Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#WedNightPoetry: "I'm Ready" by The Quiet Poet (Tina Wright)

I'm Ready 
Sitting and sipping groving on the music thinking and wishing that I could close my eyes and transport myself into a position that's would place me directly beneath you right now.
It's would be an place of extreme pleasure as our bodies joined together in and dance of sensual bliss. You would enter into my ever so moist garden with ease as my body arched to embrace your welcome.
What a powerful union we are having..... I hear nothing but heavy breathing, moans of love making, the sounds of you slapping me on my ass as you continue to go deeper and deeper and I continue to go higher and higher until I reach the point of no return and my body feels like it's on fire yet I don't want you to stop. I promise you what has just left my body is nothing short of a Dammmm Sea of Sensual Bliss and dammit I want my juices back. Only because I don't want this to end.
Ending is not an option with you because have just flipped me over for round two...Dammmmm this is just a thought.... I have got to get up and find my way to you because I'm so ready have some lip bitting, back scratching, legs too weak to walk good loving , cause if I get to you we ain't stopping tonight. 


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