Friday, January 27, 2017

The Blacktopia DJ Coalition gets behind "Gotta Get Right" from Mr. Boom Boom Bang

After Moses Dailey (the manager of Mr. Boom Boom Bang) recently attended the Digital Meet & Greet hosted by the Blacktopia DJs, the Blacktopia DJ Coalition has been strongly getting behind Mr. Boom Boom Bang's most recent single the 2017 party record "Gotta Get Right"!  

Tina Wright of the Blacktopia DJ Coalition has been spinning the record on her popular blogtalk radio show PERSON TO PERSON and recently had Mr. Boom Boom Bang on as a guest.

DJ BME of the Blacktopia DJ Coalition has recently been showing his support of the Mr. Boom Boom Bang single "Gotta Get Right" by adding it to his most recent mixtape series. 

Although, Latosha McKnight isn't a DJ, the Blacktopia DJ Coalition and Record pool is open to event promoters (such as herself) as they have access to many DJs that can support the record as well.  Latosha is currently speaking with Mr. Boom Boom Bang's manager Moses Dailey about possibly bringing Mr. Boom Boom Bang to Hot Springs, Arkansas to perform and she has been spreading the single "Gotta Get Right" to the respectable and prominent DJs out in her area as well! 

LISTEN TO THE SONG FOR YOURSELF at the direct link below!  

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Gotta Get Right" EXTENDED


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