Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "Soulful News" by Ashley Cae Lee aka KKVeli

"Soulful News"
By AshleyCae Lee aka KKVeli
Breaking news a soul has gone missing. Last seen in caramel skin blend wavey jet black hair grey teary eyes. Scar upon eyelid. She was contemplating suicide traded her pen in for a knife notepad for a noose not to be wrapped to loose whats the use she said craved into her thigh not seeing a purpose of living. An empathy empty society has cause this soul to leave her vessel vulnerable to the elements of this here world. Break breaking news we need to find this soul she's the missing link to so many just doesn't know or understand completely. If you see her notify God Allah or any spiritual being with white light to guide this soul though her darkest times. We ask that you not frighten this woman as she already has been through enough. A new report states this soul may have been kidnapped by an unworthy beast attempting to sell her to an enemy. It is urgent she is located hopefully safe and sound no one about so that a soul doesn't have to be reaped prematurely. Approach with caution only a certain man can handle this lost soul and damage vessel don't waste time or energy if this task is above your pay grade leave it to an expert. Warning warning this soul is slipping slowing forgetting whom she was her importance reason she was sent from above. Do not I repeat Do not aid her in destroying her self rather by words or tying a rope around her throat no bullets to be sold until she is located. Last seen caramel skin blend wavey jet black hair and grey teary eyes. If found locate God Allah or a spiritual being with white light hold her tight reassure her the sun always comes out after night.


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