Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman): Mieesha Hutchinson

          We are sure that this next Blacktopian #WCW (WomanCrushWed / WedClassyWoman) Award recipient has lots of hidden talents (aside from being an amazing cook), but unlike the other recipients today she's not in the spotlight, however Blacktopia would like to spotlight this small woman with such a big kind heart because although she may not be a singer, poet, designer, model, etc. etc., her role is just as important because without her.... the singers, models, poets, designers etc. wouldn't have an audience!  Mieesha Hutchinson is a dedicated follower and supporter of all the talented women featured in Blacktopia.

She's there to listen to the singers perform their music, watch and compliment the models on their photos and beauty, admire the designers work, read the poets and writers material and she gladly enjoys every moment of it!  

Mieesha may not be in the spotlight, but without dedicated viewers like her and may others, there wouldn't be anyone there to admire the talented individuals featured under the spotlight.  Well, Blacktopia would like to shine that light on one of the members that help keep Blacktopia alive just by admiring the work of the other Blacktopians, and we all would like to thank her for that!   


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