Friday, June 19, 2015

Blacktopia Presents... Round Table Talk Radio: Special Guest Erin Brown, Topic: Get Out Your Feelings and Get This Money!

(Erin Brown)

Tuesday June 23rd we return live for Blacktopia Presents....
ROUND TABLE TALK RADIO at 9:00 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio

Special Guest on Tuesday will be prominent businesswoman Erin Brown. She'll be here to share more business advice and to talk about her experience with the day's topic "Get Out Your Feelings and Get This Money"/ Is it possible to mix business and romance? Also joining the discussion is featured panelist, educator and an admin of the Blacktopia Facebook Group Meichell T Jackson.

Listen in at (347) 855-8802, and press "1" (after dialing) ONLY if you'd like to ask questions to the guest or panelists. We will take calls and answer questions on the 2nd half of the show.

Hosted by Some Guy Named "Jay" and Elizabeth The Great ( Elizabeth Robinson ). Special thanks to Vauban Schwarzwald.

Although the Primary Subject/Topic will be about mixing romantic relationships with business, we will also speak a little on Rachel Dolezal and the shooting in Charleston S.C. as well.
This Tuesday June 23rd. 9:00 PM EST

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