Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Black People: Pick A Side And Stick With It" (by Bigg Luc)

Proud Blacktopian Citizen Bigg Luc the King had some something to say about the reaction of our people about the news centered around Rachael Dolezal.  Here is what he had to say and feel free to voice your opinions as well.
Rachael Dolezal: Ok. This is my only post that I intent on speaking about it because in all honesty it's trivial. So here goes:
1. She infiltrated a race that thought they were invincible and no one could outsmart them on how black someone is or isn't.
2. She claimed the black race and embraced the life but still gets flack for wanting to identify with that race for whatever the reason.
3. Other historical figures such as Queen Jackson Haley haven't gotten half as much of this press although she was half white and half black. I believe the politically correct term is mulatto. Things that make you go Hmmmm
4. J. Edgar Hoover has origins of being part black but is rejected throughout history but black folks still claim that all life evolved from Africa. SMH
Do you see where i'm going with this? This bi-polar, selective inclusion isn't working too well for black people at all. And might I add, is not a good look for any race to be viewed especially one where this same race has been trying to break down stereotypes and blend in to other cultures.
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