Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Descendant of The Stars" by Justin "Soul Quest" Toney

Poem from my currently released book EVOLUTION OF SOUL: A JOURNEY THROUGH POETRY
"Descendant of the Stars"
The air is as quiet as the night sky
Not a frog’s croak or a cricket's chirp sounds
The moon lurks over the earth with footprints of light
As the nocturnal creatures scurry away from its path
The cool breeze from the few clouds above embrace my body
I breathe in the spirit of the rain as it covers me whole
I am one with the night
The night is with me
Stars stare down through my window as I look above
And I gaze back through their souls
They tell me to come back home where I belong
For the rock I venture on is but a temporary resting place
I am one with this land I say
"You are but a lost soul my child, who has yet found his way," they tell me
How could I be lost when I am on the path to my purpose? I ask
"Tell us young one. What is your purpose?"
My purpose is to share the life of my creators who speak to me now
Some have discovered your presence, but many are unaware
I am your messenger, the liaison between the heavens and earth
However, I am but one of your children
There are many others who share my quest
We travel to the seekers of light so that they will be prepared to return
That my great ones is my mission, my purpose
"Very well then, so be it our son
You are not lost as we presumed
You have proven yourself worthy as a child of the light
Continue your journey among your kin
So that one day you all shall be one with us"
I took a bow and accepted their orders
For I have been granted their honor
The great ones vanished back to the outer realm
As the sun began to rise beyond the horizon
I then take heed and follow the path I was destined for
To help gather my fellow lights from the shadows
So that we all shall meet again
And become one with the stars
Soul Q Original
2015©Soul Quality Productions

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