Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Let Me Love You" by Red Dawn (Ericka R. Taylor)

~ Let Me Love You ~
Will you let me love you?
Encapsulate your space...
Take you to a place, where your dreams can come true
Help you to erase... the shouldering of life's dead weight...
Massage the pressures hiding behind the gateway of your eyes...
Relax you in the reality of divine... of you becoming mine...
Will you let me love you?
To capture moments in time, times infinity
To bond the energies of an affinity
Hiding within the magnitude of love's force field
Where the wings of my shield awaits to embrace you
Steal your heart and sedate you...
Will you let me love you?
Trace upon your worry lines where love was once defined
Replace to make reality from the soliloquy of these lines
Mixed upon spirited lips like a love aged wine
I'm in need too of a love refined
And my eyes are hooked on you...
Flow with me... Grow with me...
Let's share a mutual bonded intimacy
More than physically... but mentally
Please soothe me methodically... then erotically
With lyrical lips to be sipped causing a hypnotic bliss
And mental strokes to choke the life from me...
Let's stop fighting the frequency of our energy
Give in to me...
Release your loc(k)s and I'll let down my tresses
Slowly undress me with your affection... your attention...
Entice me... excite me...
Will you let me love you?
© 2016 Red Dawn

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