Saturday, April 4, 2015

Arli$ Michaels music gets introduced in Germany and Receives lots of Love!


          People in America take so much for granted, such as food, people's generosity and good nature, resources and.... well... even good music!  Other countries seem to be thankful for a lot more of what less they have (and ironically the United States of America is the one country that celebrates the holiday design for "giving thanks").  When it comes to great music, the consumers over here in the United States are always looking for a way to cut corners by downloading music for free, not attending concerts, and when they do attend shows from some of their favorite recording artists they are always searching for a way in the door for free or expecting to receive a HUGE discount on ticket sales.  I remember reading a Facebook status of a man saying he wouldn't pay more than $20 to see any of his favorite artists (meanwhile the author of the post would go on to brag about spending more than that amount on partying and smoking weed with his friends).  This way of life in America and it's total lack of regard for musicians and recording artists has vocalists across the nation mining for goals in hills and caverns abroad, and to seek appreciation for their hard work and art among people who truly appreciate what they do.

          American born and raised hip hop recording artist Arli$ Michaels was certainly one of those artists seeking to gain appreciation for all his hard work and music over in foreign lands.  Arli$ (stage named after fictional HBO Television series character) reached out to The Giant Blast and South East Hip Hop Magazine to further assist with creating more awareness for his music, and to assist him with generating a buzz overseas using the resources available as well as the internet.  While blasting and pushing the music out via The Giant Blast mobile app and the network of web blogs associated with South East Hip Hop Magazine, a rising hip hop producer residing in Germany by the name of CVP Freeze caught wind of the artists' viral hit single "Electric" through content provided by South East Hip Hop Magazine and fell in love with the track and Arli$ Michaels music!   
          The young beatmaker/ producer CVP Freeze didn't hesitate to make a connection with South East Hip Hop Magazine in order to introduce some of his own tracks to the east coast stationed emcee.  In addition to taking an interest in Arli$' music for himself, CVP Freeze also spread the love and sounds of Arli$ Michaels music to his large network of music connoisseurs, DJ's and taste-makers all throughout different areas of Germany, and the people of Germany certainly appreciates his music!  Arli$ Michaels is currently planning on traveling to Germany to show his appreciation to his new fans and listeners by blessing their stages and putting on live performances for his new people, and in the meantime the fans in Germany will continue to show their appreciation for Arli$ Michaels by continuing to support his music and listening.  You don't have to live in a country that celebrates "Thanksgiving" to give thanks!  

If you are currently living in "Blacktopia" show your appreciation to this rising Hip Hop recording artist by listening to his new single "Electric" here at this direct link.


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  1. Great track! I really enjoyed the 90's flow of " Electric". Smooth vibe with a catchy hook which reminds me of L.L.Cool J "Hey Loverl"..