Friday, December 29, 2017

Adrienne Charleston is LOVING "No Passa Nada"

Adrienne Charleston (one 3rd of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio) is loving the new single "No Passa Nada" by LOS NAPOLEONES after hearing the song on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio during a recent broadcast.  This is what she had to say....

"I really liked the song!  Who were they??" - Adrienne Charleston

Get familiar with Los Napoleones "No Passa Nada"

"No Passa Nada" gets a lot of LOVE from the BLACKTOPIA audience!

On Thursday Dec. 28th, the new single "No Passa Nada" from Los Napoleones received plenty of likes and solid reviews from the listeners after being played during the break of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio!  Now the single is currently in HEAVY ROTATION on the Podcasts On Demand network hosted on Blogtalk Radio!  You can check it out at this direct link 

Los Napoleones single is now available on iTunes!

"No Passa Nada"

Monday, December 18, 2017

Spotlight: Dennis Lucky Taylor

Dennis Lucky Taylor, originally from Memphis, TN, a soulful vocalist and writer that is changing the R&B music game as we speak. He has been the opening act for various artist, for such greats as MC Lyte, Al Green, Slave, and has done work with Monica and Arrested Development, just to name a few. Currently he is in the process of releasing his own new material for which many of his family, friends, fans and supporters have anticipated the release of his works. Dennis Lucky Taylor is also the lead male vocalist for the 1st Generation Band out of Atlanta, GA, traveling and performing live for various venues in and around the Southeast Region.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood rocks with Blacktopia

(A1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood with Some Guy Named Jay of Blakctopia)

A1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood recently came to Charlotte, NC (among various cities in the Southeast region) to promote his new single "Always" featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.  During a special meet and greet for the press A1 bumped into Some Guy Named Jay of Blacktopia (again after meeting him a few month ago at his wife Lyrica Anderson's private single release party) and agreed to give an exclusive to Blacktopia!  

Check out the video drop below.....

Keep checking back for more updates.


Faunt Music
Get updates from Hip Hop recording artist and producer FAUNT at his official promo blog at

Jane Doh Music

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Odd Ball Music

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YBless Music

Get updates on rising artist YBless and his music at his official promo blog at


The Movie Premier is COMING SOON at the Landmark Theater Downtown Atlanta.

Get updates on the BREAK THROUGH MOVIE at


Da-Mind is originally from Beaufort S.C.  After high school he moved to Atlanta, GA to chase his dream as a Hip Hop recording artist.  Not only his he a rapper but he's also the CEO of Da-Mind, LLC an independent record label.  As a songwriter he only chooses the best for his fans, and as an artist he chooses wisely of what he wants his fans to hear, he recently stated.  

Da Mind says that he is bringing "smoking hot tracks without all the drug use and violence".  His new single "I'M NEW "is smoking hot and a chart topper once it start to hit the air waves, Follow DA MIND on TWITTER @DaMindakaJames


The Horror Film DID YOU SEE THAT?  (produced and written by POWERMAN MC)  Is now available on VIMEO!  Check it out at this direct link


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The Lucky 9anda
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Mobb Boss Music

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Download new music from Los Napoleones on iTunes at the links below....

"Te Chupa"

"No Passa Nada"


Stream music from Yungg Fattz on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Tidal!


Get familiar with Hip Hop recording artist GHOST DOG by following him on social media at the links below.

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Follow Richie B. Unruly on Social Media

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Saratoga Starkz is a hip-hop artist based in the Charlotte, NC area. His musical content shows his fans the ability of his lyrical skill while also being melodic in his focus on the importance of ownership. However, this does not stop him from providing a voice for the people that are caught between the reality of work and play.


Terrie Rimson's "This Christmas" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play


DJ Blade Tha 1st

DJ Blade Tha 1st has been doing music since 1985. DJaying, producing, rapping, promoting for major and independent record labels. He has worked with and did shows with C-Knight from the Dove Shack, Craig G., Gonzoe, Kool Keith, Pacewon, Wordsworth, Bad Azz, LifeStyle (Snoop Dogg's little brother's group) and others. He specializes in making Real Hip Hop and Neo-Soul Tracks. Sharp Cut Productions.

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Listen to the new single "Always" by A1 featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign

Friday, November 24, 2017

New Updates and Music from FAUNT coming soon!

Rising hip hop recording artist FAUNT has lots of big plans, and new music for 2018, and now fans and listeners can get that new music and updates from Faunt here on the Blacktopia website and the Blacktopia Mobile App!  Keep checking back here for more updates.  

Also check out Faunt's official promo blog at

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Blacktopia Artist Spotlight: DJ Blade Tha 1st

Check out this week's Blacktopia featured artist / producer spotlight on DJ Blade Tha 1st

DJ Blade Tha 1st has been doing music since 1985. DJaying, producing, rapping, promoting for major and independent record labels. He has worked with and did shows with C-Knight from the Dove Shack, Craig G., Gonzoe, Kool Keith, Pacewon, Wordsworth, Bad Azz, LifeStyle (Snoop Dogg's little brother's group) and others. He specializes in making Real Hip Hop and Neo-Soul Tracks. Sharp Cut Productions.

Music Links

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DJ Blade Tha 1st (@djbladetha1st)

DJ Blade Tha 1st (various links)

Digital Stores

Terrie Rimson's THIS CHRISTMAS available on Nov. 24th

Terrie Rimson's new single "This Christmas" will be available for digital download on Novemeber 24th, Blacktopia Friday on iTunes, The Google Play Store and Spotify!

#WellnessWed: Terrie Rimson speaks on her Weight-loss

Popular Blacktopian R and B singer best known for her remake of the 1982 Evelyn Champaign King hit "Love Come Down", Terrie Rimson is very proud of her weight loss and she would like to share that with the rest of Blacktopia!

"I'm on a Keto Diet!  It's called BULAFIT OR WAKAYA.  I can only have 50 grams of carbs a day.  No sugar, starches, sweets or fried foods.  I only eat healthy fats.  I've lost 46 lbs since July!  Instead of Breakfast and Lunch I drink 2 Keto Shakes!" - Terrie Rimson

Indeed Indeed

Terrie Rimson is great!  Get more updates on Terrie Rimson at

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Jay cosigns "High High" by Ybb Money ft Ybb Ea Yo

(Photo of YBB)

Some Guy Named "Jay" of Blacktopia and Blacktopia's Round Table Talk Radio is rocking with YBB's new single "High High".  This is what he had to say "I'm definitely rocking with the beat and the hook on this song, I highly recommend the DJs to get behind this, shout out to DJ Killher Kev!"


Download the Blacktopia Mobile App. from iTunes, Amazon and Blackberry World.

DJ Killher Kev is rocking with TWICY's "Baby Don't Go" SINGLE

DJ Killher Kev of the Blacktopia DJs is loving the latest single from Twicy titled "Baby Don't Go"!  This is what he had to say after previewing the record.  

Baby don't you gooo girlll!!!
Super dope record need more music like this it's only a matter of time before women get tired of getting called names and realize their worth there are good men who will love you and never want to see you leave!!!! - DJ Killher Kev


Listen to the song from Twicy "Don't Go" here at the direct link below.
TWICY "Don't Go"

Sunday, November 5, 2017

#ShoutOutSaturday: Los Napoleones is BACK!

Blacktopia would like to give a #ShoutOutSaturday to the Afro-ton group Los Napoleones.  The group is BACK with all new music!  Keep checking back for more updates!

Check out their official sites and facebook at these direct links 


Friday, November 3, 2017

#FILM FRIDAY: "Did You See That!?" Horror Film produced and written by POWERMAN MC

The new horror film, DID YOU SEE THAT? is now available for streaming on VEMEO!  The movie was written and produced by Blacktopian filmmaker POWERMAN MC!  

The movie is available at the link below

Get more updates on Powerman MC's releases at

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Official Music Video: "No Feeding The Opps" starring ODD BALL

Check out the latest music video from rising hip hop recording artist ODD BALL titled "No Feeding The Opps". Watch the video and post your feedback below.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Twicy's coming with a NEW SINGLE to take us out of 2017!

Riding off the success of his previous international viral hit single "Head Up" the Ghana Afro-pop sensation TWICY is back with a new hit, something for the ladies.... titled "Don't Go"!  Listen to the single at the direct link below.

Post your feedback and opinions.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Twicy's "Head Up" single gets love on Sign O the Times / Nu Power Radio Network

TWICY "Head Up" (Afro-Pop single)

The new uplifting and inspiring single from Ghana based superstar Afro-pop singer TWICY titled "Head Up" is getting a lot of love on Sign O The Tymes / Nu Power Radio Network!  The song made it's debut on the Sign O The Times Radio on Oct. 12th and can be heard at

The program director of the Nu Power Radio Network, Queen Tahiyrah was loving the song!  Also guest panelist, and new Blacktopia facebook group admin Vickie Santana also expressed that she indeed loves the song as well!

Listen to the single at this direct link 

Join the Blacktopia Facebook group and meet great people and engage in interesting conversations


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If you are a writer that wants to maintain all rights to your work, and have it stand out in the sea of self-published and independent authors then SBR Publications is certainly for you.


Blacktopian Shantelle "Elle" McLin releases a book of poetry titled Beyond Nursery Rhymes: Real Life Tales.  Blacktopia is proud to feature her new book release!

Between the covers of this book, you will find a pilgrimage. For the author, ‘Elle’ McLin, in describing her past as a painful one, would be trite and dismissive. It is through enormous turmoil that she found herself; slowly healing, then breaking free of victimhood. She later awakens to new found hope. A victim of sexual abuse; the reality of her writing conveys to the reader, that the true assault was the violation of her soul. The aftermath was a skewed self-perception, which created a pattern of self-deprecation and bitter angst. This is a glimpse into the heart of a woman who became terrified of love, yet desired to be loved; a dichotomy. So skillfully written, Elle has masterfully conveyed her deepest, blood-raw emotions in this exquisite collection of prose. It will be an emotional journey you take with her, feeling each inference, innuendo, and breath. It is a tale of inner strength, fortification and a woman reinvented. The author has discovered self-love; the key was never outside of herself. A victory for this very brave, strong woman. Walk this pilgrimage with ‘Elle'. You will find seeds enough to plant within yourself! Powerful and evocative - not to be missed. Brenda-Lee Ranta – Author of Myriad of Perceptions & Allegories