Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Pain" by Charles Beastking

Let me open a door to my. Paradox. An I want you to feel how I feel. So keep everything else in the atmosphere silent these eyes have seen death. Heart ache an violence I've walked a road of a vagabond. Running with merciless Giants. An they taught me about pain witnessing the aftermath of women being hurt family being killed bullet hole riddled shirts witnessing so much pain made me write this. Unlocking parts of me that have been caged with vice grips ooh I known hospitals known me intimately I spend my days pain.
But I don't let it control me the very earth turned on it's axis still trying to hold me But Pain. Has been a unwarranted comforter I remember pain balled up in knots begging for it to stop never ceasing. Constantly increasing. Pain. When the ink runs dry I slice open my vein to release my Pain to know me is to walk in my Path an lay under my umbrella of Pain ..My House. Is made for the chosen my life has so much pain I put my life on the line. For these lines just so you can see your pain. I'll sacrifice anything. For my Family an my Loved ones...I take on their. Pain. Even of this poem never reaches a Soul thank you for letting me Expose my Pain End eat

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