Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Trust Nobody" by Keisha Williams Cranford

*Trust Nobody *
You can't trust nobody
You can't trust friends
You can't even trust family
And it never ends
They say keep your enemies closer
But you can't trust them
You think someone is your best friend
When you think you know them you don't
and if you think they won't do what you think
They won't do what they will
A real nigga going to tell
You Tha truth and A
Real bitch not going to lie to you and
A truth friend will not snitch on you
And a true friend will not stand by you
See only fake , Jealous, wanna be' s
Just like you will do some bullshit To you
You can't trust nobody but yourself
You can't trust friends family or Nobody else
You can't trust no one that's why I only fucks with myself.
Written by Keisha Cranford

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