Monday, June 15, 2015

The Top 10 Largest Black Businesses

Here's a list of the top 10 largest Black businesses:
#1 World Wide Technology Inc.
Maryland Heights, MO
CEO: David L. Steward
Employees: 2,517
Industry: IT products/services
Annual Revenue: $6.4 billion

#2 ACT-1 Group
Torrance, CA
CEO: Janice Bryant Howroyd
Employees: 2,307
Industry: Staffing services
Annual Revenue: $2.25 billion

#3 Bridgewater Interiors L.L.C.
Detroit, MI
CEO: Ronald E. Hall Sr.
Employees: 1,500
Industry: Automotive parts supplier
Annual Revenue: $1.5 billion

#4 Modular Assembly Innovations L.L.C.
Dublin, OH
CEO: Billy R. Vickers
Employees: 250
Industry: Auto parts manufacturing and assembly
Annual Revenue: $1.1 billion

#5 Manna Inc.
Louisville, KY
CEO: Ulysses Bridgeman Jr.
Employees: 14,000
Industry: Quick service restaurants
Annual Revenue: $630 million

#6 The Anderson-DuBose Cos.
Lordstown, OH
CEO: Warren E. Anderson
Employees: 437
Industry: Food and paper products distribution
Annual Revenue: $545 million

#7 Global Automotive Alliance L.L.C.
Detroit, MI
CEO: William F. Pickard
Employees: 1,410
Industry: Automotive parts supplier
Annual Revenue: $520 million

#8 Thompson Hospitality
Reston, VA
CEO: Warren M. Thompson
Employees: 4,250
Industry: Food and facilities management services, quick service restaurants
Annual Revenue: $485 million

#9 Radio One Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
CEO: Alfred C. Liggins III
Employees: 1,072
Industry: Radio broadcasting
Annual Revenue: $448 million

#10 SET Enterprises Inc.
Warren, MI
CEO: Sid E. Taylor
Employees: 400
Industry: Metal processing
Annual Revenue: $390 million

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