Saturday, July 13, 2019

BLACK WOMAN pens a HORROR BOOK so terrifying it would make JORDAN PEELE gasp!!

Meet rising new talented black writer Lashelle Redd, the author of the blood-curdling new suspenseful horror book PORTS

In the future, where death and disease are a thing of the past, mankind quickly tosses the old ways of medicine. But a new threat lurks at their door. Lies and betrayal are at the heart of their new technology and soon all will fall. Will mankind discover the truth? One doctor and a small team of hopefuls are our only hope.

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Author Lachelle Redd pens a book so horrifying that it would make Jordan Peele grab his invisible pearls and faint.  READ IT FOR YOURSELF (make sure to keep on your night light and have your security blanky in hand because this suspenseful tale will have you looking over your shoulder every minute).  


PORTS now available on AMAZON


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Singer Nikia's new album NO FAIRYTALE is now available everywhere music is being sold digitally.

Listen to the song dedicated to all the Educated Black Men titled"Educated Black Man" at the direct link below 

The song "Educated Black Man" is on the upcoming album by Abdullah titled BLACK MANHOOD dropping early Aug.!


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