Is Love" my favorite songs from him currently are Pain, Fed up & Mortons. 

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to mention in this interview that we didn't already discuss
DoomzDay Bat:  Yes I would thanks for asking.  I want to give all the gratitude I have left to my right hand man Jewels C. Owner of Jigsaw management from the bottom of my heart thank you for believing in me it means more than you know our hardwork is gonna pay off & we deserve everything that we're on a fast track to accomplish.

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