Thursday, June 20, 2019

Poetic Goddess NIANA RENEE has a NEW DEAL!

The poetic goddess Niana Renee has a new deal!  Check the flier above to read all about it!  Take advantage of the offer at

Niana Renee is an Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker and most of all a Survivor.  She overcame so many trials on her journey of love.  She decided to allow those trials to become her testimony. That's what the book Poetic Diaries Ambiguous Love and Poetic Goddess Blind Silence  is about.  Overcoming the pain of the  past and moving forward. Embracing the hope while feeling hopeless. Her being in an abusive relationship led her to want to give back. She does speaking engagements at the Domestic Violence Support Groups. She also gives 10% of her book sales as donations to buying supplies for the support group. These books are filled with her raw & uncut poetical expressions of life the way it was giving to her. She is no longer a Victim .She's a Survivor . 

I came across my suicidal letters
I read them words to see what I was saying
I wondered what was the trigger
Was it the unwelcome hands that touched me
Was it the forced dick that went between my legs as a teen
Was it the busted lips and strangled throats
Was it the blood I spit out so I wouldn't choke
Was it the ungrateful men in and out my bed
Whatttttttttt Was It?
Guess you have to get Poetic Goddess Blind Silence to understand...MY UNAPOLOGETIC TESTIMONY

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May your blessings and peace find you-Niana Renee Author, Life Poet 

A sample of NIANA RENEE'S 2nd Book
Poetic Goddess Blind Silence


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ABC2’s signature program, The World Changers, is for young people ages 10 - 24 of various academic levels, demographics, and living in Halifax, Warren, Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson and Northampton Counties. Areas which suffers from health disparities and disproportionate systems of care & resources.

Some of the World Changers’ first projects were community garden plots at farmers market, state youth trainings, and launching a Summer Fitness Program for Teens. The young people drives the passion and mission of ABC2’s work.

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