Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seymour Banks "Bugatti Dreamin'" (Blacktopia Music Pick)

Seymour Banks "Bugatti Dreamin"

The Blacktopia Music Pick of the Week spotlight goes to rising rap recording artist Seymour Banks!  Seymour Banks is originally from the state of Nevada, now living in the Southeast region of the United States, pushing his music from state to state and the latest single he's getting out to the masses is "Bugatti Dreamin'".  This single shows that Seymour Banks is certainly gifted lyrically and his voice compliments the track perfectly.  Listen to it for yourself here at this direct link

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Get Updates on Mz. Ariez music and events on The Blacktopia Mobile App.

Now fans, viewers and listeners can get updates on Mz. Ariez regarding her music and appearances on Blacktopia and the Blacktopia Mobile App!  Keep checking back for more updates and check out her latest single here at 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blacktopian Lil' Hines' video shoot for "A Few" this Saturday April 2nd


ON APRIL 2ND 2016 at 12:00 PM
at Briar Bay Park, Riceboro, GA

Lil Hines will be in the city 912 this weekend for his #1 single "A Few" video shoot. Calling all inspiring actors, models, musicians, artists & ect to come out and support. This event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!!! Bring out your rides (cars, trucks, bikes 4 wheeler). If you are interested in promoting your company or brand email No Guns or weapons will be allowed. Music Video will be submitted to Mtv, Bet, VH1, Music Choice, Fuse, and other music blogs and websites.

12:00pm @Briar Bay Park (Riceboro Ga) 9:00pm @Cream Sports Bar & Lounge (Hinesville Ga)

For questions, inquiries, and more info email

Photos from the UniTEA Wow Party with Blacktopian Jamecia Hall

Check out some of the photos by Jamecia Hall from the most recent Total Life Changes by event.  The UniTEA Wow Party, that was held in Greensboro, NC this past weekend.  

Total Life Changes Rep and proud Blacktopian Jamecia Hall of along with special guest Leah Coleman.

Leah Coleman speaking at the event.  

Melissa Anderson (Jamecia Hall's business parter) receiving a gift from Jamecia Hall for all her hard work.

Monday, March 28, 2016

#MoneyMakingMonday: Brandon Fails of Art of Life Unlimited will be a guest on THE RUSH Today

Brandon Fails of Art of Life Unlimited was recently on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio last week, now this week he will be a guest on THE RUSH radio TODAY with fellow Blackopians Olivia Floyd and Some Guy Named Jay.  

Check the flyer for details.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Team UniTEA Wow Party with Special Guest Jamecia Hall

Blacktopian Jamecia Hall of
will speak at 
Team UniTEA Wow Party.
The event will be held March 26th at 3:00 PM
Wesley Long Education Center
501. N. Elam Ave
Greensboro, NC 
$10 to attend

#FunnyFriday: Video Interview with comedian Aries Spears (by Tenai Staley)

Blacktopian Tenai Staley (of Ill Famed Magazine) recently caught up with comedian Aries Spears to talk about what's going on in comedy today, his top 5 comics in the past decade, Katt Williams and more!  Check out the full interview here.

Tenai Staley is also currently working on an original web series for Blacktopia and the Blacktopia Mobile App. titled "All Day With Tenai".  Keep checking back for more updates.  

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Nerve DJs Presents Janae

Born in Alexandria, VA, grew up in DC, later moved to MD, and now back residing in DC, Janae is truly a representation the entire DMV! Music has always been apart of her and it has always been a passion. She grew up a tomboy, watching and playing sports and now she is tapping into her inner woman and feminism and discovering her beauty. She started writing when she was 13. She had her first heart break by her best friends and began writing as a release. Eventually, she started to really want to sing and decided that it was a major coping mechanism for her. Now, she am pursuing a music career fully, while also pursuing a career inspiring others.
She plans on tying her two professions together and creating a movement that has never been seen before.


Janae is inspired by life, love, and the ability to impact others, grow, and most of all, change. Her music is a reflection of everything that she has been through and it is a message from her heart to your ears. As an artist, she is excited to grow daily and hopes to inspire others in the same way. Her friends and family inspire her in more ways than one and she enjoys meeting people with amazing spirits and beautiful souls. 




Monday, March 21, 2016

#MotivationalMonday: Black Women can Lose Belly Fat and Still Keep The Curves

Dear, Beautiful Black Women

          It is very possible to lose weight, burn belly fat, lower your BMI, trim in certain areas and still maintain that sexy, curvaceous, and voluptuous figure.  You can still trim, get tone, while staying thick and even staying healthy!  One of the key ways of doing so is by watching what you put into your body.   Smaller portion sizes are great, but what works just as great with your weight is Total Life Changes Tea available at
          Blacktopia certainly recommends this product and you will see the results!  Watch what you put into your body and when you put Total Life Changes Tea into your body you will "watch" the improvement.

If you need more information contact
Regional Director Jamecia Hall
Contact (252) 933 7108

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Comediennes Sylvia Mann & KB Brown agree to pin Jokes for Some Guy Named Jay's upcoming Sketch Comedy Project!!

After releasing the clip of his Tracy Morgan impersonation that was performed on a recent edition of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio (with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady and Ms. Marie Jones), the show's producer Some Guy Named Jay also announced that he is currently working on creating an all audio sketch comedy show that will air on

Well Some Guy Named Jay isn't wasting any time gathering the ensemble and crew for the show, as he recently enlisted the assistance of professional comediennes and Blacktopians, Sylvia Mann and KB Brown as writers, and both these very talented individuals are ready to pin soon to be classic material for popular podcast host.

"Jay and I have comedically sparred back and forth. 

He's a funny guy.  I can't wait to see what we come up with

together.  This sketch comedy show will be fun." 

- Sylvia Mann

Sylvia Mann currently performs sketch comedy as a member of the comedy troupe Democracy Burlesque at the legendary Second City in Chicago (the same place where stars such as Tina Fey, Bill Murray, Tim Meadows, Amy Poehler, and even the late Chris Farley got their start in comedy).
Sylvia Mann on stage at The Second City Theater with fellow performer Tai Shan

K.B. Brown is an active Houstin, TX based Stand up comedienne, radio show personality and event hostess.
K.B. Brown with Reality T.V. star Deelishis


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some Guy Named Jay impersonates comedian Tracy Morgan in a quick segment on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio

"Some Guy Named Jay" (of Blacktopia and the producer of the Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio) performed a skit as Tracy Morgan talking to Jay during the introduction of the Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio show that aired March 15th with special guest Meichell T. Jackson.  Fans and listeners enjoyed the skit.  You can check out the short clip here at this direct link.....

Some Guy Named Jay also announced that he is currently working on putting together an all audio sketch comedy show that will be released on sometime this year! Keep checking back for more updates.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Libra Outspoken" by Tammy Thomas

Libra Outspoken
I was born with an inspirational purpose. Ambition mixed with determination running through my veins. I'm married to motivation. My soul full of fire, blowing smoke of pure desire! Learning how to be victorious of this balancing act of this Libra's life. Hell have nothing on me! I'm coming through with a rambunctious appetite. Do you hear me!
© February 20, 2016 Tammy Thomas

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#WedNightPoetry: "Trust Nobody" by Keisha Williams Cranford

*Trust Nobody *
You can't trust nobody
You can't trust friends
You can't even trust family
And it never ends
They say keep your enemies closer
But you can't trust them
You think someone is your best friend
When you think you know them you don't
and if you think they won't do what you think
They won't do what they will
A real nigga going to tell
You Tha truth and A
Real bitch not going to lie to you and
A truth friend will not snitch on you
And a true friend will not stand by you
See only fake , Jealous, wanna be' s
Just like you will do some bullshit To you
You can't trust nobody but yourself
You can't trust friends family or Nobody else
You can't trust no one that's why I only fucks with myself.
Written by Keisha Cranford

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#WedNightPoetry: "Proud" by Keisha Williams Cranford

♤ proud ♤

I don't have to prove Nothing to no one
Because I'm proud of myself
I don't have to try to impress no one
Because I know I have what it takes
To do what I need to do
I'm a strong black woman and
Whatever I do I'm determined
And whatever I say i stick to it
I'm not perfect but who is
I commit myself to accomplish my goals
I work hard for what I do
And I maintain my goals
Studying my life
Acknowledging my skills
The ability to do what I feel
I take advantage of every aspect
And I treated like it's my treasure
I protect it with my all
I treated as if im pleasure
By all my aachievements
I take it in to heath as if it is my heart
I take one step at a time
I write to ease my mind
I take care of my responsibility
As my kids are mines
I might fall a little
But I get back up and keep doing me
Because i know that God gots me
I don't have to prove nothing to no one
Because I love myself and
Even though I make mistakes
I'm happy with who I am
I'm proud of myself and
I don't have to prove nothing
To no one else but God and
I'm happy with myself and all
I'm proud to be me and
There's no one like me
I love being me that's all I need
The end!

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#WedNightPoetry: "Different" by Keisha Williams Cranford

☆《DIfferent》 ☆
If I treat you different would you treat me the same
If I treat you different would you think I'm lame
If I was to commit a crime would you think I'm wrong
Would you kick me out and leave me all alone
Make me be responsible for myself
Make me feel like I have nobody else
Asking myself questions like
What does this mean?
Would this be a conspiracy
Would this be a Dream
See that's how people wants to make you
Feel when it comes to being yourself and
That's when you realise you don't need nobody else
But God if I treated you different would
You think I'm mean
Would you think I'm self center or would
You think I'm just being me
Would you think I deserve to live
Would you distance yourself from me
Would I mean anything or wold you look
At me as a true friend would I be the voice
In your head that tells you the right thing
The right message would you look at me like
I'm your enemy or would You take this in heath and
Be mean to me if I treat you different Would you
Learn from your mistakes would you be ready to take
Your place or would You think it's just a mistake
Would I be on your bad side or good sides
If I treated you different would you do me the same or would we just play the blame game
Would you accept me for what it's worth
With all my history would you judge me and
Talk about me like I'm nothing or
Would you look at we're the same and
Nothing different besides our ways
If I treated you different would you look at our skin
And tell me we're different, the color we are doesn't matter we're together not apart we're human beings
And we say or do mean things but it's not right to treat another person different because we are not the same , we are different in so many ways
We are unique , we have potential, what about you
If I treated you different
The end!

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#WedNightPoetry: "Bag Lady" by Meichell T. Jackson

Bag Lady
Once, Mother Sister Friend Auntie
A part of the World
Sharing birthday's with loved ones
Giggling about boys with girlfriends
Cooking with Momma in the kitchen
Promising to stay a good girl for Daddy
She was the one who always got her plump cheeks pinched by the Church Ladies
Saying, "Ain't Mrs.Mabel's baby so sweet?"
She was the girl who caught all the boy's eye once her brazier didn't need anymore training
Trying their hardest to catch her eye
But, she paid no mind
Keeping her promise to her Daddy and her Eyes On The Prize
She did as she was told
Graduated top of her class
Making Momma and Daddy proud
Knowing their baby was gonna reach for the stars like Mae C. Jemison or be an originator like Madam CJ Walker
She shinned like a new penny
Her Momma always said she could catch a fish without any bait
Any man or women alive would find warmth
In that smile
Today, she sits on a cold bench
Watching the passers by pass by her
No Momma Daddy Sister Friend to keep company with
Her skin dried to blister by the wind
She wouldn't recognize herself if she held a mirror up
All her earthly belongings surrounding her like a blanket
Her only comforts
No more apart of the world then the stars
One would only know their there unless they just happened to look up
Once a beautiful young thing
Lost by circumstances and wrong turns
Life has not been too kind
To the girl who once made her Momma and Daddy smile
So, she sits alone
Waiting for no one
Watching passers by pass her by

by Meichell T. Jackson

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#WedNightPoetry: "The Dominican" by Adrienne Charleston

The Dominican -
A place so beautiful and warm
The water so beautiful and blue
And you, just as beautiful

You, providing your light
You shined brighter than the sun
I saw you in the crowd
I didn’t know you noticed me too
You approached me
And made the meeting all the more special
I immediately felt your energy
It instantly connected with mine
We are one and the same
Lovers of dance
Lovers of life
Lovers of fun
Lovers of happiness
And yet, not lovers of one another
But lovers in spirit
In a place so beautiful and warm
The water so beautiful and blue
And you, just as beautiful
With your skin kissed by the sun
Over and over
With your smile
That can light up even the darkest night
And eyes
That seemed to see right to my soul
And though we spoke different languages
I understood all you were saying
Because we are one and the same
Lovers of dance
Lovers of life
Lovers of fun
Lovers of happiness
And yet, not lovers of one another
But lovers in spirit
I will always remember my time with you
And this place
The Dominican

by: Adrienne Charleston ‪#‎butterflyflow‬

#WedNightPoetry: "Pain" by Charles Beastking

Let me open a door to my. Paradox. An I want you to feel how I feel. So keep everything else in the atmosphere silent these eyes have seen death. Heart ache an violence I've walked a road of a vagabond. Running with merciless Giants. An they taught me about pain witnessing the aftermath of women being hurt family being killed bullet hole riddled shirts witnessing so much pain made me write this. Unlocking parts of me that have been caged with vice grips ooh I known hospitals known me intimately I spend my days pain.
But I don't let it control me the very earth turned on it's axis still trying to hold me But Pain. Has been a unwarranted comforter I remember pain balled up in knots begging for it to stop never ceasing. Constantly increasing. Pain. When the ink runs dry I slice open my vein to release my Pain to know me is to walk in my Path an lay under my umbrella of Pain ..My House. Is made for the chosen my life has so much pain I put my life on the line. For these lines just so you can see your pain. I'll sacrifice anything. For my Family an my Loved ones...I take on their. Pain. Even of this poem never reaches a Soul thank you for letting me Expose my Pain End eat

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#WedNightPoetry: "Let Me Love You" by Red Dawn (Ericka R. Taylor)

~ Let Me Love You ~
Will you let me love you?
Encapsulate your space...
Take you to a place, where your dreams can come true
Help you to erase... the shouldering of life's dead weight...
Massage the pressures hiding behind the gateway of your eyes...
Relax you in the reality of divine... of you becoming mine...
Will you let me love you?
To capture moments in time, times infinity
To bond the energies of an affinity
Hiding within the magnitude of love's force field
Where the wings of my shield awaits to embrace you
Steal your heart and sedate you...
Will you let me love you?
Trace upon your worry lines where love was once defined
Replace to make reality from the soliloquy of these lines
Mixed upon spirited lips like a love aged wine
I'm in need too of a love refined
And my eyes are hooked on you...
Flow with me... Grow with me...
Let's share a mutual bonded intimacy
More than physically... but mentally
Please soothe me methodically... then erotically
With lyrical lips to be sipped causing a hypnotic bliss
And mental strokes to choke the life from me...
Let's stop fighting the frequency of our energy
Give in to me...
Release your loc(k)s and I'll let down my tresses
Slowly undress me with your affection... your attention...
Entice me... excite me...
Will you let me love you?
© 2016 Red Dawn

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#WedNightPoetry: "He is My G Spot" by Jayne Phlow

Divinely dipped in ethereal excellence
Makes mountains move when it comes to
He calls me his
Quintessential queen
Thick-up Thug
Gorgeous Gangsta
Inspirational ink that "Phlows" passion through his pen
He no longer craves
Fhyisical food
The sustenance of my soul's sugary sweetness
Purposefully penetrates him with all the nourishment he needs to aNnihilate nations
And I
Graciously grant him all my glorious givings
He is my
Kingdom's keeper
Perfect prophesy
Rock-hard Rameses
Metapyshical movement
He's the
Rhythmical reason behind every lusciously, lustfully, love-filled lyric
He has
Feloniously fucked me twenty times since Tuesday
Nothing More
Nouns and Metaphores
We are
Each other's
Secret soliloquy
Hushed hearts harbored amongst the breeze
Such a torridly tantalizing treat
Cunningly candid conversations make our voracious verbal exchanges complete
This juicy juxtaposition
Has us both weak....wantonly wishin'
For opulent overdoses of
Magical mojo
Diabolical dripping
Exemplary ecstacy
Alluringly affable affair
Who moves massive mountains
For I
His Quintessential queen
Really GETS me
So he can get IT
©Author JaynePhlow
Written: November 23, 2014
From my 2nd book of poetry PHIYAH PHLOWS, released May 2015

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