Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman): Ericka R. Taylor (Red Dawn)

          This #WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman) trophy goes to Ericka R. Taylor, the poetess known as Red Dawn!  Ericka R. Taylor is a very skilled and exceptionally talented writer and poet as well as a proud Blacktopian.  Ericka is also a very humble and modest person.  Although the talent shoots out of her every word, and she shines brighter than most stars in the sky above, she prefers to sit back, play the background and and supporting role to her fellow poets and writers and let them receive the spotlight and shine instead.  Recently, Some Guy Named Jay asked her to come out of her dark corner and support another shining, (but modest and humble) poet Tammy Thomas as one of the opening acts for her forthcoming Poetry Night Special "My Fat Ain't For Everybody" A Night of Poetry from the Soul by Tammy Thomas and of course Ericka (the poet better known as Red Dawn) couldn't say no to the opportunity.   

"Ericka R. Taylor (Red Dawn) is one of my favorite writers in Blacktopia.  I just love her style, presentation and I enjoy hearing her soft, elegant and very pleasing sounding voice.  She's always a pleasure to listen to and I'm excited to have her apart of Tammy Thomas' big night and poetry special" - Some Guy Named Jay

Thank you Ericka R. Taylor for being apart of the future of black society, Blacktopia!  Indeed.

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