Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Misty Ross shares her Experience owning a Beauty Salon

          Every Monday we have #MotivationalMondays and #MoneyMakingMondays weekly in the official Facebook group for Blacktopia.  During our Mondays various members post up positive affirmations, motivational topics, give financial tips and advice on how they can earn more money and share personal experiences concerning business and increasing wealth.  The admins of the Blacktopia Facebook group also moderate on the spot Q & A sessions with other members that have or currently owned businesses and provided services as independent contractors themselves.  This past Monday, Misty Ross, a member of Blacktopia (Black Utopian Society) agreed to participate in a Q & A session to give advice to others on her experience running a Beauty Salon for 7 years.  Blacktopia is a private group, and only other members can see the forum posts and threads, however for the people who aren't members that also stop by and view our website, we've decided to screen shot portions of the Q & A session.  Check it out in the photos below.


Younique Yellow Status Presenter Jaime Staine 
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