Friday, April 10, 2015

Shallow Preferences will Keep You Single (Update by James "Soulful Archer" Cotten)

"REAL TALK have already met someone that could have 

been a great compliment to your life. But you passed them up 

because they weren't rich enough, ass wasn't phat enough, 

their skin wasn't light enough or not dark enough, they didn't 

talk how you wanted ....too many times we let our preferences 

become the prevailing traits we think is so important in a our 

MIND .... And for those same reasons so many of us WILL 

continue to be SINGLE by our OWN CHOICE ...People are 

more then their looks and size of their wallets. If you keep 

chasing superficial things about a person .......what does that 

ultimately say about you ........change your attitude ..because if 

YOU were TRULY all of that TRULY wouldn't be SINGLE 

RIGHT NOW anyway......lessons learned..James 

SoulfulArcher Cotten

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