Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Share The Love: "Living My Truth" (by Lea Mishell)

Living In My Truth
by Lea Mishell

Hello Loves!! First let me say thank you to those of you that have been supporting any and everything I've been doing. Whether it's the lessons interwoven into my books or the journey I've been sharing here in this column, I know I am blessed to help uplift EVERYONE and I want ALL OF US to be happy! As you know, writing is one of my passions so I am thankful for this opportunity to share my love (pun intended lol) with all of you!

One thing I've been adjusting to is being transparent in my non-polyamorous relationships. Prior to my marriage, although my thoughts were polyamorous, my actions were not always the most honorable. On the surface, I looked like your typical heterosexual single mother, doing the best she can without a man of her own. During that time in my life, men were simply a physical release from the stress of my life. Since I covered everything else financially/mentally/socially/spiritually for myself, I didn't want or need a boyfriend when all I needed was sexual maintenance. I wasn't out of the closet yet so no one knew of the occasional lady friend. But I was extremely uncomfortable! Part of me knew that something wasn't right! Why wasn't I happy with my many loves? Because they were my secrets and, for some, I was their side piece. It was THAT part of me that was truly unhappy. The part of me that wasn't being fully open and honest!

If you always tell the truth, you never have to explain yourself when questions are asked and accusations are thrown about. Since openly admitting that “Yes, I love women”, I am fully and publicly exploring a side of me that I had kept hidden. Just that admission lifted a weight from my shoulders! One of my career goals is to inspire and motivate others. By sharing my story, I hope I will inspire someone to go for their own happiness.

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Polyamorous and striving to be Permanently Positive, Lea Mishell is a wife, mother of 3, and an author of urban fairy tales and erotica. Her works can be found at

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