Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black Poetry: "Euphoric Kiss" by Melinda Parker

"Euphoric Kiss" by: Melinda Parker

The more I think of you, the harder it becomes for me to deny how irresistible I find you to be.
Mmmm...the very thought of how deep and passionate kissing you would be makes me, uhm...just
melt into an erotic state of pleasure and simplicity.
Come, and just vision with me if you will:
You and I are looking at each other, captured
in a world where everyone and everything is frozen
in time, motionless, even time itself halts
at the very moment of us being in the presence of each other.
Our eyes meet, locked in gaze which has elevated from adoration to mesmerizing; we move in closer,
so close that the breaths from our nostrils embrace,
our lips slightly part, exhaling desire and inhaling energies
that we release from within.
The connection is made, moist warmth begins to radiate as my tongue softly lick the outer lining of
your lips, slight pressure is applied as we embrace; suction forms a tight seal around our lips as unto a
powerful adhesive. Lips part wider, inviting our tongues to interact, becoming familiar as the pores of our
pallets rub, sampling, tasting and savouring the flavors of our passion. Tongues embraced and intertwined;
braided now synced as one. We grasp a hold to one another locking bodies to stabilize our stance as we sway
and rock our kissing becomes intoxicating as we fall victim to being drunk due to the heightened potency from
the elixir of hungered saliva which is spewed back and forth.
Deeper we become transcending into an unknown state of existence. Feel our hearts pound hard as our breathing
escalate from calm and controlled to heavy sporadic pants of hunger saying, "more and more". Eyes shut wide open
giving us the ability to view each other spiritually, blood coursing through our veins warmly surrounding us in a cocoon
of simplicity. Perspiration dew makes its presence as it trickles, leaving traces of start but not giving a path as to where
it may end. A symphony of climatic moans are hummed orchestrating our body movements. Temperatures rise as
moments of fulfilled ecstasy is peaking..Umph, umm, hmm, mmmm.....breathing sporadically, short lived gasps; euphoric
bliss is achieved as a super nova of orgasmic energies radiate and submerge us in its power.
Our eyes open timingly as to witness each other
experiencing such an occurrence. I am dampened
within the walls of my well as the hardness of you manhood is accompanied with saturated prints of fulfillment.
Weakened, we hold on to each other basking in our state of drunkenness as time releases everything back into its original state of being as we remain frozen in the presence of our euphoric kiss


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Younique Yellow Status Presenter Jaime Staine also loves this poem by Melinda Parker


  1. I love this poem by Melinda Parker. She took a single kiss and transformed it into a feeling of eternity where time stands still. The reader can't help but be captured in the anticipation of the kiss and released into euphoria after.

  2. I love it. She is

  3. Thank you very much Meichell T.
    I wrote this poem because I believe so many people have forgotten the importance and sensuality of kissing. The goal is to get the reader to picture in their mind being engaged with a deep kiss with the one they love, how it makes them feel on the inside, what expressions are being thought within their mind and how it affects them physically. Kissing to me is an art that has been downplayed....It is solely the beginning of foreplay and energies connecting. Thank you very much. Your response is exactly the intended goal I have for "The Euphoric Kiss"...Thank you

  4. Tammy T.
    I am very glad you enjoyed the read! I really appreciate your comment.
    Thanks for the support and encouragement. You are so awesome

  5. Special Thanks to Blacktopia and Southeast Hiphop-Mag for sharing my
    my poem. I am truly appreciative for the honor.