Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Bag Lady" by Meichell T. Jackson

Bag Lady
Once, Mother Sister Friend Auntie
A part of the World
Sharing birthday's with loved ones
Giggling about boys with girlfriends
Cooking with Momma in the kitchen
Promising to stay a good girl for Daddy
She was the one who always got her plump cheeks pinched by the Church Ladies
Saying, "Ain't Mrs.Mabel's baby so sweet?"
She was the girl who caught all the boy's eye once her brazier didn't need anymore training
Trying their hardest to catch her eye
But, she paid no mind
Keeping her promise to her Daddy and her Eyes On The Prize
She did as she was told
Graduated top of her class
Making Momma and Daddy proud
Knowing their baby was gonna reach for the stars like Mae C. Jemison or be an originator like Madam CJ Walker
She shinned like a new penny
Her Momma always said she could catch a fish without any bait
Any man or women alive would find warmth
In that smile
Today, she sits on a cold bench
Watching the passers by pass by her
No Momma Daddy Sister Friend to keep company with
Her skin dried to blister by the wind
She wouldn't recognize herself if she held a mirror up
All her earthly belongings surrounding her like a blanket
Her only comforts
No more apart of the world then the stars
One would only know their there unless they just happened to look up
Once a beautiful young thing
Lost by circumstances and wrong turns
Life has not been too kind
To the girl who once made her Momma and Daddy smile
So, she sits alone
Waiting for no one
Watching passers by pass her by

by Meichell T. Jackson

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