Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poem: Ravaging Peace (by Aliscia Melton/ Sunshine BlackRose)

Here is a little something for ‪#‎PoetryNightWednesday‬ here in Blacktopia
Ravaging Peace
Let me ravage your mind with my sensual words
Make you stand at attention just to hear the next line
Taking you to that paradise called Love
Where all your needs and wants are met
Bringing you to galaxies uncharted with just my pen
Engulfing you in a world wind of ecstasy
Forged by the erotic nature of my flow
Moving beyond the heavens to create new worlds
To heights unknown and depths not yet reached
Caressing your mind with words that transcends and defy time
My pen moving at speeds unknown
As I spit lines that consume you
Leaving you breathless and wanting more
My ink alone will leave you moist with anticipation
Sitting on edge waiting for the next stroke of my pen
Knowing what will come next
Will surely quench your hearts thirst
Relieve your body of that tension
Bring peace to your soul

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  1. I have been a follower of Sunshine BlackRose for some time now and I tell you she has the ability to take you from your world into hers. This is surely a sapiosexual orgasmic poem...May be one day I will have the opportunity to collab with her, if so it will be one heck of a read.

  2. *snaps fingers* talent at its best

  3. *snaps fingers* talent at its best