Wednesday, February 17, 2021

#WellnessWed: JUST TELL THE TRUTH when Someone Asks "How Are You?" | Mental Health



          Mental health professional and life coach, Coach Lee of Memorable Moments by Lee is BACK with a brand new MIDDAY SNACK!  Her latest Midday Snack video is all about expressing yourself.  Often times when people see us and ask "how are you doing?" usually our default set response is always to reply with "I'm fine", "I'm doing okay", "all is well" or anything along those lines even if we truly aren't doing okay.  Sometimes we announce that we are doing "okay" even if that's not the case just to move things along.  Occasionally we don't have the time to tell anyone how we truly feel, and once in awhile we'd like to spare the person a long drawn out story concerning what's really going on in our lives and saying "I'm fine" is the quickest way to go around that.  Generally when we reply "I'm fine" and anything of the sort, it's actually to mask the way that we truly feel.  

          Mental health is very important, and in the video Coach Lee suggests that when someone asks you about your well-being you should be open and honest instead of giving the quick response.  Coach Lee states that it's great for your mental health and gives you the opportunity to truly express what's going on with you and to get it out of your system.  Coach Lee thoroughly breaks down why this exercise is useful to your mental well-being in the Midday Snack video above.  Listen to the video above and start the conversation in the comments below.

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