Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sometimes Your "Type" Might Be The Reason You're Single

Real Talk ....a lot of the time the main people who are always saying they can't find ANYONE are the same ones OVERLOOKING everyone ...based off our own desires and preferences. They have to be a certain height, weight and or build. If their hair is not kept a certain way or they don't have a certain look ....then they are NOT for us. It's one thing to have preferences but we need to understand the differences between a NEED and a WANT. Sometimes the person can give you everything you NEED but not everything you want. Honestly that leaves a lot room for developing a level of intimacy that can open the door to that very want at the end of the day. Learn to step outside of your TYPE or NORM ....because a lot of times that person ONLY exists in your MIND. Don't over think it ....just be open to person who may not have a big butt and a smile or thug tendencies. 
- James "Soulful Archer" Cotten Jr.

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